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Paleontology: Theropod Dinosaurs and the Origin of Birds is a five-lesson course teaching a comprehensive overview of the origins of birds. This course examines the anatomy, diversity, and evolution of theropod dinosaurs in relation to the origin of birds. Students explore various hypotheses for the origin of flight. Watch a preview of the course here:

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14 de mar de 2018

This course was great! It explains everything clearly, and it keeps you involved by asking questions about the material, and keeps you amused with some interesting anecdotes. Highly suggested by me!


6 de jan de 2021

I loved taking this course. I learned a lot (The first course I did was DINO 101 and I wanted to dig deeper). The teachers are really passionate and engaging. Cannot wait to do the others courses!

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por Wendy L

27 de jul de 2017

For a very complex subject, this was a thoroughly enjoyable and easily understandable course. I appreciate the easy to follow commentary plus the more detailed class notes for reference and followup. Excellent course!

por Juan A P A

31 de out de 2020

Again, this courses of paleontology given by the University of Alberta are awesome. The instructor is so funny and the topics are really interesting. This course was really useful for a class I'm taking in college.

por Elena M

28 de fev de 2016

The instructor was superb in his knowledge of the subject matter and in his ability to explain complex concepts so as to be understood and remembered. Fascinating course...I did not want it to end!!!! Thank you

por Llelani C

24 de jan de 2019

Lecture material very comprehensive, well explained, and engaging. The notes are detailed, yet easy to understand.

The diagrams assist in understanding, with information depicting the structures being discussed.

por José L M P

24 de jul de 2022

This is a very interesting course that introduced perfectly all what I needed to know to understand these creatures and further in the future find my way to make my own researches about these amazing creatures.

por Shweta M

30 de jun de 2020

Loved hearing from the presenters. Both of them clearly love the subject and this transcends to their lectures as well and transcend through the screen to us as students learning from them. Enjoyed this course!

por Jeffrey M

26 de jun de 2022

Great stuff! I learned a lot about dinosaurs, their downfall and the rise of birds in a very easy-to-learn environment. The educators are very knowledgeable and easy to understand. I enjoyed learning this way!

por Carolina

16 de nov de 2017

Excelent course, as a biology student I learned a lot of new information that is not provided at my univeristy, and at the same time it is comprehensable for every person, very well illustrated and explained!

por Javier E S A

17 de nov de 2020

Hi, with this course I could understand more about dinosaurs and birds evolution, really goods professors Philip John Currie and Scott Persons. If you search for a dinosaur only you must watch to the sky!!!!

por David J P O

2 de dez de 2020

This course was very informative. The instructors delivered really well. I was impressed with how the course was constructed and built for understanding rather than memorizing several groups of animals.

por Richard S

16 de mar de 2022

I found the material intereting and presentation easy to follow. The amount of material presented is alot. However, with the focus on development and progression of traits it was not overhelming.

por Cristina M

17 de jun de 2022

​This course is amazing, I've previously took the dino 101 course and this one was just as wonderful, it's a shame is so short, but I've enjoyed it and learn immensely. I highly recommend it.

por hippo d

11 de set de 2021

Very good job to summarise a large academic information to an interesting lecture. I cannot help see all the content continuously. The lecture notes are also very good for beginners.

por Conor O

20 de abr de 2020

Really well presented, content accessible for beginners and those with prior knowledge, and amazing course notes that can be downloaded to look at any time. Would highly recommend.

por Kristen D

5 de abr de 2017

This was a fantastic course, full of information and evidence.

I loved the tutors. Very well presented and not complicated despite the subject matter.

Do take this course.

por Alexandra M

28 de jun de 2020

Fab course! Would recommend to anyone interested in palaeontology. I'm a geology student and the level of the course is ideal, not too simple but not too overly complex.

por Julio Y R V

7 de mai de 2017

An amazing course! It is very interesting, and can be easily understood. Also, the way in what the course is made, with such a great rythm, didactics, and great tutors.

por Luis J P M

11 de abr de 2022

It's an amazing course, I'm an independent filmmaker in Mexico, and it's been of great help as a reference while I'm writing a feature film screenplay about dinosaurs.

por kate m

28 de set de 2019

This class is so interesting because the instructor is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject. It has been one of the classes I've most enjoyed on Coursera.

por Rodrigo F

7 de fev de 2017

assume class... You explore a lot of dinosaurs. Including many weird newly discovered ones. Plus you explore the variety what characterizes different types of birds.

por Chris V

26 de jul de 2017

Another brilliant course from the University of Alberta. Definitely recommend this one. The course material and presentation of the video content by Scott is awesome.

por Anya G

20 de abr de 2017

My two favourite courses on coursera so far: the Dino 101 and the Theropod Dinos and the Origin of Birds :) thank you for a very thorough course - I've learned a lot!

por Alexander P V M

18 de out de 2016

A great course that offers a well-structured and insightful overview of the evolution of theropod dinosaurs into birds, presented in a wonderfully understandable way.

por Florian Z

25 de mai de 2016

We've got some extreme quality content here, as always when Philip J Curry is involved. The new student that presents most of the videos has great educational skills.

por Luana S

13 de dez de 2020

University of Alberta is specialized in courses! Another AMAZING course about pre history life! I'am really glad for you all taking your precious time to do it! Tks!