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Do we truly think that we have lived for ourselves? Perhaps we have lived for money, love, fame, family and pride etc.? Therefore, we don’t seem to be satisfied even though we are full of those things. It is because that we don’t know ourselves. Eric Fromm talked about human nature as two modes of being: “To Have” and “To Be”. If we are “Having” the nature of possessions, we are not satisfied, and feel empty and futile. Then, how can we be “Being” the nature of our inner-selves? Sometimes, we happened to be aware of this “Being” nature and try to change ourselves, but fail. But, because of our daily routines, it’s easily forgotten. And more it is hard to escape from our unwanted minds controlling us. From now on, let us reflect on ourselves and look at our minds leading up to today! Don’t we achieve our goals after knowing ourselves? And let us find the “Being” nature of our original selves after escaping from the minds restraining and controlling us. In this lecture, the definition and principle of the mind are explained in simple and clear ways. You can make sure and practice the methodology of finding the true original mind of inner-self by escaping from the false mind of possession. Self-reflection is the first step to meditate. You can know yourselves most objectively through meditation and you will realize that all the thoughts and actions are due to your minds which are nonexistent and false. If you throw away the false mind, you will find the true mind. Meditation is now world-wide sensation. There are many research reports that show people can be leaders if you have a habit of self-reflection through meditation. Now meditation at school and the workplace are popular. Happiness is having no worries. You can really relax yourself if there is no bundle of thoughts and you can be successful when you know yourself truly. Worries come from the memorized thoughts of the false mind. Your inner potential of positive power are revealed, your peaceful and happiest mind will be in your mind, and you can live the life you wanted through meditation. This method of meditation is very practical and everybody can follow the methodology. As an engineer, I will guide you step by step to practice this meditation. I am sure that this lecture becomes a turning point in your life....

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18 de mai de 2022

This course is deceptive because you approach it through your false mind and learning and implementing the self reflection methods you come out a better person. Just to note: I am 67 yrs old


19 de abr de 2019

An interesting and thought-provoking course on how self-reflective meditation can help achieve life's goals such as peace and contentment. My thanks to the educator and course organisers.

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por ra s

14 de abr de 2020

Insightful. Unique rational approach from a professor with background in engineering. I find the lecture heavy on self reflection rather than meditation. Wordiness and lack of vigor may be a challenge to young learners.

por Yashwin K D

28 de fev de 2021

I didn't find this course that useful. Might as well Youtube to help you with meditation.

por Tami J

3 de mai de 2021

I simply couldn't stay engaged with the material and instructor.

por Sandra K

7 de dez de 2020

Hard to understand

por Fatemeh z G

23 de ago de 2019

Too lengthy talks....wish they were shorter and more illuminating

por Filippo F

25 de mai de 2018

Useless, substantially oversimplified and even superficial

por Daniel T R

30 de jun de 2019

More than basic

por N S

23 de jul de 2021


This course gives scientific backup of the content and medical proof of how meditation is actually a brilliant process of being free of stress and strive to reach your goals. Unlike those motivational videos which do not effect any long term change, this course will definitely show you the way to completely change your life. Now how well you incorporate the method in your life is up to you.


Course content could have been shorter and more engaging. I have to say often times it feels boring, and you should increase the playback speed if you don't have problem understanding English.

por Francisca G V

4 de dez de 2020

Thanks a lot for this course, despite still having to work hard to discover my goals in life, this has helped me a lot to deal with all this COVID 19 craziness. Having so much time inside has made me think a lot of not so positive things and it was starting to get bad. I didn't understand the importance of knowing one self and always but it to a side, always trying to understand from outside rather and inside and it was driving me crazy, so this has been like a mental hit to start doing self-reflection and I'm really thankful to profesor Lee :)

por Marian D C

9 de nov de 2020

An extremely helpful reminder of the importance of Self-reflection. Not the type of meditation that is mainstream breathing exercises, but the meditation one needs like that one in the Christian Religion.

"I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways." (Psalms)

The perfection and wholeness of oneself are achieved by discarding the "false" reality that we've made up in our minds and accept reality as they truly are and not as what we think they are. This course will truly help those who are Depressed or Anxious.

por Francisco B

1 de out de 2020

Dear Dr. Duck-Joo Lee,

Thank you very much to you, Kaist and Coursera for this excelent course which I will recommend

to all the people I can. The way and the peace that you show is very contagious, and from now on,

I will try to develope self reflextion - mediattion. and change my life. I already drew a black hole in my pc, and every morning before I begin with my duties, I will through away all the rubbish from my mind.

Once again Dr. Professor Duck-Joo Lee, thank you very much. I am writing from San Jose,

Costa Rica.

por Boris C

11 de set de 2019

A complete course to learn how meditation can help to achieve your professional goals. Member of International Aviation Transport Association, our company members use this meditation to listen carefully our clients' needs and make best decisions for business growth. Following the trends and having the trends as your friend is crucial for innovation and creativity. From stress reduction to positive thinking, this meditations helps me to find solutions to problems and find motivation for new aspiration.

por John M

25 de jun de 2018

This is a very interesting and an unusual course. It presents a practical method for meditation; meditation using the subtraction method and discusses the concepts and ideas that lie behind this approach. The course is well presented by Dr Lee and both surprisingly and refreshingly offers scientific evidence, some western philosophy plus interviews with a neuroscientist and other guests to make its point - that meditation will help you improve your life. All you have to do, is do it.

por Brittany L B

25 de jan de 2021

MIND BLOWING information up until the end. I had an easier time and finished quicker when I read the transcript instead of watching through each video, except when the the professor guided the meditation, I would watch the video. Totally not what I expected but so thrilled to have learned another, different way, to better my life through meditation. The subtraction method works! Worth every minute in my opinion, you just have to be patient. You'll be surprised:)

por jungtaekseo

11 de set de 2019

when i started this meditation lecture. i was looking for something to solve my depressing life, thoughts and minds. i have suffered from everything in my mind and have been miserable life. now i've found this lecture. and now realize how stupid i was with my mind. now i can see the real world. i can get away from everything that torture me. actually it was me. :)) thank you professor i hope other people to take th

por Vibhor T

19 de jul de 2020

It has been a great journey. Going through the course has brought within me a positive insight and now I can relate to situations in more calming way. Thank you Professor Duck-Joo Lee for showing me and acquainting me to the true self and discarding the false picture, though initially it was a struggle but gradually the memories started popping up. The flow of journey step wise was smooth.



por Shweta S R

8 de jul de 2021

​​The practice of meditation can take different forms, however, all types of meditation that exist are ultimately aimed at calming and relaxing the mind and cultivating attention. Meditation is mental training to take us to a state of peace and quiet in our mind away from thoughts about the future or continuous memories of the past. It is a powerful technique to access our true Self. Thank you Dr.Lee

por Deleted A

8 de jun de 2018

After practicing self reflection and using the subtraction methods for only a short period of time, I am relieved to find my brain is more accessible probably because old memories and their associated neural connections are gone. It feels like space for new 'thinking' has been created where worries have been discarded. Thank you Duck-Joo Lee for being an intuitive and helpful guide.

por Miguel A S C

1 de dez de 2019

Although I recognize I was quite reluctant to meditation because of different negative experiences, I recognize this course has changed my mind, I deeply think that meditation is a key activity to improve our life and help others to improve theirs.

Thank you for such a good training. I will for sure continue using the techniques described in this course in a daily basis.

por luis c b p

20 de jan de 2019

Agradezco muchísimo la oportunidad que dan para acceder a estos cursos de tanta ayuda. En mi recién iniciada práctica budista me ha sido útil para aplicarlo precisamente al momento de la meditación y darme cuenta que mi vida no se reduce a momentos ya vividos o a momentos por venir sino que eso depende de la misma libertad de actuar que yo me provea. Gracia al Dr Duck.

por Eric H

8 de out de 2021

I enjoyed taking the course during my quarantine here in Hong Kong, and it provoked thoughts and reflection. I might dedicate some of my daily meditations to the subtraction method to see how it compares to other mindfulness meditations (vipassana, metta). I was surprised the course didn't make any references to Buddhist meditation despite the obvious commonalities.

por Sukhbir D

7 de jul de 2020

Self Reflection via Mediation was A-1 Course which not only let the stress out but also relaxes and makes our mind comfortable. Every Video Clip from all eight weeks of course were meaningful and did made logic to our life. Even-though the Eight Weeks Course with many sub-sections were kind of long but had flexibility of completing it at our own pace of time.

por Oleg C

23 de jul de 2019

Thank you very much, this course answered to many of my questions and gave me an insight of a better understanding of how my mind works. I think the professor Lee presented and structured the course perfectly. I would like to be part of such topic for research in the future because this is the way to help people discover themselves, respect and love themselves