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In this course, you will examine how storytelling acts as a vital mechanism for driving video gameplay forward. Looking at several historical and contemporary games, you will be asked to evaluate and interpret different story styles with the goal of identifying themes and procedures for your own game ideas. We'll examine traditional narrative story processes, such as three-act structure, and how they fit into game story flows and the strategic elements of gameplay. Ultimately, you will learn how to define character, setting, and structure to create a compelling game concept....

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30 de dez de 2015

This is my favorite course ever. Dariush teaches in such an engaging way and it shows you how to have a creative yet objective and analyzed mindset for creating a story and narrative for a Video Game.


6 de nov de 2017

This is so helpful. It covers all the essentials of developing a good story, applicable in any form of media, then it focuses on converting the story to a game by adding interactive gameplay elements.

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por Breanne C

7 de set de 2018

My problems are moreso regarding my peers, as the course itself is fantastic, and this presenter is by far the most enjoyable to listen to and therefore easiest to absorb information from.

The bulk of the assignments being submitted by my peers shows little to no effort at all (a shocking quantity of which being directly copy-pasted from Wikipedia or outright blank fields), and yet my own assignments are being nit-picked to a disheartening degree. Enthusiasm and attempting to go above and beyond the requirements is frequently punished, and if I'm busy due to work or focusing on other courses and end up needing to submit later, I've had assignments reviewed by a single person; since there are no additional opinions to provide an average, my entire grade hinges on the opinions of a sole peer. I feel that assignments shouldn't be allowed to be counted as graded until they receive a set amount of reviews to allow for a peer average. We're students, so no single one of us is qualified to be a end-all-be-all judge of one another.

I feel that I must scrutinize Coursera itself in that this is a poorly-balanced system of grading, which should in all honesty be done by faculty. Seeing as how we're not paying for staff to perform the grading, I fail to see how this merits an ongoing subscription when the experience is equitable to purchasing a DVD set and book on a DIY course which one could share with a friend and turn to one another for peer review, without the looming stressor of arbitrary deadlines.

This is very disappointing.

por Vincent d P

7 de mar de 2016

I found that the portion of the class that taught story-telling was painfully over simplified. I learned nothing and felt no challenge whatsoever, in fact, I felt as though I was rehashing information from a 9th grade English class (no hyperbole). The other component of this class was learning how to create documents that you could use to pitch your game to developers. I found this component to be useful, but it could have easily been compressed into a single week if not a single lecture. There is no real accountability when it comes to grading work, as work is peer graded and students grade capriciously without regard for the criteria laid out in the lecture. In other words, most students responded to how cool or interesting they found my assignments, without regard for the weekly lecture or the grading criteria. It often felt as though the lectures didn't matter at all. Right when the class begins to introduce a more robust tour of laying out a game story, it suddenly ends. This class is only useful to students who are interested in an area of game design besides writing and who are taking the whole series anyway. If you are seriously interested in writing, this class will have little value for you and I would recommend skipping it.

por Dolapo A

7 de nov de 2017

This is so helpful. It covers all the essentials of developing a good story, applicable in any form of media, then it focuses on converting the story to a game by adding interactive gameplay elements.

por Cathe B

20 de out de 2016

Once upon a time, Calarts was my grad school, and I got the MFA gladly. Years later, I needed to up my skills, and I discovered Coursera had many of the classes I wanted to take-- and now I feel like my MFA is an MFA+. This course is very good for both the writer and the game maker- and more to the point- it is a great breakdown of what is a good storytelling device. Highly recommended.

por Rosana B

24 de fev de 2016

I am glad that I have chosen to sign up to this course. It has open up my vision to a whole new world. Thanks so very much. The professor is engaging and the course content is fascinating.

por Sarah H

23 de out de 2021

I thought this course was so good! It's the 2nd online course I've ever done, and having ADHD it really helps to be able to do things at my own pace and pause the lectures when needed, so I don't miss anything important.

As for the course itself, I seriously wish there were more, as well as this one having more content. I really loved everything about it, but it was only like 9 hours. I would love to see future narrative design courses here, as well as this one maybe with more content if possible. Assignments were fun and mostly easy, but that was probably because I'm creative and a writer, as well as a big reader and gamer.

por Rodolfo E S

20 de fev de 2016

The course develops skills in communicating video game narratives and weaving these into the overall structure of the game. The strategy hinges on a series of outlines--taught with examples and exercises--that eventually fit together in a comprehensive design document, which allows a designer/writer to organize ideas and make them comprehensible and engaging for potential readers. The examples used are great, covering games both simple and complex; and the exercises grow gradually less structured, ensuring that the skills necessary to develop an idea from scratch are gained along the way.

por Naveen G Q

3 de nov de 2022

In this course, I examined how storytelling acts as a vital mechanism for driving video gameplay forward. Looking at several historical and contemporary games, I am able to evaluate and interpret different story styles with the goal of identifying themes and procedures for my own game ideas. I examined traditional narrative story processes, such as three-act structure, and how they fit into game story flows and the strategic elements of gameplay. The last thing, I learned was how to define character, setting, and structure to create a compelling game concept.

por Diego T

22 de nov de 2016

Well the course helped me to learn and practice how to develop a couple of characters briefly in order to start writting a story. It teaches a good scheme to follow and a method to achieve it succesfully.

What I lack most from this courses in Coursera is to receive more feedback, specially feedback from people who has some advanced knowledge in the field, like the teacher. I wouldn't mind to pay the course if I would have this kind of speciallized feedback, but so far I am happy with the free version of the course.

por Zakhar Z

10 de nov de 2020

As a beginner that continues on the Calarts course, I enjoyed this one no less than the previous one. It may seem, at first, that it's too beginner-friendly but that's exactly what it's supposed to be. I got new insights and valuable instruments that will now help me carve out my stories more methodically, imbuing them with a technological process, taking them from a hobby or a spur of creativity to something actually tangible. Thank you to the course instructor and Calarts! <3

por Garrett W

25 de abr de 2019

I really enjoyed this course, and I felt that it helped me see video games from a story-first perspective. I especially liked the concept of "idea sheets" and feel I will apply that to many areas of my creative life. While this class may focus on the foundations of creating stories for games, the structure and guidelines that it provides the writer are invaluable. It is a lot easier to start writing when you break things up as this course shows. Really great experience!

por Ольга Ш

20 de jan de 2021

I enjoyed this course a lot! I liked how the subject was presented by the lecturer. Very accessible and easy to understand despite the vastness of the theme. And I can't decide whether it is an advantage or a disadvantage, but the course is shorter than all of the Coursera courses I've finished before. Pro - there's no water and all information is straight to the point, being respectful to your time. Con - it's so good, you'd like it to last longer)

por Juan P R R

9 de abr de 2018

The assignments were a bit repetitive, and a little too demanding in my opinion (maybe because I'm not a native english speaker)

But mainly: it was a big turn off to not be able to work with the actual idea I had in mind and be forced to work with the shooter game, I understand its purpose but I would have really liked to work on my own concept and receive feedback.

Other than that, the course was very rich, and the lectures easy and solid!

por Ankush S

28 de abr de 2020

There was a lot that I was not aware of before starting this course. I didn't know how to get a story become a part of the game, I didn't know how to start/end writing enough content to depict my characters well enough. The assignments included were sure long, but gave me a good practice to understand and learn at the same time, "what makes your game compelling" and definitely, one part of it is the game story!!

por Martha M

13 de out de 2020

It's a lovely course, very helpful if you are completely new to all of this. The instructor is very understandable and the assignments are quite fun. The only problem I had was the peer reviewing. Some of them don't really know how to do it properly and are sometimes unfair. But I don't know if this is a problem of the course or Coursera in general. Nonetheless, great introductory course.

por Gianmarco D

28 de out de 2017

Dariush really nails all the explanations for putting creative ideas into process. I personally love storytelling and I'd like to enter the industry doing this, specifically, I found a lot of material to think about and reflect on the tasks at hand, all wrapped up by an instructor that clearly put passion and effort in conveying this course to us learners. Very happy with this

por Luis A

2 de fev de 2019

Una buena introducción a la narrativa aplicada a los videojuegos. Muy práctica. No es excesivamente profunda, pero muy recomendable precisamente porque admite a alumnos de casi todos los niveles.

A good introduction to the narrative applied to video games. Very practical. It is not excessively deep, but I highly recommend it precisely because it admits students of all levels.

por Roopkatha B

2 de ago de 2021

This was a great Learning experience to develop and hone writing / storytelling skills. Great exercises for someone who wants to practice, the instructor was pretty great, engaging at the lectures and I felt the overall course is structured in a very achievable format. Thanks to my reviewers as well who provided valuable feedback to write better.

por Brenda J

3 de jun de 2020

It was great and insightful, some of the exercises took me out of my comfort zone so I consider this a great sign when you can enjoy doing something you have not done before, you learn a lot in the process. The peer review is always beneficial and done respectfully, people are very nice and helpful. And the lecturer was great.

por Melody Z

3 de set de 2019

This course is very well designed and presented with a balanced amount of video and reading. Weekly assignment is a great way to put what I learned into practice. Without assignment, the whole experience wouldn't be consolidated, so I really appreciate the opportunity to do assignment and receive peer feedback from coursera.

por Denisse M L M

6 de nov de 2017

Great course with good information and tips on how to develop the story for your game. I would have preferred if the last two assignments were open on the theme of the game as I don't like shooting games that much, but I had the chance to practice the techniques explained in the course and enjoyed reviewing my peer's work.

por Benjamin B H

31 de jan de 2016

This was an excellent course, and gives a lot of insight and techniques to develop a good and intriguing story. What I liked the most was how the story would be implemented with the gameplay. I recommend this course to anyone that doesn't know how exactly to develop a good story, or is starting with VG design.

por Kim N D R

14 de jun de 2020

I don't really enjoy writing much nor do I have a long attention span. The videos were pretty long for me, but I manage to see it through and still learned a lot from this course. I was also afraid that some of the peer-reviews wouldn't be insightful, but surprisingly most were so I learned from those too.

por Hawra

7 de out de 2020

Wow! This took some work! Had to work for it :D I loved that the tutor helped by giving us tips on how to come up with ideas :)

The tutor also gave detailed case study examples which were intriguing to read!

The tutor and structure was super! No complaints whatsoever :D

Would definitely recommend!

por Robin W

4 de ago de 2021

Perfect class! I loved every aspect and detail to the course elements that were told by Dariush Derakhshani! Very clear info and easy to understand. As a writer, the assignments are not that hard to figure out and I'm truly satisfied with everything included in this course! A must take! :)