The Challenge of Turning Ethical Principles into Action

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Business Analysis, Information Privacy, Business Strategy, Compliance, Ethics Of Artificial Intelligence


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19 de Nov de 2020

Filled StarFilled StarFilled StarFilled StarFilled Star

Amazing instructor, great content, and the assignments are very helpful in applying the concepts. Thank you for this course!


24 de Set de 2021

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Wao, this course provide information useful for me thank

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Apply an Ethical Frameork to Navigate an Ethically Challenging Dilemma

In this module, you'll approach some interesting ethical dilemmas that might occur in the development or operation of data-driven technologies like AI. Some of these dilemmas are more philosophical in nature, whereas others are closer to real-world practice.

Ministrado por

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    Eleanor 'Nell' Watson

    Tech Ethicist and AI Faculty Member at Singularity University

  • Placeholder

    Aaron Hui

    Founding President of The AI Robotics Ethics Society

  • Placeholder

    Abhishek Gupta

    Founder, Montreal AI Ethics Institute

  • Placeholder

    Megan Smith Branch

    Chief Product Officer at CertNexus

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