Audit of Projects

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The first topic in this module is Agile Project Management which is useful in software development projects where the requirements are not well defined and the client is not able to articulate them clearly. The traditional sequential plan driven project is covered first followed by the agile project development cycle. The manifesto and agenda for agile project management are also covered.The next topic in this module is Monitoring and Control. The projects in progress should be reviewed at pre-specified intervals. The process of monitoring and control including the analysis of the status of the project are covered. The last two topics to be covered are Audit and Closure of projects. The audit may be of an ongoing project or of a completed project. The various steps involved in the audit process including the staffing of the audit team, functioning of the team, data collection, analysis and reports are covered in detail.The closure of a project may be a normal closure or a premature closure. The various tasks involved including the delivery of the output of the project, evaluation of the team as well as the project manager are spelt out. Towards the end of this module, we present some practical aspects pertaining to the concepts covered. This is done through a Q & A format with Mr. Prashun Dutta, Advisor - Gaiga Smart Cities

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