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Learner Outcomes: After taking this course, you will be able to: - Utilize various Application Programming Interface (API) services to collect data from different social media sources such as YouTube, Twitter, and Flickr. - Process the collected data - primarily structured - using methods involving correlation, regression, and classification to derive insights about the sources and people who generated that data. - Analyze unstructured data - primarily textual comments - for sentiments expressed in them. - Use different tools for collecting, analyzing, and exploring social media data for research and development purposes. Sample Learner Story: Data analyst wanting to leverage social media data. Isabella is a Data Analyst working as a consultant for a multinational corporation. She has experience working with Web analysis tools as well as marketing data. She wants to now expand into social media arena, trying to leverage the vast amounts of data available through various social media channels. Specifically, she wants to see how their clients, partners, and competitors view their products/services and talk about them. She hopes to build a new workflow of data analytics that incorporates traditional data processing using Web and marketing tools, as well as newer methods of using social media data. Sample Job Roles requiring these skills: - Social Media Analyst - Web Analyst - Data Analyst - Marketing and Public Relations Final Project Deliverable/ Artifact: The course will have a series of small assignments or mini-projects that involve data collection, analysis, and presentation involving various social media sources using the techniques learned in the class. The course was developed by Dr. Chirag Shah while he was a faculty member at Rutgers University. He is currently a faculty member at University of Washington....

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9 de fev de 2020

It was a very great experience while learning.Good Tutors as well good tone of speaking.I really liked the course and looking forward for more courses.


19 de mai de 2020

Give me the way to tackle data collection and analysis with Twitter, YouTube, and Yelp. It learns me to process and visualize of social media data.

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por Dhanush N

11 de ago de 2020

Thought could have had dived in-depth. Was a good Course for beginners

por Imre F

28 de nov de 2016

This is an inroductory cousre tou

por Alex A

19 de out de 2020

Very good mooc, thank you!

por NGIN D

11 de out de 2020

good !

por Ponciano R

12 de fev de 2019


por Aditya G P

4 de set de 2020

It's Great and got new things to learn, but the material is kind of old, and the scripts provided to download have various types of errors. Due to this reason, it becomes a little challenging. Plus, one suggestion that if the codes can be explained a little more, it would be nice.

por Johnnatan L

20 de set de 2017

Well. this course could improve a lot. Some of the videos are bad edited and a few of the exercise files supplied by the instructor didn't work as the example at the video so I had to google a fix for the exercise so I could finish it on time.

por Sergio V G M

23 de jul de 2020

The code is not updated. And is very difficult to find help.

por Ainaz A

22 de dez de 2021

it was easier than I expected but it had some good points

por Agata F

31 de jan de 2017

A good, basic introduction to Social Media Data Analytics

por Ardysatrio F H

4 de ago de 2019

This course did not go into the depth I had expected

por Arnav D

29 de dez de 2016

Good overview, could be more robust and thorough!

por naveen b

22 de nov de 2016

It can be more exhaustive..

por Mitanshu R

31 de mar de 2022

Week 2 assignment code is broken

por Grigor I

2 de abr de 2018

This is the worst effort I have ever seen. There are Youtube channels made by teenagers which are more helpful than this course whose only goal is to get money from people who need certificates. It is ridiculously bad - there are no explanations for anything, the teaching is lazy and relies on the fact that the students will simply run the provided code. Well, even that is not possible because the codes do not work most of the time. This puts you in a situation where you know nothing in order to produce results yourself, and you cannot even reproduce the results. I cannot believe that this thing is allowed to exist here. It is shocking. I would not even list all the problems - I don't think there is a single week of the course where you can simply run the provided scripts without googling random programming sites for about 8 hours.

If you simply want to get money from people and not teach them anything, at least don't be lazy...

In addition, the discussion forums are a long list of people asking for their assignments to be graded. Something that I would enjoy as well!!! However, this is another instance of laziness. The "quizzes" are basically asking "did you do it" and then any answer works, while for the more serious part it is expected from students to do the work. This, of course, is not a working model when people work at a different pace, and when there are no people whatsoever...

por Jing Y

2 de jun de 2018

I don't know how some of the learners rate this course as 5 starts. Because personally experience with the course, I found that the code provided in the practices are not working. This is a big problem. If you want the students to really learn something from this course, at least don't provide a code that doesn't work. I have to stress that Python and programming is not a big issue for me. Yet many users here have to search online to fix the code provided in this course. I would not recommend this course to other students and I really doubt further courses provided by the institution. It is a really bad experience.

por Ayush M

7 de jul de 2020

The course is very outdated, with most of the links for the reading materials no longer accessible. It was very difficult to process the codes for both python and R given that several warnings and exceptions for data formats weren't discussed. There is no guidance from the course providers or the community, and neither is there any customer support for missing files.

The course material was also very basic, and one would need to delve deeper into programming, mostly python to get a better understanding as one of the most important part which is to analyze any third party's social media accounts wasn't covered.

por bingtian

21 de jan de 2017

I'd like to give just one star rating for this course, as it is very far from what I expected. The course expect students to know Python, to know R, but did not go deep enough to help students understand the insight from social media data. In fact, lots of R task can be replaced with Python, so the course could be designed in a much better way that students do not always switch between two programming environments. This course mainly teaches how to download data with keywords, and how to plot graph, not worth the effort of learning. Therefore, I would not recommend this course to anyone.

por Satyam K

20 de set de 2018

Don't pay for certification. It's not worth it. It gives only basic idea how Social Media API's are used and how sentiment analysis and text mining is done in Python and R. You don't get any coding practice nor you will understand what is happening in the code.

por Cu N

11 de jan de 2017

Far from being a real course, it need polishing, at this point it looks more like a basic tutorial with a few error, perhaps next versions will be better.

por Mariam V T

26 de abr de 2021

I though I would like that course and get some insightful information but I didn't like it at all and now I can't even unenroll

por faiezy

21 de ago de 2017

Very little appreciation of the codes provided