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Did you ever want to build a web application? Perhaps you even started down that path in a language like Java or C#, when you realized that there was so much “climbing the mountain” that you had to do? Maybe you have heard about web services being all the rage, but thought they were too complicated to integrate into your web application. Or maybe you wondered how deploying web applications to the cloud works, but there was too much to set up just to get going. In this course, we will explore how to build web applications with the Ruby on Rails web application framework, which is geared towards rapid prototyping. Yes, that means building quickly! At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to build a meaningful web application and deploy it to the “cloud” using a Heroku PaaS (Platform as a Service). Best of all, it will almost feel effortless… Really! “But wait”, you will say, “there is no way that we can build a useful application if there is no database involved. You need the data for an application to be useful.” Great point! But what if… instead of getting the data from the database, we get it from the internet by tapping into one of the web services out there that readily provides data needed by our application? “Ok, but that’s probably very complicated”, you will say. Take this course and you will be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is!...

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30 de Set de 2017

I have played around with Ruby on Rails before but this course really helped me understand the nots and bolts. It is worth replicating all the examples shown in the videos to get a good understanding,

6 de Ago de 2016

One of the most challenging things I've ever done.\n\nThe course goes from zero to web deploy in 3 weeks and there are more to enjoy, discover and learn....\n\nTry it, I't's a no-return voyage

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por Katelynne E

30 de Mar de 2020

This is not a beginner course. Lecture material does not support nor match the difficulty of the assignments.

por Michael R

9 de Out de 2015

Assignment grading had a lot of technical hurdles. Content on Ruby was solid. Rails coverage was very basic.

por Ali S

22 de Jan de 2016

Compared to other courses I have completed on Coursera, this is one of the most confusing ones so far

por Taha A

4 de Jul de 2020

Very outdated course. Had to do so many hacks to complete all the assignments and run the examples.

por Daniel B d A

24 de Set de 2019

The course is great for a first view of Web Development, but It should have more detailed content.

por Dhaval T

22 de Fev de 2016

Could've been much more clear with the examples if there were some loads of practice problems

por Marcel B

22 de Dez de 2019

Uses outdated Ruby version. Assignments rely on third-party APIs that have been shutdown.

por MD M R

16 de Out de 2020

Lectures are backdated. faced a lot of issues .They should upgrade the whole course

por Xianglong W

12 de Jan de 2018

Lectures are really dull and boring compared to other coursed I have had.

por Miguel R T

19 de Abr de 2019

It's outdated, but the theory behind the course has been valuable to me.

por Raul C M

22 de Nov de 2015

I struggle sometimes with tests. But after all everything when was good

por E B

13 de Jun de 2018

A handful of the examples in this course are outdated and do not work.

por Eduardo C

22 de Out de 2015

Me gustaria que fuese mas interactivo al momento de explicar el codigo

por Frederick J

24 de Set de 2016

This is a good course. A thorough introduction to ruby on rails.

por Kareem E

24 de Ago de 2016

The final module is vague , but the course is nice as a whole

por David P

21 de Dez de 2018

A bit out of date, should have a module to install rvm.

por Maxine

26 de Set de 2015

Very difficult to follow if you are not a programmer.

por Daniel H G

17 de Abr de 2016

it's ok. i would love more practical examples.

por Alexander K

7 de Jul de 2018

relatively good course, but has some issues

por Dinh T L H

14 de Dez de 2015

The voice is not good!

por De A D

12 de Abr de 2020

Needs to be updated.

por Nabil A B G

17 de Nov de 2015

very short course.

por Deleted A

21 de Mar de 2016

Good course.

por 에스더 이

31 de Jan de 2017


por Nicholas K

9 de Jul de 2016

Unfortunately as a course designed to teach Rails, it is poorly paced and has a few issues. The course content is spread out over three weeks as follows...

Week 1 they go over setting up a Ruby on Rails development environment, which was fine. They also went over Git and Github. While you can access all of the course content on Github, you are never actually required to use Git for any of the work in the course, and it only shows up as a few questions on the only quiz in the course.

Week 2 they cover Ruby programming and syntax. There are a lot of different sources where you can find tutorials and such for learning a new language, and in this course the material was... good enough. They also offered a number of practice assignments with self grading capability which is a nice feature.

The graded programming assignment for week 2 gives a lot of information about how to set up your environment and steps/commenting to assist building out your code. However there were a few requirements for the graded portion of the assignment that they don't even tell you about (expected return values under certain situations) until you actually run the grader. They weren't difficult but their reasoning were never explained in the course and it made the code a little more awkward than it needed be to pass.

Week 3 is where the major pacing problems occur. There are a number of very broad stroke videos on Rails, as well as several brief videos covering a number of third party libraries or tools sometimes required to build Rail apps. A lot of the content they cover isn't even utilized in the assignments of the course.

The week 3 assignment instructions are actually incomplete. They tell you a number of pre-required packages you have to install, including ones you had installed from previous assignments, but they leave out others you will need and leave several development environment issues you end up having to work out on your own.

And where as the week 2 assignment was almost overly hand-holdy on showing you where in a ruby file structure to implement your code, week 3 hardly offers any guidance on where or how to implement your Rails structure. The broad stroke videos from week 3 kind of give you an idea as to what each piece of code is doing if your working from a template, but the assignment feels obfuscated when trying to build it from scratch.

A major issue also comes from a third party website they require for completion of the assignment (and that requires separate registration to use). During several periods, over multiple sessions of the course, the third party site went down and was unavailable for as long as 48 hours at a time; during which it was impossible to properly run or debug the assignment due to its requirement.

What the assignment is asking for isn't even terribly difficult when you do understand what is required, and the code is rather simple and minimal to implement. But you end up having to figure out a lot of that either off site (in which case you are not learning from the course) or by modifying a copy paste of some of the templates/scaffolding from the course GitHub content, in which case you don't get a good reinforcement of the material.

In the end I wound up getting a certificate, feeling like I passed despite the course rather than because of it. There is some good foundation for a course in here, but it just falls apart in the third week and lacks any real depth.