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Finance is widely seen as an obstacle to a better world. Principles of Sustainable Finance explains how the financial sector can be mobilized to counter this. Using finance as a means to achieve social goals we can divert the planet and its economy from its current path to a world that is sustainable for all. Throughout this course, you will learn about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, how social and environmental factors should not be regarded as externalities, you will learn more about sustainable banking and asset management, about effective engagement, sustainable scenario analysis and long-term value creation. At the end of this course you will understand how sustainable finance can be used as a tool to steer the sustainability transition....

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19 de dez de 2020

Very insightful and practical in application. Allows a student to apply the tools to assess sustainability of a company and deliver the mechanisms to optimize finance for the right outcomes.


29 de ago de 2020

Really good course, I enjoyed it a lot. This course helps to understand how finance can help the society and to have awareness about the problems and opportunities caused by climate change.

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por Vanessa M

20 de mai de 2021

The course gave me valuable insights into the principles of sustainable finance thanks to the expert knowledge of the lecturers. It is a very good structured MOOC for all who have a deep interest in sustainability as well as students who want to gain a deeper understanding of the different challenges in transforming the traditional finance system.

por J v d L

6 de jul de 2020

Most happy to learn more about the topics shown. It creates a more open view for a manager how to adapt your organization and how all will give support to the goals to achieve globally.

Also the risk a company can have if it will not adapt within time. Beside it will take time to adapt as the way of thinking within the company is not standard yet.

por Eduardo S I A

5 de abr de 2022

Very interesting on this topic sustainable finance, allowed me to know the different protagonists that we must contribute to change and be able to achieve in 2030, what is proposed by the SDGs. (ODS) I primarily consider governments, businesses and consumers tobeaware of what we are contributing to the pollution and destruction of our planet.

por Evi P

9 de jan de 2022

A very insightful course that covers a wide scope of sustainability topics in the finance sector. It effectively shows and explains in detail the correlation between economy, society, and environment from a financial perspective. I would definitely recommend this course, and for sure I will take similar courses like this in the future!

por Anthony B

10 de dez de 2020

Great introduction to sustainable finance, I even have the feeling that it was too short. I like in particular the additional reading material advice and case study which give you even more insight. This MOOC is a very good starting point to further enhance the knowledge in sustainable finance, very useful for me, thank you !

por Camile M F

25 de abr de 2022

One of the best courses i ever taken. One of the best courses I have ever taken. It deals with a novel subject in a simple and effective way. It is possible to understand the current context and the challenges to bring sustainability to organizations and the financial sector in general. I highly recommend this course.

por Syafiq A B M F

2 de nov de 2020

I learnt a lot from RSM and the wonderful professors lecturers. The industry insight is helpful. In fact, I have just secured a job in a sustainability related position last week after I started this course. Hopefully, I can now apply all the knowledge I learnt from RSM into my work and environment! Thank you!

por Christopher T J T

15 de mar de 2022

Excellent "jumping board" to Sustainable Finance but, in my opinion, more geared toward the finance practitioner. Clearly and succinctly - and in bite sized modules - connects sustainability and transition concepts including the economic impact of climate change to businesses and financial markets.

por Roshan C

6 de mar de 2022

I am just a beginer to Sustainabilty, The course has helped me to relate to SDG what they are; the wedding cake analogy was great, thanks for simple example. Most importanly need to look at long term value creation rather than short tem targets. The exmaple shared helped in simplifying the concepts

por Norico G

3 de jan de 2021

It is an excellent course for learning a sustainable finance which we can understand the relationship of finance with environment, social, and governance (ESG) issues. This how we can also implement a responsible investment for our future and make a better life for our living on the earth.

por Hannimari S

31 de dez de 2020

This course was very insightful, and not just surface level information. I received a good amount of information of the matter, and i have better knowledge of the different areas within, and in which i can now start to look deeper into. I enjoyed this course and i definitely learned a lot.

por Zorayda L G d M

23 de ago de 2020

Excelente experiencia de aprendizaje, estamos a 10 años para que empecemos a ver los resultados. Si es posible y esta muy en linea con lo que todos esperamos; empresas responsables y comprometidas que asumen riesgos, pero que gracias a ello se vuelven mas creativas y longevas.

por Lucas E

2 de ago de 2020

A course that inspire the financial sector to adopt Integrated Thinking into business decisions and capital allocation. It helped me to change my mindset on many aspects. After the course I am fully committed to incorporate ESG thinking in my private and professional life.

por B V R

3 de fev de 2021

This course is a valuable contribution to the promotion of sustainable development. The teaching faculty is highly experienced and have mastered the method of transmitting the knowledge of technical subjects in a simple manner that can be understood by the General Public.

por Ishel B

25 de nov de 2021

​Really wonderful course, it provided the right foundations to understand healthy and sustainable finance and it empowered people to change a system that has proven to fail. Very inspiring!, I think a necessity to complete any finance, economics and business education.

por Isabel

26 de out de 2020

I really liked it. I would add all the texts in a downloadable formal so that we can keep the transcripts of the videos and also a more practical exercise as the one suggested in the final video where we can do a proper company evaluation. At least, an example of it.

por Catalina H

4 de dez de 2020

I loved to find the tools to speak the financial language to companies when it comes to sustainability. It's a very specific, interesting course because historically, Finance and Climate Change issues have not been tied together. I'm very glad I took this course.

por Jadwiga P

12 de ago de 2021

Very good introduction and elaboration on sustainable finance. Could be also useful to discuss more various strategies and approaches of sustainable finance. I am already familiar with the topic, but still it was great to attend the course! I strongly recommend!

por Cristina B

23 de mar de 2021

Very well structured course, able to give an overview of the potential that finance has on sustainability. It does not hide the difficulties; on the contrary, it opens a new look without prejudice on the transformations taking place in the financial world.

por Nupur J

20 de fev de 2021

Excellent course. I loved the videos which made the course very interesting. The concepts are very well explained and it was also nice to see the some of the beautiful places around Erasmus University, Euronext etc! Will recommend the course to others.

por Wernher B

13 de mai de 2021

Very interesting course based on a recent Textbook by the main instructor and his colleague(s). Extremely useful for people like me, in research and technology, to understand how economists and finance people approach the topic of sustainability.

por Rajul

7 de ago de 2020

A very well structured and informative SF course. It gave me a thorough understanding of principles that you rarely touch upon working in Financial Services industry. Thanks to all who have created and designed such a good curriculum and course.

por Chelsea B

5 de mai de 2022

Great course - good forward looking and progressive thoughts about the future of sustainable finance and explaining it in a compelling narrative. Switching from a low tolerance risk-avoidance mindset to a mindset of opportunity is the key!

por Silvio G

16 de jan de 2021

Many thanks to the team of the Rotterdam School of Management. It levels up my knowledge of corporate finance and capital market theory in that way to combine my curiosity about the UN SDGs and the holistic thinking of integrated values.

por Ririn M

28 de abr de 2022

A very good foundation for sustaianble finance.

Coming from broader ecology and society challenges and going into corporate behaviour.

I am an ESG consultant - this is a good refresher and help to understand better on sustainable finance.