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Delve into the research behind terrorism as you unpack the assumptions and impacts of both terrorism and counterterrorism. Terrorism has arguably been one of the defining factors of our age. It frequently makes headlines, threatening or attacking governments, private businesses, and ordinary citizens. In many parts of the world, it has been one of the most important threats to peace, security, and stability – but what does this mean exactly? On this six-week course from Leiden University, you’ll explore the essence of terrorism and discover why it is so difficult to define. Unpacking its history and the theory of the waves of terrorism, you’ll analyse both the theoretical approaches and practical applications of terrorism and counterterrorism in the real world. There are many assumptions that cloud the subjects of terrorism and counterterrorism. These myths are often created and intensified by individual bias, the government, and the media. On this course, you’ll discover different assumptions about terrorist identities and motivations, as well as the efficiencies of various counterterrorism efforts. You’ll then compare this with academic research to investigate the truth behind these assumptions. In your exploration of the impact of terrorism, you’ll delve into the culture of fear created by terrorism, as well as the success of counterterrorism policies to limit and manage its impact on society. In the final stage of this course, you’ll reflect on trends and developments in terrorism and counterterrorism. You’ll assess current academic research as well as what could be studied in the future to help....

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28 de ago de 2021

Not all the reading materials are opening. The course content is old . There is a need for new and latest issues to be included in the course. There is also a need for advance level of another course.


29 de nov de 2022

Very informative and thorough overview of the Terrorism-Counterterrorism literature. The literature is presented in a well organized manner making it easy to follow from the assigned readings.

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por Deleted A

4 de out de 2016

All in all, a very interesting and comprehensive course on terrorism and counterterrorism history, theory, state-of-the-art knowledge and evolution. Please allow me to recommend two publications on ISIS and why it was born: "Black Flags - The Rise of ISIS" by Joby Warrick, and "The Rise of Islamic State" by Patrick Cockburn". With kind regards, Enrico Pinna

por Nino N

13 de set de 2022

This course was a special experience: combination of knowledge sharing by great professors, interviews with experts and very interesting reading materials. Although it is short, the course is engrossing and is NOT based on stereotypical thoughts, which is very valuable.. Thanks A LOT to LEIDEN UNIVERSITY and COURSERA for this priceless opportunity.

por Stephen D A

26 de nov de 2021

Dear Teaching staff:

This is clearly the most challenging course on "terrorism" studies I have completed to date.

The information was very detailed, The challenge was top shelf.

In relation to finding the answer challenging to say the least.

This course raises the bar for knowledge on"terrorism"

thanks Coursera and the University of Leiden.



por Shahbaz A K

26 de dez de 2019

An excellent course led by Dr Bakker and team. I learned a lot about this very important topic and how the instructor was quite frank and honest about many things. I would like to see more things covered in the future though such as cultural/social/state terrorism and how to deal with it. This is probably the best MOOC on the internet for this topic.

por Sarthak G

24 de set de 2016

Really enjoyed the material. The videos were simple, especially for a beginner. This is the first course I completed online and the experience was really good. Prof. Bakker is an able instructor and the concepts were well explained. The tests were simple though. Most of them took only one or two attempts to pass. That counts as a positive by the way.

por Olaniran O J

14 de fev de 2019

I have plans of becoming a scholar in the field of terrorism and counter-terrorism, but I didn't know how to go about it. This course has really helped me; it made me know key authors, centers, and scholars in the field, popular journals, the current state of the field, grey areas, and many more. I am really happy I enrolled for this course.

por Kyle C

9 de jun de 2017

This was an excellent exploration into the current state-of-the-art of Terrorism and Counterterrorism. There was an exploration into several popular misnomers that politicians attribute to terrorists. Having a body of academic literature to support or debunk these theories was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the readings and the lectures.

por Jonathan R

20 de nov de 2017

This was a great course. I'm very happy with all I learned throughout it. Prof. Baker lectures are great, very dynamic and understandable. Selected topics on this course are meaningful in that they provide a very good insight of the phenomenon of terrorism. I recommend this course for anyone interested in learning about counter-terrorism

por Orissa P S

1 de jul de 2021

I currently work in the P/CVE field--aiming for community resilience to VE, focusing on community-based programs, actions, and initiatives. I do not have Security nor Global Affairs background, yet this course has tremendously helped me in the needs assessment to map vulnerable areas and groups and to identify potential actors in P/CVE.

por Alexandre K

12 de jul de 2018

A lot of knowledge and many assumptions are now twisted. Useful to understand terrorism especially in this era. Courses are clear well done, very professional, I highly recommend. That's my first online course, I'll take others when I'll have time so thank you. I bought the certificate, I see it like a donation for all this good work.

por Lois S

3 de jul de 2017

I wanted to learn more about the ongoing terrorist threats and governmental replies. I learned that a so much more! The teach is deeply involved in research on the topics he teaches and i particularly enjoyed the monthly talks on new events discussed in the news. Wish this professor offered other classes so I could take those too!

por Azeez A

21 de dez de 2022

I appreciate Coursera for this well packaged course. It is my delight to state here that I have wonderful experience undergoing the course . The course can't be better handled than the way it was handled. Nevertheless, it is important to state that the course being a free course, I have not been able to get my free certificate.

por Rebecca N

11 de abr de 2021

I am very grateful for this opportunity to study this topic, presented by such experts in the field, for free. Especially during this pandemic, access to education and information-sharing is more important than ever. I appreciate learning at my own pace, as well as engaging in discussion with other curious minds around the world.

por Narges M

4 de jun de 2017

Easy to follow, great video's by Prof. Bakker. It really challenges me to think further than what i can see on the news or read in the general news papers. This course makes me understand where terrorism is coming from and why people are doing it. Absolutely great. I wish other universities would do the same for their courses.

por Tan J F

17 de set de 2018

After doing this course, it made me realize the importance of the security of my own country. I thank you the instructors who made this course available, accessible and possible for people like me who are now inspired to join the Armed Forces in efforts to counter-terrorism. This is truly a wonderful and insightful course!

por X X

12 de out de 2017

Just to express my gratitude for the time and attention that I received during this course, I also want to take the opportunity to be considered in an upcoming course in this subject, since the knowledge that took me I am sure will be very useful , and will help me greatly in my professional life.

Again, sincere thanks.

por Anastasiya O

8 de mai de 2017

It was great to refresh my knowledge on the theory of terrorism but what is more valuable of this course is a new information, the incredible list of additional literature and super interesting and understandable lectures of Profesor Bakker. Special thanks for Coursera for opportunity to study when it is convenient.

por Vittoria P

21 de nov de 2022

I loved this course from the beginning to the end. Dr. Edwin Bakker and Dr. Jeanine de Roy van Zuijdewijn have a masterful capacity to deliver content while conveying all their passion for the topics treated. If you are interested in learning more about terrorism and counterterrorism, this course is what you need.

por Sara C

27 de set de 2018

I liked it a lot because it uses a lot of statistical support, essays, publications and it is explained in an understandable language without technicalities. I congratulate the University of Leiden and Professor Bakker for allowing us to learn this subject that should be treated more seriously by our governments.

por Alban B

10 de fev de 2020

I would strongly suggest this course to all the students who seek knowledge in global affairs, this course is taught by an excellent professor and everyone with interest in learning online ,should take a chance to enroll, especially when we are all affected by such a phenomenon that is elaborated in this course.

por Philip A H

12 de jan de 2022

This course has changed my perception of online learning for the better. The Leiden University curriculum is realistic, difficult, and manageable, and allowed me to apply myself without infringing upon my other commitments. My plan is to continue with expanding my educational horizons through similar courses.

por Catherine P

30 de nov de 2020

A very progressive dive into theories and practice, with excellent reading material, a great teacher Prof. Edwin Bakker, different angles and different perspectives from guest speakers. This allowed me to create another perspective, the academics', to a subject I deal with from a police side only. Thank you!

por Felix C M J

30 de nov de 2016

excelente curso, así como prestigiado instructor , explicación clara y detallada sobre la problemática internacional del terrorismo y del contraterrorismo, referencias muy explícitas y claras de autores de renombre internacional en la materia , asi como literatura fresca con los temas de actualidad y datos

por Vaughn N

5 de jun de 2018

This is a very educational and helpful course. If you are looking to service your country an Immigration Officer and or related filed, this is good course to take. I would really love to a course in Homeland Security because I want to change job, hence the reason I took this course. VERY VERY HELPFUL.