Analytics exploration - Oonagh O’Shea & Noelle Doody

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Module 1 in the Business Analytics capstone project provides you with a clear idea of how to successfully complete the ESSEC Business Analytics MOOC. It is dedicated to ensuring that you understand the objectives of the capstone project and lets you consult the datasets to be used for the project as well as examples of what the expected deliverable should look like and contain. Before beginning the project, you are advised to review two previous modules dealing with how to effectively structure and present your findings, and how to approach and explore datasets ("Foundation of Business Analytics", the wrap up of "Case Studies in Business Analytics with Accenture"). This module also gives you the opportunity to try out the preparation of deliverable 1 and receive non-graded feedback from your peers, thereby giving you an essential insight into how the other deliverables and peer review steps will work.

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