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In this course, we'll give you the tools to quickly identify and solve real-world problems that you might come across in your IT role. We'll look at a bunch of different strategies and approaches for tackling the most common pitfalls of your code and IT infrastructure. You'll learn strategies for approaching almost any technical problem and then see how those apply to solving different real-world scenarios. We picked examples that include general system issues, issues with software that someone else wrote, and issues with programs that we wrote. We'll talk about problems that can affect any operating system, and we'll also look at challenges specific to certain platforms and scripting languages. We strongly recommend that you’ve taken the prior courses in this program, or already have knowledge of Python and Linux so that you can follow along with our troubleshooting examples....

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Apr 05, 2020

Good review for me for most of this.. but I learned a lot more than I expected. I think it proves that there are endless possibilities and that collaboration is key in this business.


Mar 04, 2020

This course is amazing. It's good for new beginner learn how the practical work is. As an senior software engineer, it is also a chance for me to review my knowledge.

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por Sacha v W

Apr 06, 2020

It is part of the IT specialization with Python. In my view too little python. In most video a bunch of functions are mentioned that support debugging. These are just mentioned and not practiced. Most of the time do not involve Python. If there is some python code you get a glance of a longer piece of python code. So you learn little python. Also after the long list of functions that can support you there are questions on these functions (that you have not used). You can't code along. It was watching too much video and do little. Qwiklabs in general too easy or unclear. I really like course 1, 2 and 3. But this one really required my persistence to the limit to finish. Pfff.... happy to move on to the next. It can only get better, I hope. Thanks anyway for the attempt

por Michael M

Mar 27, 2020

I would like to have seen more hands on exercises throughout the course. There was a lot of just watching videos.

por Lokesh D

Apr 23, 2020

So Boring

por Ben J

Jul 13, 2020

I was pleasantly surprised by this course. From some of the previous reviews I thought this may be less enjoyable than the other courses in the series. However, I found the content to be very interesting and hopefully applicable to my everyday life. The presenter was excellent although she was obviously talking way slower than she is used to. I played most of the course at 1.75 speed to compensate and she actually seemed more natural at this speed. Some of the assessment labs were a bit weird in that they were either too easy or too difficult. They didn't seem to reach a happy medium at any time. I think this is because the course is trying to use the labs both to teach and to assess and also sometimes the instructions were not a clear as they could have been. Overall however, a really good course - five stars from me.

por We Y T

Mar 17, 2020

This is truly a great course for IT specialists! I really enjoy learning the troubleshooting and debugging techniques discussed in the courseware. Many problems mentioned in the courseware are things I've encountered before personally, and I either had a hard time, or I wasn't confident in resolving them on my own. Now I feel equipped. The assignments are amazing! They are challenging and they match my skill level in programming! Kudos to the curriculum organizer!

por Timur U

May 14, 2020

All aspects of this essential course will be useful for future IT carrier roles. One of them is the debugging code. Previously, it was definitely a complicated part of IT specialist duties for me, but after this course, I'm more confident about this stuff, especially, after linear and binary search algorithms chapter and test. Thank Amanda Ballas for the amazing encouragement of studying important chapters and interesting scenarios for lab, quiz, and tests.

por Richard J P

Mar 08, 2020

For the simple reason that there were less jokes in this course, I'll rate this 5 stars. Just kidding, I enjoyed the jokes from the last 2 courses since they helped keep the edge off from learning difficult things.

I've really enjoyed this course because the labs were practical and the things you've learned here can be applied to anything that needs a logical perspective in problem solving.

por Jianxu S

Mar 23, 2020

Absolutely one of the best on-line courses I have taken. Amanda did an excellent job explaining some really complex concepts and practical techniques. I definitely will apply what we've learned in this course in real world situations. Thanks for making this course available.

por Jack H

Apr 05, 2020

Good review for me for most of this.. but I learned a lot more than I expected. I think it proves that there are endless possibilities and that collaboration is key in this business.

por Bright I M

Mar 21, 2020

This is my best course and I also like how immersive and passionate the instructor was. I thank her for all the skills she imparted and would to her on more courses in the future.

por Ilya G M

Mar 29, 2020

Great course! I found a lot of information on the concurrency in python, python profilers and debuging tools. It is a great place to start digging into the subject, thanks a lot!

por Thanh S T

Mar 04, 2020

This course is amazing. It's good for new beginner learn how the practical work is. As an senior software engineer, it is also a chance for me to review my knowledge.

por Chandra S T

Jul 16, 2020

The content is designed in a more useful and informative way, about the various tools to be used at different levels for debugging and troubleshooting.

por carl r

Jan 30, 2020

Very well explained, my work is mostly to find and fix bugs, and with this short course I learned a little bit more, ways that I did not think about.

por Elias M

Jul 18, 2020

A cool complex topic with a dense information amount. Will come back to many learned concepts from this course for sure. Thanks

por Valentino S

Mar 26, 2020

Really good info including a thinking skill on prioritizing and organizing planned work on managing And supporting IT Admin.

por Harold L M M

May 29, 2020

Excellent course on troubleshooting and debugging. The content on linux is great.

Thank you Google and the instructors!

por Tom D

Feb 20, 2020

This is a very special course, which has both practical tips and very useful rules that not just for IT. Great course!

por vasanth p

May 16, 2020

Good curriculum, Nice explanation and Challenging questions. Simply LOVED the entire course.

Thanks Google.

por Greg P

Jul 24, 2020

Fun course, easy to follow, and learned some useful info for troubleshooting my own personal computer!

por Deep M

Jun 20, 2020

thank a lot to google staff and coursera team i make it..and again big thanks to my co learners ...

por Anurag S

Jul 22, 2020

Very helpful for learning the planning to troubleshoot any kind of problem(simple to advanced).

por Ritik K

Jun 19, 2020

It's really a great opportunity to learn from googlers and with all the helpful fellow learners

por Ihechi F E

Aug 03, 2020

The course is quite as challenging as I loved it to be... A must for anyone cares about code.

por Daniel S

Apr 12, 2020

This course is a significant brickstone in the build of more efficient education. Thank you.