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Have you come across large piles of garbage in neighbourhoods and streets and smelly waste disposal sites polluting the environment of low- and middle-income countries? Do you want to know what kind of sustainable solutions are appropriate to better manage waste and enhance recycling and recovery? If yes, this course is for you! This course provides you with an overview of the municipal solid waste management situation in low- and middle-income countries. It covers key elements of the waste management system, such as its technical, environmental, social, financial and institutional aspects. Besides understanding the challenges, you will be introduced to appropriate and already applied solutions through selected case studies....

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14 de ago de 2020

Understandable and easy to access to reading materials recommended in each modules. Benefits to current jobs and will recommend this course to colleagues who have no background on this issue to study.


11 de mai de 2020

This course is very well designed and easy to understand because of dedicated and experience personnel who are delivering the content. Use of case study is well planned at various sections in course.

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por nuria c

18 de nov de 2018

I found this course very interesting and useful, specially the part of planning, collection and waste treatment technologies. But I enjoyed the overall content of the course.

I liked that the tests are in the middle of the lectures so it makes you to be very attentive.

Thank you!!

por Matt P

30 de mai de 2016

This was a great overview of the techniques and issues in solid waste management. They put together some great resources as well if you wanted to expand your learning on any of the topics.

por Marisha S

19 de jun de 2016

Its an excellent course with just the right amount of detailing required to develop a decent understanding of the options, costs, advantages and disadvantages. It leaves one confident to be able to plan SWM for small scale projects such group housings or institutional buildings, where current laws require 100% treatment of organic waste at site.

I found nearly 60-70% of the material as new for me and I have studied SWM as a subject during my final year of engineering in 1998-99. The case studies were interesting and enlightening. I feel updated.

I am glad I managed to go through entire coursework despite the fact I was traveling for 3 weeks and no internet access. Hence, the flexibility of deadlines also supported students like me who do what they can, as time permits.

por Pamela A A S

7 de dez de 2018

Excelente curso acerca de la gestión de los residuos sólidos municipales, introduce y complementa en temas muy interesantes acerca de los residuos y cómo sacar un buen provecho de estos. Lo recomiendo para aquellos que están iniciandose en el tema, sobre todo para estudiantes de Ingeniería Ambiental, creanme que ayudará.

por Eriko S

26 de fev de 2017

Great introduction. It covers a wide range of issues concerning waste management and I thought the material was relevant and reflected my own observations of waste management in developing countries.

por Oriol S

30 de set de 2016

great course and content, it gives you a clear view of how waste management is done nowadays in developing countries and prepares you to innovate on the upcoming future of a circular economy


6 de fev de 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is very informative and helpful to discuss about the common problem faced by everyone throughout this world which is nothing but "Waste Management". This module covers the basic aspects of solid waste management collection, segregation, treatment and disposal. It also covers some valuable modules on recovering nutrients, energy from these wastes. I personally recommend this course to anyone who wants to contribute something to this ecosystem by learning and educating others to minimize/prevent waste, or to incorporate effective waste management practices in their community. Good Luck to all!


15 de ago de 2020

Understandable and easy to access to reading materials recommended in each modules. Benefits to current jobs and will recommend this course to colleagues who have no background on this issue to study.

por Mahedi M

29 de mai de 2020

Loved this course. It is very comprehensive and provides a lot of information to be referred back to. Make sure you take notes and prepare for the quizzes, they can be tricky at times and require some studying. I signed up for this course last summer when I was visiting my home country of Bangladesh. There were so many things in this course which confirmed what I saw in person which I feel can be improved in the future (hopefully, I can play a role in bringing those changes). The instructors are also amazing and very passionate about their line of work as well as conveying their message to us as the next generation of waste managers. I hope to be able to put what I have learned here to work and truly make a difference in the future.

por Gopi K

5 de abr de 2016

I am a master student in sustainable manufacturing. So, I enrolled for the course as it seemed to sustainability related at one point. It is a very useful course not only for people in the same stream but also for every individual. Course enlightens the student with what is happening with the environment and how dangerous it could turn if sustainable methods are not adopted. Provides the basic information on waste management especially gives an idea on how to safe guard a developing country from solid waste. For me this has been very useful course. I felt like the course once again remind the duties of a citizen to safe the planet.

por Cheryl T

29 de nov de 2016

This course - although designed to discuss 'developing countries' has been very educational to myself as I currently sit on our Public Advisory committee for the local Regional District. I took the course because we will soon be 'up-dating' our current Plan and I wanted to access education to bring forward 'tested' or 'innovative' suggestions. Having taken copious notes; accessed the reading material and completed the course, I would recommend this course to anyone in any country who sits in a similar position.

por Odeta J

1 de dez de 2020

I really enjoyed the course. Coming from a developing country, I found a lot of topics related to the current situation of WM in my country. Many thanks to the instructors for inspiring videos.

por Alexandra P

2 de out de 2016

Very interesting course, detailed, and pleasant to follow. I yet have to read all the suggested documentation but i already feel much more educated and confident about waste management !

por Gadir H

12 de nov de 2016

Dear Colleagues,

Please, accept my gratitudes for organising this course and presenting an opportunity to benefit from it. It is a prestige to receive a MOOC by professionals as you are and from a world brand institute, EAWAG, SANDEC.

First of all, this course is an specialized addition to my education in field of Environment Engineering and a very good chance to get fit my new career in MSWM sector of Azerbaijan.

There are several possibilities I can use my knowledge and materials of this course. I will first share it with my colleagues at "Tamiz Shahar" JSC, which supervises the biggest Waste-to-Energy plant in the Eastern Europe and the CIS.

Then I will provide access to my students in Baku State University, and gradually to students of other universities as well, to benefit from the course, if they would like to, whereas I am expecting some of them to choose a career in MSWM sector.

Being a member of ISWAYPG and having established a local group, I will share the course with members for general knowledge, technical usage and again for those in search of specialization.

Gradually, I have an aspiration to get the course translated into Azerbaijani language and provide it then for easiness and larger coverage of users.

There is also a suggested benchmark event to hold a National countrywide in-person participatory training organised by "Tamiz Shahar" JSC, ISWAYPG-Azerbaijan local group, and possibly by inviting experts from ISWA, EAWAG, UNEPand other institutions as well.

Establishing such a knowledge providing portal will also be a good resource for students, experts, government, businessmen and community, both locally and regionally whenas Azerbaijani being a regional leader, especially in this sector, will establish a regional MSWM network, possibly in frames of ISWA as well.

Thank you very much for cooperation. Looking forward to perspective partnership.

Best regards,

Gadir Huseynov

por Wouter V

10 de mai de 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this course. The reading material was abundant to the extent that it was in some cases too much for the time that I have available, but I downloaded it all for future references. It was only in the last week that I noticed that I could download also the videos which I found to be a very useful means of instruction. The quizes were not that easy for me. I probably did not take sufficient time to study all material. Since I am actively involved in a waste management facility in Rwanda as well as an ICT refurbishment company in the Netherlands, the course came in very valuable. Thanks very much to the team,


1 de mai de 2019





por Soren G S G

3 de set de 2017

This course gave me insight into different perspectives that may be taken when tackling problems with regard to solid waste disposal in my community. Lectures were well delivered and provided good illustrations of management strategies that may be undertaken at different levels to improve SWM. Lots of freely downloadable reading material supplements learning, especially when you plan on taking up further technical studies in SWM. Most of all, this MOOC reminded me of the most important goals in environmental engineering which are sustainability of solutions/strategies and contribution to the maintenance of the public good.

por Jagannathan

22 de nov de 2018

This is a well structured program and provides professionals with a broad level understanding of the waste management strategies and practices in developing countries. The study materials accompanying the course such as videos and supporting documents would serve as a good reference for further enriching one's knowledge in this field. The correlation brought out between waste management and climate change is very timely and indeed an eye-opener for environmentalists which is bound to widen their perspective beyond the usual domain of buildings, transportation, power sector etc. I wish the team all the best!

por Partha B

17 de out de 2019

I look forward to a specific course on municipal solid waste management related to fiberglass scrap which gets generated in the low and middle income countries. Fiberglass is a sunrise industry in the low and middle income countries and the popularity of its use particularly as a substitute of wood and aluminium is gaining in popularity. The rooflight sheets are replacing as a substitute for asbestos sheets. So I am interested to understand how the scrap which gets generated in these factories can be managed without hurting the global environment.

por Marianthi S

17 de nov de 2017

I think I learn lot of interesting things that made me change the way I am looking at the wastes, our world generates. Every week gives you new knowledge regarding important issues ,one need to take account when in comes to solid waste collection, recycling, composting, and other ways of treatment. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in topics regarding environment. It's a really nice intro to motivate you for further investigation about wastes management.

por Deleted A

7 de jan de 2020

I have achieved the ability to identify different scenarios and create consistent strategies, to know the structure behind solid waste management to facilitate the communication of problems and / or impacts., and to learn about the stakeholders and their functions, to identify the action points of the strategies in SWM, plus the teams that can be summoned under the structure of the SWM. Thank you very much for sharing this. Im waiting for my certificate!

por Nishanth B

9 de jul de 2017

I am so glad I took this course. Very well structured, balanced mix of topics, valuable case studies and helpful quizzes. I am exploring opportunities to start a small business in Coimbatore in biowaste management and this course has provided me a whole new perspective for my exploration. I am surprised to know about several waste management initiatives that are already underway in Coimbatore and Bengaluru. Incredibly valuable course! Thank you so much!

por Médoune S

7 de jan de 2018

The course is very good and gives us a great introduction to solid waste management. It does not take so much time (about 4 hours a week)and the teachers provide us with a lot of relevant literature.

The teachers also explain well the concepts and ideas required if one wants to work in this field. Moreover, they adapt their explanations such that even complete beginners (like myself) could follow.

The exams are also well done, the questions force you to think on what has been said during the lectures and to use these information to deduce the right answer.

Overall I am very satisfied by this course.

por Sindiso L

29 de fev de 2020

Perfect course for anyone involved at any level within the waste industry. I am an Environmental Assessment Practitioner and Consultant and often contracted by clients to conduct Environmental Impact Assessments for waste management facilities. This course has given me a number of points and things to consider and incorporate in my field and I feel I've got more information to advice my clients on making their businesses better, more profitable and more sustainable.

Love the facilitators!! You guys were great!!

por Albina T

24 de out de 2016

I really enjoyed the course and strongly recommend it to everyone! During the past few weeks, I have learned so many new things about waste management in general and particularly about technologies applied and organic waste management. The mentors present the information in a fascinating way with a use of graphics, charts, pictures of real examples, giving a straightforward explanation of each topic. I found this course extremely useful and definitely will apply gained knowledge in my work. Thank you!