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Welcome to “Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things”! Your team for this course are experts in the field of cybersecurity and the Internet of Things. Through their research and experience, the team has collaborated to create a course that encompasses the most relevant aspects of cybersecurity and its impact on the Internet of Things. The team consists of Dr. Humayun Zafar, Dr. Traci Carte, Mr. Andy Green, and Dr. Herbert Mattord. All team members are faculty at Kennesaw State University which is one of the largest universities in the state of Georgia. In this course, we will talk about the so-called “Internet of Things” and what it means in the industrial sector, the “connected home”, and “consumer wearables” arenas. Good luck, and we look forward to seeing you successfully complete this course! Mr. Green is active on Twitter, follow him at @secprofgreen. He will be tweeting about IoT topics, using the #iotsecmooc tag. Join him there to engage in conversation!

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