Key Concept | Kubler-Ross's 5-Stage Model

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This week we will be looking to explore the following key area:<BR><BR> *a range of techniques when communicating in the workplace<BR> *selecting the most appropriate delivery channel<BR> *the differences and similarities between verbal/non-verbal communication<BR> *the need to understand and manage the grapevine<BR><BR> At the end of this week the key learning objectives will be:<BR><BR> (1)to have an awareness of several approaches to effective communication in the workplace<BR> (2)to understand and apply the key criteria when selecting the best available delivery channel<BR> (3)to have have an understanding of the importance and key aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication<BR> (4)to have an awareness of the inevitable existence of the grapevine and how it’s impact can be managed<BR>

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