5.2 The Mirrlees Optimal Income Tax Model: Non-Linear Tax and a Grant

Dear students, Time goes by, as always, and here we are, in our last week of the course 'Economic Growth and Distributive Justice'. We hope that by now you have all acquired sufficient knowledge and understanding in the various issues taught by Prof. Margalioth, enabling you to better analyze the social-economic reality in which you live, and form your own educated views and preferences regarding these issues. The last week of the course will be devoted to the OPTIMAL MODEL OF THE TAX & TRANSFER SYSTEM. Combining all materials taught in the course and applying them together, Prof. Margalioth will present to you what he believes to be the best possible model, through which a government can achieve both Economic Growth and Distributive Justice. Will you agree to adopt it as well? Perhaps you have some other interesting ideas? We will be more than happy to discuss them. Thank you for taking our course. It was our pure delight to have you as our students! So let's begin week 8! Best, Economic Growth and Distributive Justice team

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