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¡Bienvenidos! This second course in the specialization will build on the basic vocabulary you learned in the first course, and you will begin to build the skills necessary to express your likes and dislikes orally and in writing. You’ll also begin to explore the some of the common cultural experiences of the Spanish-speaking world through a visit to the marketplace. A series of interactive activities and videos will provide opportunities for practice and continued exploration of the cultural context of the Spanish-speaking world....

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25 de nov de 2017

I would very strongly recommend this course. It is a very well thought and planned module, it is fun and informative with some serious assignments that can be challenging but well worth it.


18 de nov de 2020

Challenging but good, definitely requires lots of practice and understanding. The discussion forum came in really handy in helping me understood certain things.

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21 de set de 2020


por Satyasree B

2 de jul de 2020

It was in general well taught but i think the direct object/indirect objects and their changes can be dealt with more depth. I also feel that the peer review should be anonymous. I feel that sometimes the reviewer does not read the submission properly or even listen to the audio (for google drive one needs to give permission) before giving the review. If it is anonymous there is a greater chance of faireness.

Over all a very interesting experience with the explanation/audio/video. Muchas gracias.

por Clarence A

21 de nov de 2020

Good course and very straight to the point - doable as long as you set the time to actually remember the words and sentence construction. Some parts are not entirely explained in full and were a little difficult to learn so searching them up on Google or having other learning sources will definitely help in your journey.

por Mark E A A

19 de jun de 2020

The pacing is just right, but some of the questions, I believe, have multiple correct answers. Even going through external resources say that, but I think this course failed to consider that. This, I think, is the only improvement I can think of. Well done.

por James G D

15 de nov de 2020

The course was very helpful, but I would like to have more explanations about the topics. These topics were quite difficult with the direct and indirect pronouns and the passive progressive tenses.´

por Yulia V G

9 de mar de 2021

Muchas tareas escritas se encuentran confundidas) Hay que adivinar algunas respuestas.Pero material, gramatica y teiría son mas interesantes.

por F. G S

28 de out de 2021

The course was pretty good. I had a meltdown at the end, but going back over the courses, I realized I really did pick up the material.

por Kiersten G R

27 de jul de 2020

The lessons are helpful, but some practice tests do not give us sufficient feedback whenever we make mistakes.

por Fatma O A

14 de fev de 2021

The course is very helpful thank you. But a lot of lessons and information weekly. we can't study well.

por Rumela P

31 de ago de 2020

thank you coursera but according to me, the grammar portion must be expressed in more detailed form..

por D A

21 de jul de 2020

the process of teaching is very good. really loving it.

por Shamima R M

26 de set de 2020

Useful for the beginners. I liked the delivery:)

por Mia B K

22 de nov de 2020

a little hard but very good

por Sharavanakkumar S

4 de ago de 2020

Excellent course modules

por Barry W

23 de jun de 2021

I wish to withdraw

por pentapati h

22 de nov de 2020


por Stephen M

6 de jul de 2021

F​irst of all, let me say the content is actually ptreey good. Both the vocabulary and grammar that is presented is very useful, and the dco[e and sequence from where the first course began up until now makes a great deal of sense. The middle of the road rating is due to 1)the complete lack of practice activities outside of vocabulary; you will need to go online to find other sites to practice the grammar 2)tests are somewhat out of sequence -- the vocabulary quiz always asks aboirected ut verb conjugations prior to their explanation 3)lack of feedback on the grammar quiz; unlike the first course, when you make a mistake there is no explanation; additionally in unit 3 some fluent spanish speakers is checked my answers with are convinced the answer key is wrong, as the answers I submitted were correct 4)Instructions on quizzes do not always line up with the actual task, i.e. the instructions will say to translate and conjugate the verb but the words tp be translated are actually adjectives.

I​f you are self-directed learner you shuld be fine, but you will have to do a lot of supplementation and learning on your own.

por Jessika M V

26 de mai de 2021

The course is good but can be improved tremendously, for one when the vocabulary list is given, there should be a button added where we can hear how the words are pronounced and how they change into plurals. There are too many verbs as some points and not enough practice for them.

At the same time, the grammar videos are too short and do not really contain much explanation. Even the examples are too simple then the exercises do not correspond to the simplicity of those examples.

With the submission of the peer reviewed assignments that carry much weight (grades), it would be helpful to have some kind of way to record through the page so that the peers can have access to those audio recordings easily and therefore, the student gets the grade that they deserve. The writing assignment needs better instructions as well and perhaps some examples of how the sentences can be formed after submission so the student can learn afterwards.

The good things about the course are the topics and the videos plus the vocabulary exercises.

por Shaun S

6 de set de 2021

Not as well constructed as the first course of this specialization. Required significant trial an error, particularly on the writing practice sessions. The video submissions were easy to do, but the forms for submitting them were not nearly as effective as those for the first course. However, there is a fantastic amount of good vocabulary in this course!

por Lok H V C

22 de ago de 2020

The model answers are rigid and need updating. Peer reviewing may not reflect the quality of the submissions when learners are on different levels and the peers fail to count and acknowledge the points attained.

por Rimantė P

6 de out de 2020

Coud be better. I cound't do practice exersises without other resources help. For grammar part, it needs more examples.