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Welcome to Introduction to Programming in Swift 5. In this course we will introduce you to the absolute basics of the Swift programming language. Whether you are a brand new programmer or have experience with other programming languages this course is for you. Some of the things you will learn in this course are: • An Introduction to Swift 5 programming concepts • Installing the necessary tools • Working with data such as Integers and Strings • Creating reusable code with functions • Working with data constructs such as arrays and dictionaries • Object-oriented programming • Model View Controller By the end of this course you will know how to build simple programs with the Swift programming language and you will be ready to learn iOS mobile development....

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11 de set de 2020

A well designed course and good tutorials. Just need to be a bit more in detail to explain the core elements as i found some of there were like not discussed in detail. But overall 5/5


6 de mai de 2021

Thank you for such a good course. It is very interesting and very good understandable. Devslopes are really cool guys and I am happy that Coursera has provided this material.

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por irza k

26 de jul de 2020

This course is not for beginner programmers. While they explain the syntax of the Swift language the instructors don't delve into concepts and tend to give you the basic overall, leaving you to learn the logic and reasoning yourself.

por radwa e

14 de ago de 2022

cCourse explanation is really good but they are out dated so somethings are not running now

the second problem is that structs are not even mentioned and the assesments ask about them more than one time

por Гребенкин А Ю

9 de mai de 2021

It is more appropriate for students who have already been familiar with Swift. Some questions of quiz aren't discover by video. This course is good for refreshing of your knowledge but not for learning.

por ND I

15 de set de 2021

The course was not updated with new version of Xcode. My suggestion is to add a guide file to the course to advice how to use new Xcode, playground or... thank you.

por Andrey Z

20 de ago de 2021

The course is ok but it lacks the assignment projects and peer evaluations that other programming courses on Coursera have.


29 de jul de 2020

Me parece muy bueno el curso, pero faltó un poco más de ejercicios de programación para entender mejor los conceptos

por Jack E

24 de ago de 2020

the teachers were a bit hard to follow and the exercises were very helpful and I could follow them.

por lorenzo p

14 de jul de 2021

Some parts of the quizzes are not covered by the video courses or the linked articles.

por Abdelkarim J

9 de nov de 2020

That's my first step in iOS dev, it's crucial swift course to kick off your iOS dev -;)

por Russell A

13 de mai de 2020

Out of date for Xcode 11. Instructors come across as confused and unrehearsed

por Andrés M

27 de jul de 2020

The material from week 2 onwards is quite outdated.

por ROZY T

19 de mai de 2020

I like this Course .... It very good for beginner

por Ruben Z

21 de abr de 2020

The video is outdated swift and Xcode versions.

por Frank D F C

20 de out de 2021

Needs to be updated to latest swift version


5 de mai de 2022

Устаревший, подача материала на тройку.

por Carlos T D M

16 de mai de 2022

The version of Xcode is old

por Ira B

23 de jun de 2022

The information is old.

por Grayson H

25 de abr de 2020

Too Easy and shallow

por ntobeko s

11 de nov de 2020

Easy to follow.

por Andre E

24 de fev de 2021

After completing this course, frustration can describe my overall feeling toward the class. The course is not up to date, the concepts are not properly scaffolded, and the practice homework is a joke. There are rays of light with some of the concepts being explained, and I did learn from those portions (Hence the 2 stars). Overall though this was largely a loss of time.

The first week of lessons I felt was really great. These topics were the basic things almost everyone goes over in their online courses. We open up a playground, and we discuss variables, strings, and number types. The videos are almost too short, in my opinion. Nonetheless, the lessons were clear, concise, and cover the topics well. The assignments for these basic concepts, though, are laughable. The quizzes are usually one question at best and are not effective at really sounding down concepts for the learner.

I soldiered on expecting things to get better.

Week 2 was more basic concepts about Booleans, Arrays, and Loops. I thought that the video material was a nice additional look at these concepts for me. The instructor was entertaining and explained the concepts well. But, again, the practice was awful.

Week 3 is where everything really starts to fall apart. The lessons start to feel more and more disjointed. Some of the concepts are well explained, but they are not properly scaffolded. The instructor jumps between different projects, occasionally using code that we haven't been exposed to (and won't be exposed to for the whole course). The practice assignments seem to be related to the previous week's material, and some of the quiz questions cover material that we never went over.

Week 4 is the apex of the disjointed nature of this course. Suddenly we jump into Xcode and start talking about Model View Controller concepts. The instructor actually says that he expects us to be very familiar with programming in Swift to be taking this portion of the course. The practice assignments again seem to refer to the previous week's material and contain questions that are not explicitly discussed in the lessons. To add to this, the course materials are not current with the software today. I kept having to go back to the internet to figure out what happened to the assistant editor, my library of UI elements. Why don't I have a main.storyboard layer in my project, among other issues. As some other reviewers have stated, it seems like the lessons were filmed circa 2017, and no one bothers to update the materials.

Unfortunately, this is the only course on Coursera that claims to teach the most up-to-date version of Swift. I don't recommend it if you're looking to get a solid foundation in programming with Swift.

por Alex T

13 de out de 2021

First off, the presenters, Mark and Caleb, are great. Especially Mark admitting that he recorded the videos at midnight, he definitely had a fun demenor.

However it's very important to note that these videos are OLD. They teach Swift 3 for XCode 8, yet the latest versions are Swift 5 and XCode 13! Quite a jump. Some of the functions work differently Swift and many of the GUI elements have changed in Xcode. These videos really need to be updated to show us the new way of programming in Swift.

Also, Week 4 actually seems really out of place. For instance, the final exam had a question about structs, but at no point were structs ever discussed in any of the videos. I worry that there are other key Swift concepts that were missed. Most of the week was focused on building our first app in Xcode, which seemed to assume a higher understanding in Swift as a prerequisite. I got through it because I'd also had some previous Swift training (mostly Learn to Code in the Playgrounds app for iPad). But I really feel like there needs to be more instruction on classes and inheritance, as well as other concepts like struct and enum.

por Felipe C

5 de jun de 2020

A lot of the content is outdated and the instructor's Xcode keeps crashing all the time which gets pretty annoying. Some of the questions in the quiz asked things that weren't exactly covered on the course, such as structs. Also, it doesn't make sense that the course is 2 hours per week and then advertise it as a 1 month course when I was able to finish it in 3 days without dedicating a lot of time. I feel like the course did not have enough content to make me feel like I understood all the concepts completely as most of them, as the instructor says in a lot of the videos, only scratched the surface. All in all, the course was a little lackluster content wise and how some videos are out of date.

por Nicholas T

8 de abr de 2020

Some of the content in this course has been obsolete for years. The teachers use outdated versions of Xcode (versions 8 and 9) that work differently than the current version (version 11 at the time I'm writing this), so parts of the final project just can't be done without searching the forums and the web to figure out how to do with the current version what the teachers did in their old Xcode versions. On top of that, the videos don't cover everything you're expected to know on the assessments. You'll be better off taking a different Swift intro course or finding a good Swift book, especially if you're new to programming.

por Anton S

21 de mai de 2021

The course lacks quality and is somewhat outdated. It seems unprofessional and sometimes it feels like the teacher doesn't exactly know his stuff - a lot of mistakes, the explanations are somewhat lacking.

The other programming courses I've taken here on Coursera all had peer review, but it is not available here at all.

The course is supposed to be offered by LearnQuest but instead the company "Devslopes" - is mentioned all the time in the videos.

And also some of the lectures are not presented by Mike but by other people.

The course needs to be reviewed, fixed, and updated.

por Graham J

7 de mar de 2021

The final part of week 4 was frustrating. It must be using an older version of Xcode. The UI of the instructors screen was very different than mine. I think too many assumptions were made about knowing Xcode UI. I also wish the files were assessable before the quizzes, they were pretty pointless to only have access after some quizzes. I also wish there were some practice assignments, and then having the ability to check them with the correct files would have been good, to sort of force you to practice and play around.