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Machine Learning, often called Artificial Intelligence or AI, is one of the most exciting areas of technology at the moment. We see daily news stories that herald new breakthroughs in facial recognition technology, self driving cars or computers that can have a conversation just like a real person. Machine Learning technology is set to revolutionise almost any area of human life and work, and so will affect all our lives, and so you are likely to want to find out more about it. Machine Learning has a reputation for being one of the most complex areas of computer science, requiring advanced mathematics and engineering skills to understand it. While it is true that working as a Machine Learning engineer does involve a lot of mathematics and programming, we believe that anyone can understand the basic concepts of Machine Learning, and given the importance of this technology, everyone should. The big AI breakthroughs sound like science fiction, but they come down to a simple idea: the use of data to train statistical algorithms. In this course you will learn to understand the basic idea of machine learning, even if you don't have any background in math or programming. Not only that, you will get hands on and use user friendly tools developed at Goldsmiths, University of London to actually do a machine learning project: training a computer to recognise images. This course is for a lot of different people. It could be a good first step into a technical career in Machine Learning, after all it is always better to start with the high level concepts before the technical details, but it is also great if your role is non-technical. You might be a manager or other non-technical role in a company that is considering using Machine Learning. You really need to understand this technology, and this course is a great place to get that understanding. Or you might just be following the news reports about AI and interested in finding out more about the hottest new technology of the moment. Whoever you are, we are looking forward to guiding you through you first machine learning project. NB this course is designed to introduce you to Machine Learning without needing any programming. That means that we don't cover the programming based machine learning tools like python and TensorFlow....

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6 de mai de 2020



25 de ago de 2020

Awesome course, teaches the concepts of machine learning to anyone regardless of previous knowledge. I suggest anyone who just wants to understand how machine learning works to enroll in this course!

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por Rohit C A

17 de mai de 2020

It's a really one of the best course who wants to start their career in the Machine Learning, The Instructor Explained in very well manner about how the data is important for Machine Learning models, In this course the 3 -4 machine learning models also he made ,so we learner can understand it it quickly and completly. I want to say Thank You who made this course available to us and Good Luck for the batchmeats who learned along with me. Thank you once again to all....!!!

por Max F

8 de jun de 2021

This course, Machine Learning for All, is very informational, especially on the theory and the intuition aspect of the concepts related to Machine Learning, AI, how they work, why they work, the different types of machine learning, and also the thinking around the future of AI and machine learning in different domains of applications. This course is highly recommended for any beginner trying to make sense of what this new paradigm of machine learning / AI is about.

por Lau W M

17 de ago de 2020

Very inspiring and well-organized course for beginners to learn about machine learning. Truly appreciated the precise and concise course materials, and the illustrative animation and examples. Also enjoyed the valuable sharing by different experts in the field. The one thing I like most about this course was the "Machine Learning Project" that I found the experiential learning insightful. Overall, highly recommended to those who are interested in machine learning

por Harald M

11 de jun de 2021

This course was well taught and included all the "detailed basics" of AI Machine Learning. How algorithms work, how a computer undertands, for instance, an image. Including first hand experience with image recognition, how to train a plugin model with image input to get the desired output. I learned a lot from putting the taught theory into practise. Now it is up to us students whether to take a deeper dive into the architecture of machine learning models.

por Swayam S D 2

2 de fev de 2022

This was an interesting course. I got to know about a lot of stuff like what is AI or machine learning, what the disadvantages and advantages of machine learning, what type of data we have to use for machine learning and how to make our system less biased. It was well explained.

I would like to thank The University of London and my mentor Prof Marco Gillies who taught us very clearly. So, yeah it was a great experience. Thank you so much

por Adriana M Z

15 de mar de 2021

Very insightful and easy-going. I did not know anything about ML and AI and this short course has taught me the basics and what is more, fostered my interest in ML applications. For beginners I think is perfect, if you know the basics already, then you might not find this course as interesting as a beginner. I would like to know more things in-depth and what is really behind ML, so I will keep up my self-study in this exciting field!

por merlinmariam v

1 de set de 2020

I have never completed a course like this before & i cannot express how great the instructor was & the overall content of machine learning.This course explained the very basic concepts of machine learning in a simple way.I had no prior experience in ML but i have enjoyed this course a lot and did the practical exercises too.This is an awesome course for a beginner. Simple ,short & precise way of explaining the concepts.

por Roy T

4 de jan de 2023

Excellent introduction to the key concepts of machine learning. Course materials were clear and easy to follow. I was concerned however, that there are large numbers of people who aren't putting any effort into the course (judging by the final assignments I had to review) and hope that the value of the course is not diminished by participants who obviously are 'taking the piss' with their efforts (or lack thereof).

por Jenessa A D

14 de dez de 2021

Loved the course! Great hands-on introduction to Machine Learning. Shows how important data is. Doesn't go into mathematics and algorithms much but at beginner level that's okay. This course has quizzes where the instructor asks you to google and then answer. Different approach, and by googling it instead of watching a lecture on it, you end up learning a lot more. Thank you Dr. Marco and to all the experts.

por Geoff D

19 de jun de 2020

Excellent introduction to Machine Learning, especially if you're not interested in programming per se. In my case I wanted to have an appreciation for it without having to write Python code, and the course delivered.

Videos were almost always worthwhile, especially the panel discussions.

It would be nice for the Coursera platform to allow me to easily find my previous comments on a particular week.

por Fitria R

23 de ago de 2020

For someone who does not have Computer Science background, but eager to learn about technology especially Machine Learning, this is the right course for me. i enjoy the practical experience, final assignment, and reviewing peer submissions. Was it hard? i might be struggle a little bit to understand some topics, but that is part of learning experience right?. I highly recommend this course.

por Robert D D

21 de dez de 2021

I really enjoyed this course! The instructor's enthusiasm for the material and also for making machine learning accessible to everyone is really appreciated! I thought the main project was very useful, both engaging and confidence building. I'd recommend this course to anyone who wants to get a feel for machine learning, while also actually getting hands-on exposure to how it works.

por Vidyapathy N

28 de ago de 2020

The Course on "Machine Learning for All" was simple and knowledgeable. The learning approach of Videos, reading, discussions, quizzes, assignments and project has provided a seamless process in understanding the basics of Machine learning.

I would certainly recommend this course for engineers and non engineers who would like to learn about ML and AI to take up this online course.

por mike

1 de ago de 2020

Good course for beginners who wants to get an overview on ML.

Instructor is very knowledgeable and instructions are concise and clear.

Practice interface is easy to use and project is helpful. I liked that this course also covered other important aspects of data collection, dangers of ML and its practical applications. The forum with ML experts is interesting. Highly recommended.

por Susmita D

22 de jul de 2021

I'm grateful to come across this course and complete it and learn new things of machine learning and got a chance to complete my project on image recognition and train my model. Thanks to Coursera and University of London for making such an informative and interesting course. It increased my learning and exploring interest in the field of machine learning and AI.

por Kalimuthuraja S

1 de out de 2022

This is eye opener for my to understand the Machine Learning. I can understand the Macine learing software degelopment life cycle. Because Machine learning is the new way of developing the system to use. We are not developing the system. We are creating the system. we have to understand the word Development and Creation.

Grete course to understand

por Shadan Z

19 de set de 2022

The course is designed for those who are not really from the Computer Science background and the content is really worth.,You will be learning the concept from the scratch and in the last week; you will be able to do a real-project on your own ,collecting datasets and testing them as well.

Thanks to Coursera for giving me an opportunity .

por Vidhyambika S

22 de jul de 2020

The best machine learning beginner course which is suitable for all types of learners irrespective of their fields!! The course also has a mini - project in the end which is very useful for beginners to explore how machine learning works for a certain problem and learners get opportunity to implement their project ideas here..

por Bhushan K

3 de jun de 2020

This course is designed in such a way where anyone can learn machine learning in a best way. Also interview sessions was awesome and useful with the people who are masters in Machine Learning. Contents are best which grows your knowledge if you are understanding it properly.

Thanks to the tutor and team for your contribution.

por Danny A H

6 de jan de 2023

Como sempre parabenizo pela excelência do curso, porem gostaria de comentar apenas uma coisa nos testes feitos em grupo com a troca de avaliação pelos alunos tive muita dificuldade e ocorreu muitos erros de sistema. enfim talvez seja uma deficiência minha e não do curso. Parabens mais uma vez pela qualidade 10. obrigado.

por Carlos J d R B

21 de dez de 2022

This course was a good introduction to machine learning, covering important aspects of data collection and curation and possbile applications with real-life examples. The discussions with machine learning researchers was quite enriching. Most importantly, the course is accessible to everyone, independently of background.

por Josep M

25 de mar de 2021

Un curso genial con un profesor muy divertido. La información es muy precisa y consigue perfectamente su objetivo que es introducir al alumno en el mundo del Machine Learning. Gracias a este curso el alumno podrá adquirir el conocimiento básico para abordar nuevos estudios más especializados. ¡Machine Leaning for All!

por Paulo C

26 de nov de 2020

Very interesting course for beginners in ML. The language and examples used are simple. There are some discussions with a panel of experts which helps to understand the problems and the benefits of the fields.

There is also a web app to do ML tests which helps to see and to understand with your own eyes how it works.

por Royston R F

19 de ago de 2020

Really Good Course.Gives a good start for a career in Machine Learning.Excellent course for an amateur with no machine learning background.Nudges you in the direction of Data Science.Especially,loved the interviews with Machine Learning Experts who gave really good insights into their machine learning experiences.

por Asjad A K

30 de set de 2020

I totally loved this course. It make me realise that machine learning is not that hard as it seems, and its a lot more interesting if you go deeper in. The best part was testing. Our teacher of this course is amazing and i would recommend learners to go through this course if youre interested in Machine Learning