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Spatial (map) is considered as a core infrastructure of modern IT world, which is substantiated by business transactions of major IT companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, and Uber, and even motor companies such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. Consequently, they are bound to hire more and more spatial data scientists. Based on such business trend, this course is designed to present a firm understanding of spatial data science to the learners, who would have a basic knowledge of data science and data analysis, and eventually to make their expertise differentiated from other nominal data scientists and data analysts. Additionally, this course could make learners realize the value of spatial big data and the power of open source software's to deal with spatial data science problems. This course will start with defining spatial data science and answering why spatial is special from three different perspectives - business, technology, and data in the first week. In the second week, four disciplines related to spatial data science - GIS, DBMS, Data Analytics, and Big Data Systems, and the related open source software's - QGIS, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, R, and Hadoop tools are introduced together. During the third, fourth, and fifth weeks, you will learn the four disciplines one by one from the principle to applications. In the final week, five real world problems and the corresponding solutions are presented with step-by-step procedures in environment of open source software's....

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13 de Ago de 2018

Great course. It helps I have a background in both Data Science and Geographic Information Science, but still found it equally interesting and challenging! I would highly recommend this course.

5 de Ago de 2021

This is a great course for persons who have interacted with GIS before. It teaches you the underlying principle and science behind most of these QGIS processing algorithms

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por john i

9 de Jul de 2020

This was a great course as it was highly insightful, however, the course will be more impacting if you introduce a hand on session. Thank you

por Diana C M M

1 de Jul de 2020

Un curso muy interesante, ayuda a comprender y recordar muchos conceptos, sin embargo le hace falta un poco de practica en los ejercicios.

por Nicolas M H

10 de Jun de 2020

It was a great course. I think the instructor goes to fast sometimes and he should contextualize more some of the terminology he uses.

por Victor F

27 de Abr de 2021

I guess it could propose some pratical guided projects, which would help a lot in consolidating the concepts

por Mehreen K

20 de Jun de 2020

Excellent and brief course to understand the concepts and application of spatial data science wrt big data.

por Irfan Z I

1 de Jul de 2020

it has theory that we cant have from another GIS course, but it lack of practice in using aplication

por Aric W

11 de Mar de 2018

It would be better with more applications cases and exercices. But really interesting nonetheless.

por Edward D P

1 de Set de 2020

This course did a very good job of describing the scope and nature of spatial data science.

por Adriana G C

27 de Mai de 2021

excellent course, provides basic concepts between GIS and spatial analytics

por Kiran V

17 de Dez de 2018

No hands on experience on GIS tools rather than that content was superb.

por Pirovich N M

24 de Nov de 2019

This course was really hard to me but sometimes I enjoyed it.

por Artful D

19 de Mar de 2018

eye opening, with relevant and practical knowledge.

por Irina R

30 de Out de 2019

clear presentations and good examples

por Prudence L

25 de Mar de 2019

Great teaching, great example cases.

por Ahmed L

14 de Abr de 2019

Good lead to Spatial Data Science

por michael f

24 de Ago de 2018

Good to understand the concepts

por Michael A

25 de Ago de 2020

Great course!

por Pinyo K

23 de Jul de 2020

Good lecture

por Muhammad F K

9 de Jul de 2020


por Carlos L M C

23 de Nov de 2019


por Edgar L D F

6 de Jan de 2021

The course brings an introduction to Spatial Data Science with definitions and presentations of methods for solving problems. Nevertheless, it would be better if it may present the concrete step by step applications of those methods to simpler problems. I learned a lot, and as usual, I realized that I need to learn more and more. Thanks a lot Prof Heo, Yonsei University and Coursera.

por Andrew S

10 de Mar de 2021

Teaches some good concepts, but does not show full workflows (no opportunity to replicate/ follow along). R code was mentioned, but not shown. :( Has numerous grammatical and spelling errors which could have been prevented with simple spelling & grammar checks in Microsoft Word.

por Muhammad A N

26 de Ago de 2020

The topics covered in this course are very complex and interesting. Several open-source software were introduced yet there is no hands-on training. Overall, this course is good to give students an understanding of spatial data science.

por Jairo d S F J

20 de Set de 2020

The course scratches all the areas of Spatial Data Science, overviewing techniques and use cases. Don't expect to learn the tools. Even though it explain the foundations of some tools, it won't teach you how to use them.

por Abhishek W

9 de Abr de 2020

Course contents are very relevant to the industry, but the course lack in hands-on tutorials of various spatial data science tools. The tutor should himself go through the tools for the students during the course.