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In this six-week capstone course, you will gain practical management experience in a safe, simulated software production setting. You will apply Agile practices and techniques to conquer industry-inspired challenges. Interacting with a realistic client, you will discern what they want and express what they truly need in software requirements to drive software production. Upon completing the capstone, you will be prepared to advance your career as a confident software product management professional....

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13 de Jun de 2020

Great course. You are immersed in a pseudo-realistic experience working with a real software development project. Overall very well done. One of the more enjoyable capstone courses that I have taken.

23 de Nov de 2020

Great learning experience. The breakdown of the course into modules is perfect for anyone to pick it up and start learning. The video and the interactive sessions worked as good learning tools.

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por Raghu K V

28 de Mar de 2016

Nice one.

por Tobiasz G

4 de Jan de 2021


por Muhammad Z H

9 de Nov de 2019


por Dmitry

4 de Abr de 2018


por Claudio C

15 de Ago de 2018


por Alexandre F S

19 de Fev de 2018


por Deleted A

25 de Nov de 2021


por Souhardya G

2 de Out de 2020



21 de Jun de 2020



13 de Jun de 2020


por Christopher E

12 de Ago de 2021

This whole specialization is not  Product Management but is really a course in software Project Management. Content on building a product strategy and roadmap is limited to some (albeit very useful) frameworks on prioritisation, but does not go beyond this.But the biggest failure of the course is the lack content on customer insight. The one module that covers this simply suggests to ask the CEO - not a single mention is made of talking to an end user, or even prototyping! Other vital skills of a Product Manager beyond shipping the initial product are ignored. Product data analytics and iteration are barely mentioned. Where data analytics is mentioned, the focus is on does the product work as designed, rather than does it actually meet the goals of the business. The course seems designed for someone working for a rather unimaginative consultancy, where you build what the client tells you, and wipe your hands clean as soon as that is done. This does not match any of my experience working in-house as a Product Manager. The focus is very firmly on building the product right, with little attention given to building the right product. However, as a course in Software Project Management, the content is great, and I found this course to be extremely useful. But please don't go away thinking this is all that a Product Manager does, and I'd strongly suggest taking other courses on customer insights, prototyping and product data analytics to build up your skills across everything that being a Product Manager involves.

por Andre S

1 de Fev de 2019

1. About what I have learned There a lot of things from concepts to practical exercises. I believe the Agile and its concepts while development processes were a highlight and the last course about Metrics was other great too. I think to speak a little bit more about Scrum and Kanban could be a great benefits for the next learners. Another point is about the needed to have more video bring a deep guidance "how to do" some artifacts as burndown chart, unit test, and so on.2. My favorite parts The capstone project was a the best course experience where each all artifacts were developed using the concepts learned before.3. Overall experience I can really say it is great and I recommend the specialization because of the material quality (quiz, papers, tests, and so on). I had a concern about peer reviews because some times there are no one to review my job and when there are some points to fix or to improve unfortunately the feedback was gave almost deadline.. 4. Improvements... I think to talk about DevOps into Agile Practices is needed today. So, I have as suggestion to add this subject in the course Agile process and Metrics as well to explore a little bit more about Scrum as well other agile methodologies.

por Ibrahim S M

5 de Jul de 2020

Meet with shareholders to get requirements as much as you can

Know the straight of your team by understanding them

Ask question base on what you don’t know for better clarification

Start with user stories that are high risk with high priority to know the possibility of the project

Daily stand up helps the team a lot

Always write down acceptance and criteria testing before writing source code

Client demo help both the development team and shareholders to be on the same page

Sprint and project retrospectives are the most awesome part I enjoyed most

Lastly, the iteration burndown chart with the prediction line is the part I find difficult doing which I have to find a better way to lean it more.

The course has enhanced my knowledge and skills base

por sumit b

22 de Abr de 2020

Great course! Lets you create requirements document, charts, plans which is reviewed by your peers. Although it does have room for improvement, like they could have included lot of different concepts instead of being repetitive on few things. The specialization course could have included a course or section on latest practices and method applied in different environments. They could have included a section about technology stacks playing an important role for a product manager and a section to crack a Product Manager interview at a company.

por Daniel G G

6 de Jun de 2021

The course is fantastic and very well prepared. the actors on the videos are very convincing and the options to choose are sometimes very difficult (which is the point, so its fantastic).

The evaluation mechanics can be improved a bit, and no members of the university nor Coursera seem to be monitoring the course as much as the students would like to; so that is something that definitely needs improvement.

Ultimately, this was a good first introduction to the realm of SPM and from here, is just up and up!

por srikanth b

22 de Jul de 2020

One of the best way to understand Agile ceremonies for some one who is totally new to agile practices should definitely take up this course which provides and hands on activities at every level.

A interactive session makes you feel you are part of a team through connected virtually, good way to start learning on agile.

por Dirk S

5 de Set de 2020

The course is well prepared. Some topics should get more insights for example writing acceptance criteria and tests. Some of the lecture videos need an update and a calmer voice would make the learn experience more enjoyable. All in all a recommended course.

por Ahmad I S

21 de Jul de 2020

This course can bring as the real project that suitable both of beginner or experienced professional. And this course has a lot of peer grade assessment, maybe this peer grade can give you great feedback or no. But overall this one of my favorite course.

por Madhuri D

11 de Jun de 2020

Great course with real-life simulation and interactive videos. Assignments helped to effectively assess my learning.

I would have given 5 stars if the content included Product Roadmaps, Capacity Planning and Feature Prioritization techniques.

por Z H

8 de Ago de 2017

This SPM course is good with all the necessary theories and a good practice assignment as the final course. It is definitely valuable to have such a course as a beginning or middle level for agile management.

por Raimanu S K

25 de Mai de 2017

Great course to get grounded in Software Product Management. Learn the nuances of agile and lean. There are right ways and wrong ways to use these tools. Know the right way!

por Nicolas V

4 de Mar de 2019

Content is great and useful for practising. Progress is slow due to having to wait for other students feedback to validate assigments and complete course

por Zain K

22 de Jun de 2020

Indeed an amazing experience to learn from the best in Tech. Moreover wide range of examples discussed to make this course a must.

por Elizabeth A

16 de Out de 2020

It was an excellent course, but it was very difficult to get all of my assignments graded by the peer reviewers.

por prasanth

26 de Abr de 2019

good learning. learnt product management with out any difficulty. Will suggest for others as well. thanks