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O que você vai aprender

  • How to naturally, habitually tie your team’s work to actionable analytics that help you drive to user value.

  • How to pair your hypotheses on customer personas and problem with analytics.

  • How to test propositions (a la Lean Startup) so you don’t build features no one wants.

  • How to instrument actionable observation into everything you build (a la Lean UX).

Habilidades que você terá

Software DevelopmentProduct ManagementAgile Software Development
Certificados compartilháveis
Tenha o certificado após a conclusão
100% on-line
Comece imediatamente e aprenda em seu próprio cronograma.
Prazos flexíveis
Redefinir os prazos de acordo com sua programação.
Nível iniciante
Aprox. 14 horas para completar
Legendas: Inglês

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Semana 1

3 horas para concluir

Introduction and Customer Analytics

3 horas para concluir
13 vídeos (Total 66 mín.), 2 leituras, 4 testes
13 videos
Review: Hypothesis-Driven Development3min
Agile Analytics at HVAC in a Hurry2min
Jobs To Be Done at HVAC in a Hurry5min
Getting Outside the Building With Ivan7min
Focal Point: The User Journey6min
Introducing Enable Quiz1min
Outlining the User Journey7min
Outlining with Pirate Metrics3min
Designing User Habits: The Hook Framework4min
Mapping Analytics: Trent the Technician10min
Mapping Analytics: Ivan the Inside Salesperson6min
Your Analytics Portfolio2min
2 leituras
Course Overview & Requirements10min
Getting Project Management Institute (PMI) Professional Development Units (PDUs)10min
4 exercícios práticos
User Journeys and Pirate Metrics30min
User Habits and Mapping Analytics30min
Customer Analytics
Introduction and Customer Analytics30min

Semana 2

3 horas para concluir

Demand Analytics

3 horas para concluir
12 vídeos (Total 61 mín.)
12 videos
Testing Motivation with MVPs3min
Designing Experiments4min
Experiment Design with MVPs4min
Five Experiment Charters2min
The Fake Feature Test4min
Testing Features: Running the Experiment3min
Testing Funnels6min
Testing Cohorts7min
Experiment Design: Testing a Coding Course for Designers & Managers4min
Experiment Execution: Testing a Coding Course for Designers & Managers5min
Interview: Laura Klein on Practice of Lean UX10min
4 exercícios práticos
Testing Motivations with MVPs30min
Testing Features
Testing Demand and Experiment Patterns30min

Semana 3

5 horas para concluir

UX Analytics

5 horas para concluir
11 vídeos (Total 73 mín.)
11 videos
Qualitative Usability Testing9min
The Test You Already Have2min
Pairing Your User Stories with Analytics: Trent the Technician7min
Pairing Your User Stories with Analytics: Ivan the Inside Salesperson10min
Analyzing Dependent Variables with Google Analytics4min
Google Analytics: The Littlest Overview10min
From Design to Code: Trent the Technician4min
From Code to Analytics: Trent the Technician4min
A/B Testing7min
Designing, Coding, and Testing: Ivan the Inside Salesperson6min
4 exercícios práticos
Testing Analytics30min
User Stories & Analytics30min
A/B Testing
Qualitative and Quantitative Analytics30min

Semana 4

3 horas para concluir

Analytics and Data Science

3 horas para concluir
12 vídeos (Total 75 mín.)
12 videos
Facilitating Collaboration with Your Data Science Team4min
Interview: Drew Conway on Data Science8min
Interview: Drew Conway’s Data Science Journey9min
Four Types of Data Executions1min
Interview: Casey Lichtendahl: Data Science and You6min
Interview: Casey Lichtendahl: Closer Look at X, Y, Z10min
Interview: Casey Lichtendahl: Data at Rest vs. Data in Motion6min
Data Science IRL: Intro to the Casino Jack Case8min
Data Science IRL: Data Wrangling and Exploratory Analysis9min
Data Science IRL: Testing Hypotheses and Designing Interventions5min
Course Close1min
4 exercícios práticos
Data Science30min
Data Executions30min
Data Science IRL
Analytics and Data Science30min


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