Module 8 Part 1

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In this final module, we explore some of the key management issues that systems engineering must address in order to maintain balance and control across the systems engineering effort. We look specifically at issues such as verification and validation management, configuration management, technical risk management and the management of the technical review and audit program. We also explore some of the broad strategies that may be adopted when executing a systems engineering process. Whilst we have used what is generally referred to as a waterfall approach throughout the course to explain systems engineering, in this module we also briefly introduce alternatives such as incremental and evolutionary development. We conclude the module by emphasising the importance of planning throughout the systems engineering program and the development of a governing plan known as the systems engineering management plan or SEMP. To provide greater detail for this module, we recommend (but do not require) that students refer to pages 213-246, 285-294, and 297-309 of our textbook "Systems Engineering Practice"--see reading on Course Notes and Text Books.

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