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This self-paced training course gives participants broad study of security controls and techniques on Google Cloud. Through recorded lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on labs, participants explore and deploy the components of a secure Google Cloud solution, including Cloud Storage access control technologies, Security Keys, Customer-Supplied Encryption Keys, API access controls, scoping, shielded VMs, encryption, and signed URLs. It also covers securing Kubernetes environments....

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13 de set de 2020

Very helpful course. It provided clear view of the security standards that needs to be followed to utilise GCP securely. Thank you for the course and qwiklabs.


17 de jan de 2021

good course a bit short where some of its aspect already been covered in other courses but not in much details

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14 de mai de 2020


por Terrance T

10 de jun de 2022

T​hat was a very good course. The quizes required much more thought that the previous courses in the GCSE/Networking in GCP specialization, which was a welcome improvement. There was still overlap inbetween the GCP Architect specialization lessons and the lessons in this course, so I would've liked to have gotten credit for some of the redundant info. I also feel like they could've gone more in depth with how to secure things and give more examples of breaches. Also the course was made in 2019 and is in need of an update (evidenced by the outdated terminology and increased feature support).

por Artur K

21 de jul de 2020

Kubernetes related part has different quality than rest of the course. It is very shallow and adds no real value to the course.

por Enrico F

12 de jul de 2020

This course is overall good. Some topics were only a list of titles with poor explanations

por Muhammad T

24 de jul de 2020

A good way of spending quarentine

por Smita K

12 de jun de 2020

great experience

por Ann G

27 de nov de 2021


por Tgo168

18 de nov de 2021

Course content is fine. It delivers what was stated. I am giving it a 3 stars because the transcript quality is horrible. In other GCP courses, you can always reliably review them without the video. In this course, if you try to learn or review using the transcript, you will mislead yourself. Sentences are not properly transcribed. Not just the terms, but also the break between each sentence. Combined together, the transcript will create a totally different dimension that is completely different than what the instructor stated. To name two session, Week4: Secret manager section, and Week5:HArdening your cluster section. In addition, labs need to be updated with new GUI, specifically any labs that has data store and firestore content. One example of how the horrible transcript totally messed up the content, see below. Transcript, "Note that before you can use Secret Manager, you must first enable the Secret Manager API, this is because cloud console access is Secret Manager features through the API failure to do this will result in an error. When you try to access the Secret Manager page only uses with the appropriate permissions or rolls can use Secret Manager you learned about these roles in previous slides." What the instructor stated "Note that before you can use Secret Manager, you must first enable the Secret Manager API. This is because cloud console accesses Secret Manager features through the API. Failure to do this will result in an error when you try to access the Secret Manager page. Only users with the appropriate permissions or roles can use Secret Manager. You learned about these roles in previous slides. " PS: The poor transcript feels more like a product of poor translator. There are session video where instructor's voice was properly translated. Sometimes, it almost feel as if the transcript just used a wrong version of translators or something. The incorrect sentence break and incorrect terms issues are also present during different instructor's recording (but with lower frequency of errors). Anyhow, there is no quality check in this batch of transcript. Regards, KC

por Lim H B

3 de mar de 2021

Content is great... but the PDFs and video do not sync. Some topics are in one but absent in the other. Also the Quiz for week 4, once answered, we were just given a score page with no questions for review later. This is the worst quiz mechanism in all coursera courses I came across. Goes to proof the shoddy work of the instructor. Should check through the PDFs and video, and quiz setups before releasing the course. And now should go back to rectify them asap. It's a pity as the content is rich.

por Gerald B

15 de set de 2021

V​ery poor presenter- speaking in a monotone, muffled at times, obviously just reading from a teleprompter. Many transcription errors, although it is usually possible to figure it out from context. Some of the labs are not in-depth enough.

por Alexandr I

30 de jun de 2020

The Lector just reading without understanding the meaning of the words. Google, please let the people with knowledge explain the topics instead of just reading from the text.

por Wee J k

29 de abr de 2021

There were two labs which are problematic. "Configuring and Using Cloud Logging and Monitoring" and "Configuring Identity Aware Proxy to Protect a Project".

por Sumanth J

23 de jul de 2020

Too many pauses during the course which leads to loss of attention span. This makes it difficult to remember a majority of the course.

por Otis B

8 de jun de 2020

Labs need work. Especially week 4's took up 6hrs of my day today because it could not scan within the allotted time.

por Joseph R

29 de mai de 2020

Many labs had problems and required support assistance. Kind of frustrating.

por TANG Y

8 de mar de 2021

The labs gave unclear instructions and having lots of bugs.

por Justin B A

14 de set de 2021

BigQuery Labs are a bit meh, but overall still okay!


20 de out de 2020

so many bugs in labs

por Chu H C

30 de jan de 2021

Transcripts (and thus subtitles) are bad, making it hard for non-audio learners to follow along

por Kevin D B

4 de mar de 2021

The presenter used a lot of jargon without explaining things.