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The vital signs – heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, respiration rate, and pain – communicate important information about the physiological status of the human body. In this six-part course we explore the anatomy and physiology underlying the vital signs so that you will develop a systematic, integrated understanding of how the body functions. Relevant body systems are reviewed including cardiovascular and respiratory, followed by explanations of how the function of these systems affects vital signs. We discuss normal ranges, normal variants, and the mechanisms that underlie changes in the objective measurement of vital signs. The course also includes demonstrations of appropriate techniques for measuring vital signs in yourself and others. The course is designed for a broad, general audience but will be particularly interesting for individuals working in healthcare, those considering a career as a healthcare professional, lay caregivers, those with an interest in personal health and fitness, or anyone who simply wants to understand how the body functions....

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29 de set de 2018

Yes, it is very useful to me and I will suggest to my friends to take this course. My sincere Thanks to Connie B. Scanga, PhD, she taken the all lecture clearly and her lecture was easy to understand.


29 de jun de 2017

I really enjoyed to the professor and the idea of learning the material with her students. It made me feel as if I was in the classroom learning with them. She broke down the material in a great way.

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por Mónica A F D

12 de set de 2020

In the midst of these crazy times learning a bit about how the body works was fascinating and left me curious and eager to find out more. I loved the classroom format, the lab, the interviews and the interaction with the students. A big thank you to Dr. Scanga, the students and everybody who contributed to making this course available to so many of us.

por Arinze E

21 de mar de 2022

Excellent Course!

Excellent in-depth review/overview of vital organs function.

The course was excellently taught with detailed and keen insight into the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, and nervous system, thus giving the student the beginning of a firm foundation in the Medical Sciences.

Thank You, Dr. Scanga.

por Toni S

27 de mai de 2020

Really good course if you enjoy learning about human anatomy or are interested in the kinds of things a doctor assesses you for! I found the material easy to learn and was able to watch all of the videos on 2x speed, which cut down the time commitment. The in-video quiz questions are available for you to study and I felt well prepared for the quizzes.

por Wilma J v V

2 de mai de 2020

For somebody who left school 25 years ago and didn't even have biology as a subject back then, I found this course fascinating yet practical. Thank you to Prof Scanga who really managed to convey intimidating concepts in a measured and very easy-to-follow manner.

Thank you for keeping my mind occupied during our strict lockdown here in South Africa! :)

por Andrea K

27 de jun de 2021

I loved it! The teaching methods used were very effective. I loved the classroom atmosphere and the amount of questions the teacher kept asking. I just wish there was a recap quiz of the entire course. Other than that, this course really teaches what it describes. I'm very clear on all my concepts now. Loved the Simulation lab demos and Case Studies.

por Alan L

12 de mar de 2020

This course was awesome and easy to follow. They had nice demos that showed how healthcare providers check patients' vital signs and also why they do it. This course was amazing, and the instructor was neither too fast nor too slow and made it really easy to follow the course. Recommend for anybody to better understand their own body and vital signs.

por Suvarna b

24 de mai de 2020

The content of this course is extremely good. In addition to the content, the strength of the course is the teaching methods by Professor Connie B. Scanga, PhD. This course has helped me a lot in understanding the Vital signs and related information. I genuinely thank Professor Connie B. Scanga for making this entire course journey simpler for me.

por Miguel Q S

4 de mar de 2018

I'm a second year medicine student. I haven't taken physiology yet, so I found the course quite interesting. It had enough information to give new pointers, and the anatomy sections were well explained, easy to follow, and an excellent review for me. I have to say that I really enjoyed Prof. Connie's lectures, as I think she was quite clear.

por Ahmed Z

15 de out de 2017

Dr Connie I can't be more grateful and blessed with this course and having your class you are one of the rarest professors who can give the complicated information in the simplest way I really interested every single moment in this course it was very informative and beneficial thank you and thaks for coursera to give me such an experience.

por Deleted A

5 de jan de 2018

The only Biology lectures that I ever understood. I hated biology subject as a kid in school, and I know now why some of my friends find it so interesting. Thanks to Dr. Connie Scanga for explaining those complex concepts so elaborately. A must-do course for people like me who are in no-way related to medical field. Thanks Dr. Scanga.

por David S

28 de jun de 2016

Great course. I took it for fun rather than for career purposes and thought it was terrific. This was my first Coursera course and I was impressed by the logistics and organization. The professor, Dr. Scanga, was extremely knowledgeable and a very effective presenter of complex topics. The quizzes were appropriately challenging.

por Natália M d S

3 de mai de 2020

Professor Connie Scanga is an amazing professional and she conducts the course perfectly, triggering our desire to learn more and more about how the body works. I'm so grateful for this opportunity, for be possible to me to learn a lot of things with great professionals through a very well designed course. Thank you so much!


30 de jun de 2020

hi Eisha here .I am quite delighted that i have completed my course .I also want to praise my teacher Prof.Connie Scanga her way of teaching and elaborating is awesome .I like her way she taught during the whole course .It was the best and perfectly designed course indeed .Thanks Professor for your gorgeous teaching method.

por Nitya R

30 de dez de 2018

What a brilliant and eye opening course! I think my favorite part was that the videos were shot it the classroom, making you feel like a part of the class. It's a bit difficult to stick to at first (because of the amount of content), but once you do, you will understand the body so much better! Thank you so much Dr. Scanga!

por Saqiba R

14 de nov de 2016

its my first ever online course work. i am very glad to join this forum and writing review, a very detailed and informative course it was plus i also appreciate the discussion question answers with such a detailed explainations by mentors. looking forward for more worthy courses to polish my skills and enhance my knowledge.

por Nicole D

24 de ago de 2019

Excellent course! Very informative. As a med student, I found it a really nice way to get started on medical concepts. I loved Dr. Scanga's teaching methods; she really makes sure you understand the basic concepts. You'll find yourself being able to apply and recognize all this knowledge on vital signs on your day to day!

por Polina

1 de nov de 2020

A great course with a very engaging instructor and plenty of fundamental material presented in a user-friendly way allowing non-professionals to understand the basic vital signs of the body. Would recommend to anyone who is interested in getting a better understanding of how our bodies work and what their signals mean.

por Edward R

10 de dez de 2019

Wonderful course. Instructor is very engaging and makes even complex concepts very easy to understand and relatable to everyone. My goal was work related but this course was very interesting and useful for anyone in the general public who has any interest in their body and how it works and what happens in medical care.

por Kirill E

22 de set de 2019

The course is great for non-professionals in that it goes deep enough to better understand the causes of various conditions and the processes in the body, but not too deep to be overly complicated. And the most wonderful thing is that it always provides references for those who are interested in more technical details.

por Durgadas K

4 de fev de 2018

The course was very well structured, covered a lot of ground and helped us understand vital concepts. I have no words to express my gratitude to Professor Connie Scanga. I loved her presentation, the interactive sessions, the lab sessions and her energy and enthusiasm. Thank you so much dearest Professor Connie Scanga.

por Daniela V

21 de ago de 2017

Es una excelente introducción para comprender lo que ocurre en nuestro cuerpo, deducir lo que ocurre en él en base a los signos vitales y actuar en consecuencia. Las respuestas a las preguntas de los cuestionarios no son obvias, y muchas te ponen realmente a pensar. El material adicional es excelente y muy completo.

por Yve

17 de jan de 2021

I love the course very much, really enjoy every lesson! Beside the theory classes, there are demonstration and lab assessment. The quiz given including study cases which related the topic to the daily life. Thank you Dr. Scanga and colleagues, thank you University of Pennsylvania!! The course is highly recommended.

por Zharkova E

22 de abr de 2020

Great course, especially for beginners. I'm far away from medicine, and I had a really poor knowledge about this subject. This course helped me to understand basic ideas of vital signs of human body. The teacher is very good and explains material in a very clear and interesting way. I highly recommend this course.

por Aiste V

21 de dez de 2016

Since I am a nurse this course was perfect for me to refresh the skills about human anatomy and physiology in the most important parts of the body.

Dr. Connie B. Scanga, thank you so much for clear explanations about everything. It was easy and interesting to follow. You have been a perfect teacher on this course.

por Şebnem G

6 de mar de 2020

Excellent course. I truly enjoyed it. Dr. Scanga's way of teaching matched exactly what I wanted to take away from this course. The format with the nursing students joining in the lecture, the demo labs, and the just the right content of each lecture made me look forward to completing them all. Thank you so much.