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Did you ever want to build a web application? Perhaps you even started down that path in a language like Java or C#, when you realized that there was so much “climbing the mountain” that you had to do? Maybe you have heard about web services being all the rage, but thought they were too complicated to integrate into your web application. Or maybe you wondered how deploying web applications to the cloud works, but there was too much to set up just to get going. In this course, we will explore how to build web applications with the Ruby on Rails web application framework, which is geared towards rapid prototyping. Yes, that means building quickly! At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to build a meaningful web application and deploy it to the “cloud” using a Heroku PaaS (Platform as a Service). Best of all, it will almost feel effortless… Really! “But wait”, you will say, “there is no way that we can build a useful application if there is no database involved. You need the data for an application to be useful.” Great point! But what if… instead of getting the data from the database, we get it from the internet by tapping into one of the web services out there that readily provides data needed by our application? “Ok, but that’s probably very complicated”, you will say. Take this course and you will be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is!...

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Oct 01, 2017

I have played around with Ruby on Rails before but this course really helped me understand the nots and bolts. It is worth replicating all the examples shown in the videos to get a good understanding,


Aug 07, 2016

One of the most challenging things I've ever done.\n\nThe course goes from zero to web deploy in 3 weeks and there are more to enjoy, discover and learn....\n\nTry it, I't's a no-return voyage

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por Ying X E

Oct 10, 2015

It was pretty interesting, although it may be fast at times. I find it particular engaging and interesting. I would definitely continue with the next course.

por Laura R P

Jul 19, 2016

Excellent introduction to Ruby on Rails.

por Ronak Y P

Feb 28, 2016

Great Course, Great assignments and pace. Loved it.

por Richard C

Sep 26, 2015

Nice start

por Ignacio C

May 31, 2016

Good course, and the full stack specialization is an excelent idea.

Thanks !

por Adrian F

Nov 27, 2016

Good way to start with ruby and rails.

por sujay s

Dec 28, 2015

I just completed module 1 and the coursework was good. I really wanted some more explanation and examples on how GITHUB works and working with remote repositories as some of the question on the quizzes were specifically asking for those. Apart from that , so far this course is awesome! Cheers to the team for putting forth this course .

por srivatsan r

Oct 04, 2015

Awesome! great lecture and great course......

por Sim Y X

Jun 21, 2016

An excellent introduction to the Ruby Language and the Ruby on Rails framework. Lectures are a bit fast-paced, so learners may need to seek reference from external resources.

por Mario M A

Oct 07, 2015

Excellent explanations however, should be sure of do not make comparisons with other programmatic languages since it cause confusions

por Kamil J

Jul 24, 2016

I think this course is good - before I took it I've never written any code in ruby and now I know some basics of it. I can say the same about Rails and unit testing. Everything is explained nicely, so it's really easy to understand.

Even through it a good course, it has it's flaws. While we get to try different things, only the basics are covered - now I know those basics, but I'm not confident in my skills with those. I think there should be more exercises, assessments to develop those skills.

por Sarah W

Mar 07, 2016

Great start to rails, provided a practical intro. Could have used a little more frequent practice actually writing code.

por Joaquin A

Sep 30, 2015

The course is very practical and applies to the real world scenarios. Excellent.

por Rhitam D

Jun 16, 2018

The course is really good. The videos weren't clear on a few details, but that's to be expected as they have listed out reference books in case we want to delve deep into the concepts. After completing the course, however, you would want to continue working on rails.

por Andrey S

Sep 01, 2016

I still have some problems with understanding of Ruby lang, but Ruby on Rails is taught excellent! (anyway this course about rails). Good luck!

por Tommi K

Nov 08, 2016

I did not know anything about Ruby or Rails before this course. I found this course quite challenging because there was so many new concepts covered in very rapid fashion: Ruby, Rails, Rspec, all other tools. However, I think the coverage of the unit testing concepts was really useful. I had to go for google quite many times to find out resolve issues I had with the tools and assignments. But in the end, I think this course was a good one, rating it 4 out of 5 starts.

por Ron K

Dec 18, 2015

Course does not explain how to use RoR with mobile applications

por Joel H

Oct 29, 2015

This is a great introduction to ruby. Some of the assignments were tough to get your head around but once we really got into rails it was excellent

por Geyang H

Sep 28, 2015

Several mistakes in the programming assignment.

por Abhijeet B

Oct 04, 2015

Overall nice way to get introduced and familiarised with Ruby & Rails.

por yohan m

Nov 15, 2015

great course, awesome contents and grading!!

por Alexandr T

Jul 03, 2017

Assignment materials aren't actual on this time.

por Nurul S

Sep 01, 2016

Great Initiative

por Krishna G

Jun 15, 2017

Amazing course lots to learn. The only flaw i would say is that rails has changed a lot and so have some of the online resources used by this course but the course video's haven't. That being said, It is likely you will find a solution to your problem in the discussion forums, so always check there when doing whatever you are doing. Additionally when i took this course rails 4.2.8 was the version used by the course, so it will be super beneficial to have this version for the course. (And don't worry, rails 5.0.3 isn't super different so don't worry about not getting to understand the latest version).

por Jash K

Mar 15, 2018

Amazing Starter Course.