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The Age of Sustainable Development" gives students an understanding of the key challenges and pathways to sustainable development - that is, economic development that is also socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable....

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1 de jun de 2020

Very informative and detailed. Prof. Sachs covers all aspects of sustainable development in detail. Though the course was designed in 2013 hence does not cover the latest development to SDGs to date.


18 de mai de 2017

This course was perfect for those wanting to explore the world of development, broad enough to include all interlinked themes, with sufficient reading materials to spark one's specializing interests.

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por César A V G

3 de nov de 2015

Excelente curso, es impresionante saber lo crítico de la situación en el mundo y que tan frágiles somos. Entender por qué debemos cambiar nuestros hábitos de producción y consumo para no acabar con nuestros recursos ni con la calidad del aire. Gracias a este curso ahora estoy más comprometido a cambiar y ser agente de cambio para que otros sean conscientes de lo irresponsables que hemos sido en los últimos 100 años de constante contaminación ambiental.

por Dan C

27 de ago de 2021

I really enjoyed this course on Sustainable Development! It was incredibly informative and covers a very broad range of topics. It makes me realize how close we are to accomplishing problems that have plagued humans for decades and the importance of understanding the local context. However, it also puts great focus on the need to change the current status quo if we are to avoid plunging back into a world with significantly more problems than today.

por Abdulmuizz O

28 de ago de 2017

This opened up my mind and strengthened my passion and support for good governance and sustainable development like never before. I had access to a lot of information and facts about the issues that interest me and were I want to make impact. To be be honest this is the best online course i have taken very intensive and engaging it was really worth it. Many thanks to Prof Jeff Sachs and all those who contributed to the success of this mooc.

por Victoria A

4 de out de 2018

Great course! All of the supplemental materials are awesome as well. The only thing is that some of the links in the assessments are broken or outdated; you need these links to answer some of the questions, as they contain graphical/informational content relevant to the specific question. That should be an easy update anyways, so that aside, I really enjoyed it and found it to be valuable for increasing my knowledge of the subject!

por Daniel F M

6 de nov de 2016

This course should be taught in all schools in order to develop an awareness and a common goal around sustainable development. I really enjoyed the talks and Prof. Sachs is an incredible lecturer, engaging and knowledgeable. It would be good if it was a bit more updated and keeping the tabs on recent developments but overall i learned a huge amount and wouldn't doubt recommending this course to every individual in this world we share.

por Rajiv S

12 de jun de 2020

A Marvelous Course for a technocrat like me. This course has inspired me to explore more on Development Economics. I thanks Prof for such a enlightening course and make us understand things like sustainable development in a world when each of us are only interested in their own development. This course should be made compulsory for all bureaucrats planned and politician in third world country. Thanks prof from my core of the heart.

por Carlotta C

25 de ago de 2015

I liked this course very much, especially because it was clear and well explained. During the lessons I could see how much efforts and passion Professor Sachs puts on this topic, which helped a lot in following the videos.

There are just a couple of things I'd change: I'd give some material to read, mostly with graphs (it took some time to make the screenshot of each graph!). Moreover, I'd give a State of accomplishment at the end.

por T.J. E

16 de jun de 2020

Awesome, expert instructor, with a really thoughtful and well organized approach to explaining a huge topic from a birds-eye-view. Hits on and synthesizes so many big ideas and big topics, such as energy, geography, geopolitics, technology, food and agriculture, supply chains, planetary boundaries, and so much more, stoking my interest throughout. Now, I just need to take a follow-up course on each one of these fascinating topics!

por 佐藤聡

10 de dez de 2015

Great course, you must take it for your own sake. It is hard to put your foot into one's shoes, it's hard to imagine what poverty is and social issues related to that if you never been to low income countries. But as a citizen of earth society we have to imagine future including rest of us. Because Sustainable Development will not continue when our economy and society are not sustainable. Everybody is responsible for future now.

por Irene D

2 de mai de 2020

This course has been tremendously interesting and eye-opening. Thanks to Professor Sachs evidence-based and straight forward explanations, I have gained a deeper understanding of the challenges we face when addressing the issues of our time. For me, this course has been life-changing and I highly recommend anyone with a minimum of interest in creating a better world to take it: you will be undoubtedly glad you did.

por Filipe F

29 de jun de 2020

5 stars for Professor Sachs. 0 for Coursera. The exams are full of broken links, which makes it more difficult to get the correct answers (you must lose time looking for them on google), and you won't get a certificate by the end. Great course tho, learned a lot and the passion of the Professor for the several subjects is captivating. If you want to take the course and get certified, so I suggest you do it on edX

por José B S C

22 de set de 2015

I am a doctoral student in economics and political science. I had read Professors Sachs book, The End of Poverty, when I was in high school. I decided to take a basic course out of curiosity. While I belief the course is very basic and somewhat long, it does a wonderful job at introducing The Age of Sustainable Development. A light course, but provides a solid foundation for those who are interested in the topic!

por David C

6 de nov de 2016

If you are looking for a MOOC please INVEST in this course, no matter who you are it will change your mind on the role the people have on Earth. It has been quite a pleasure to be part of the selected group of inhabitants from developing countries that realized not only problems of BAU path, but the alternative solutions to undertake sustainable development actions NOW! Thanks Professor Sachs and teaching team!

por Karla R R

21 de dez de 2020

¡Excelente curso!

Gracias a lo aprendido aquí, decidí especializarme en Desarrollo Sostenible y Medio Ambiente. Actualmente he culminado mi maestría y me encuentro terminando mi trabajo de investigación.

Lo único que sí me gustaría es poder acceder a un certificado; cuando hice el curso no lo hice y me gustaría contar con la certificación de esta gran calidad.

Nuevamente gracias por todo.

Karla Rivadeneira R.

por Shanti K

17 de set de 2018

I enjoyed the course thoroughly and it helped me to start developing different world view. It gave me a very good perspective on the other aspects of Sustainable Growth and Sustainability. It allowed to gauze into the inter-disciplinary linkages and also the theoretical elements to help me, more of a practitioner on the go, to understand the whole concept of sustainable growth and sustainability better.

por Pema G

16 de mai de 2016

The course is very interesting and i like simply because it is very appropriate approach in this economic driven world to rethink about our planet and instigate a paradigm shift in thinking. As I am from small landlocked Himalayan country known as Bhutan (country of Gross National Happiness), the course is very vital in achieving the objectives of our philosophical concept of GNH. The course is Excellent!

por Chunli C

3 de abr de 2020

It's really a fantastic course and a great job by professor Sachs and all other supporters. It has a great framework of the SD, from the planet boundaries of the development to the goals of SD and the roadmaps. There are plenty of figures, statistics and theories to support what and why to SD. There are big ideas about SD and many useful practices useful for other countries and cities. Thanks a lot!

por Karthik M

13 de dez de 2015

A course that helps you reflect on the mankind's contemporary and future challenges. This course warns the mankind to change its trajectory for its own good. After completing this course, I wonder why many governments are oblivious to serious threats that endanger homo-sapiens and decided to do what I can do within the sphere of my influence to save our beautiful planet "Earth". Thank you Dr. Sachs!

por Sophie d l R

14 de abr de 2020

Un cours très complet et très bien mené, riche, intéressant et capable de générer de la motivation malgré les mauvaises nouvelles qu'il explique avec beaucoup de simplicité et de façon très factuelle. Toute la mise en perspective historique est passionnante. Le réalisme et l'exploration des moyens d'agir est passionnant lui aussi. Le professeur Sachs est excellent.

Je recommande très chaudement.

por Anastasia L

28 de dez de 2021

This course was very informative and delivered in a comprehensible manner. The topics were well designed and flowed in a sequence that helped the learner add on the knowledge as they progressed. I was inspired to do new things towards a globally sustainable world even in my little corner. It was a privilege to be taught by the very experienced Prof Jeffrey Sachs! Thank you Coursera!

por Camilo A G M

15 de jan de 2016

It's a really good course and it is very complete. It gathers a lot of issues and it shows the principle problems and the possible solutions to each one. Besides, Prof. Sachs gives an humanitarian approach with which I fully agree. The only recommendation I have is to give an accomplishment certificate because it´s a very long course and we have to put a lot of effort to finish it.

por Jose R N

2 de jan de 2018

Its one of the best introductory online courses out there for Sustainable Development. I highly recommend also getting the book as well. The classes and issues studied feel very close to the realities we experience and see everyday. It is definitely recommended to students at all levels that want to gain an introduction to the complex theories and problems of Sustainability.

por Aristo ( P

15 de out de 2016

Excellent broad and also specific content that aligns perfectly with my profession in Environmental Research and our organisational alignment to the SDG's.

Brilliant delivery by Prof Jeffrey Sachs and his incomparable knowledge of each and every lesson and each weeks content.

Very informative and very inspiring course that I thoroughly enjoyed each and every week. Thank you.

por De j

24 de abr de 2021

I really enjoyed the structure and organisation of this Mooc. It really gives a better vision of the World challenges, and the main actions we need to go through.

Many thanks Pr Sachs. This MOOC should be deployed everywhere, for everyone, in order to get a better understanding of the main challenges for which each of us has to think about and to act at its own scale.

por Soraya D

3 de dez de 2017

Professor Sachs' insights/ideas and the content of this course are fantastic. The only downside of the course was that some of the websites referenced in the quiz questions have changed since the questions were written, so at times it was difficult to find the corresponding charts/information in order to complete the quizzes. Otherwise, no complaints about this course!