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The “What Is Social?" MOOC is for business owners, executives, and marketing professionals who want to significantly improve their abilities to grow their social strategy using effective, proven methodologies. This hands on, "how to" program won’t just tell you how to grow your professional persona using social – you will actually do it! This course is the first in the six-course specialization, Social Media Marketing: How to Profit in a Digital World. While the course can be audited for free, paid learners will receive additional content beyond the course basics. For MOOC 1, the toolkit includes a special video from Alessandro Acquisti on Big Data and a set of studies done by IBM on engagement and social marketing strategies with bottom-line profits. This course has been designed to give you the tools, insights, knowledge, and skills to immediately impact your organization. In addition, we will help you network with thought leaders in social. After completing this course, you and your organization’s staff will be able to position, engage, and grow relationships with the consumers of highest value to you. Today, we are living in a period of massive disruption. New technologies are changing the way people engage with each other and with the organizations that interest them. This course will start you on the path to growing your own social strategy using effective, proven methodologies. Additional MOOC 1 faculty include: * Judy Ungar Franks (President, The Marketing Democracy, Ltd. & Lecturer, Medill Integrated Marketing Communications, Northwestern)...

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6 de Out de 2016

Great course. Looking forward completing whole specialization.\n\nAdditionally, the course shares and recommends tools which are helpful if you are doing social media marketing or eager to become one.

12 de Mai de 2016

A really great introduction to Social Media Marketing and an opportunity to gain access to really useful tools that make me competitive in the job market. Very excited to begin MOOC 2 of this program.

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por Ancuta B

10 de Jan de 2016

I wished it to be more hands on, more practical but unfortunately is like reading a book about social marketing. I am disappointed...

por Mike R

6 de Dez de 2016

Extremely superficial. The total content in this course would make a nice introduction segment to a full course.

por Yangfan W

23 de Mar de 2016

I think the content itself is somewhat too theoretical, it does not usually apply to the reality

por Seraj A

19 de Jan de 2016

The content was very shallow. Not lot of hands on

por Christine a

12 de Dez de 2015

I still don't have a grade and need help!!

por Shari W

19 de Jan de 2021

not applicable nowadays. quite outdated

por Shiraz J

27 de Jan de 2017

Felt somewhat light on substance.

por Kenneth H

24 de Out de 2018

some data outdated.

por Wendy

26 de Abr de 2020

too much blah blah

por Peter C

6 de Dez de 2020

1. Asking people to tweet what are basically endorsements of the course and its creators may do wonders for Randy et al.'s social capital, but it does nothing for the students unless they are their first tweets in life.

2. Slides with spelling and grammar errors should be unacceptable in an academic setting. They are, at least to me, but apparently not to Northwestern and its Ph.D. instructors.

3. I have submitted 3 peer reviews and was given electronic feedback that they were accepted. However, the website keeps insisting I have submitted none. Two attempts to resolve this question has resulted in crickets as a response. I have paid for this Coursera course, and I am now resenting having made this a paid course.

4. There is some mildly interesting content. Still, it is delivered with no passion in a way that breaks a ton of rules about communicating virtually - which is strange considering the topic.

5, I was delighted to be turned on by Randy to ClueTrain, but I think that Randy would do well to take a few of its lessons about the need for the authenticity of communication to heart.

6. You have students in discussion boards begging for peer feedback and getting none, and you have other students bargaining, "I will give you full grades if you give full marks back to me". I see no evidence that this is remotely problematic to the university's standards, as long as people declare they are doing their own work.

6. Randy is asking students to identify where the obsolete material that they have discovered is listed. I would have thought, Randy, that doing the work of knowing what you have said, where you have said it, and why would be your responsibility to track down and renovate rather than crowdsourcing that responsibility to your beginner level students. Hey, maybe that's just me,

7. Sorry to be so critical here. This is a course that is in serious need of refreshing, and if I were the academic authority of Northwestern, I would require a sea change of practice, content, and standards. Northwestern has a stellar reputation as a communications powerhouse. This course, in no way, reflects that reputation.

8. Having said that this reflects poorly on Northwestern leaves unsaid the other obvious part, this also reflects poorly on the reputation of Coursera for reviewing, assessing, and eventually deploying only exceptionally high-quality educational experiences. I realize MOOCs are an evolving medium, but we know enough to know that what would be bad practice in an in-class environment is likely to continue to be a bad practice in a virtual environment.

por clara c

5 de Nov de 2017

En primer lugar, decir que Audité el curso, no lo compré. Me pareció un curso introductorio a los otros de la especialización. A parte de la última semana, que empieza a explicar un poco cosas interesantes, el resto solo explica de que tratan los siguientes cursos. Seguro que son interesantes y tengo la intensión de auditarlos también pero este en concreto, me pareció bastante pérdida de tiempo, sobretodo si sabes qué son las redes sociales (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs..).

por Priti V

8 de Set de 2020

The course was good for introduction to Social Media.

However, the tools and examples used are dated, since 2016-17, so much has changed on social platform. The relevant examples could have been inserted as capsules. It should have been updated for 2019-20.

After paying for the program came to know the program was curated 3-4 years back.

Case examples could have been used in the course


5 de Out de 2020

The course was very helpful. It provided with a huge amount of skills that I will use while working on marketing. I learnt how you can define your market, how you can engage it with the right tools and channels. I also learnt about how I can get their feedback or how I know what they are talking about my business.

por JRN C

24 de Set de 2020

I have not been refunded my money in the 7 day trial.

I did not like it, give me back the money or I will do a great promotion of your courses on the social networks in which I am an expert, and I mean YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, I will not rest until they return the 41 euros!

por Veronica A V

18 de Mar de 2016

Very basic for the cost it represents, it doesn't really provide information beyond what one could find on a simple review on the first page of Google.

por mohamed s

20 de Set de 2016

Not that much techniques to learn just general course about social media,So it's not cost effective !

por Abhishek G

29 de Out de 2016

Bad one. Most of the time he was only giving what is their in the course Mooc 1 2 3etc etc. Irritated

por Ana M d C

28 de Ago de 2020

I have taking it 3 times and my diploma doesnt appear and it keeps charging me :/

o need my refund

por Giuseppe S

19 de Out de 2016

a little bit old, and too many references to others courses

por Samyak D

13 de Ago de 2020

i actually clicked by mistake in this course.

por Jai S S

5 de Ago de 2017

Didn't learn much although it took SO long!!

por Lorrie A M

17 de Nov de 2019

I want to un enroll this course

por Alicia N

11 de Jul de 2020

Too much IBM sponsorship.

por Michael G S A E

10 de Set de 2017

has no value at all

por Lucy w

14 de Mai de 2020

its an old course