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Roman Architecture is a course for people who love to travel and want to discover the power of architecture to shape politics, society, and culture....

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Jul 02, 2020

Professor Kleiner has been an amazing guide. There is nothing that she dint teach us with all her heart. She had put in extra efforts in shaping this course very well.. Glad to be your student.


Jun 03, 2020

An engaging and very interesting course, great for learners or people familiar with Roman architecture. Presented very clearly and in an easy way to understand. I highly recommend this course.

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por JOHN Q

Feb 21, 2018

FANTASTIC COURSE: Although I've been to Rome several times, this course opened my eyes to many aspects of Roman Architecture I was heretofore unaware of. Thanks so much! Dr Quincy

por Emma N

Nov 02, 2019

This course is extremely well organized, engaging, and interesting! You'll learn everything you wanted to know about Ancient Roman Architecture

por Joshua W

Jan 28, 2019

truly a really well structured course with very interesting content. exactly the kind of thing i wish i could have done at university!

por Jan K

Aug 02, 2017

Very good course, with informative lectures and nice images. Do recommend that you purchase the companion digital book by Prof. Kleiner and the often cited book "Roman Architecture" by John Ward-Perkins.

My criticisms are few:

1. The peer grading on assignments is flawed. One fellow "learned" lifted an entire paragraph from my essay, and by happenstance I was a grader on his essay, so I reported this episode of plagiarism. And as galling as that was, he also gave me my lowest grade on that assignment.

2. Some of the objective answer questions on quizzes contain a word or two that really alters the appropriate answer. E.G. One asks something like "All Roman amphitheaters were ..." when in reality the actual answer would be "Most Roman amphitheaters were..." If there is at least one in the first category, then you can't say "all."

3. Enough with the Yalie stuff. Bulldog, bulldog, bow wow wow! Seriously. E.G."Any of you Yalies going to Italy for spring break should be sure to visit..."

4. No offense, Prof. Kleiner, but if I want restaurant or gelateria recommendations for Italy, I'll do some serious Internet searches. Tre Scalini is a famous tourist destination, and few would contend that it has "the best gelato in Rome."

5. Consider adding the oft referenced "Monuments List" as an appendix for those who are taking the course online.

That said, easily one of the best courses on Coursera and far superior to another offered by an archaeology professor and his dog.

por Marie-Pierre B

Nov 11, 2017

I have given 5 stars for the course itself which is very good! We are just in the classroom with Yale students. Prof. Kleiner is very interesting and a real pedagogue.

But I have a few criticisms on the MOOC aspect:

- It is much too concentrated! Some weeks have more than 3 hours of video, which is much longer than any other courses I have taken on Coursera.

- The assignments with their strict 250-words limit, although interesting, are difficult for one whose mother tongue is not English. The 3rd one (the ideal Roman city) is especially long to do and the peer reviews are sometimes strange...

- The "monuments list", often mentioned in the course, is not available in the MOOC

- It would be better to have real rated quizzes at the end of a week rather than small ones in the middle of a video, or worse, at the end of it which is often cut by the advertising for the certificate before it is possible to answer it!

por Shuang W

Feb 11, 2018

Well structured & organized materials, well articulated lectures, smartly designed assignments. Diana brought architecture study to a marvelous level. What a delight!

por Carol L S

Jul 16, 2018

Great course! The Prof kept me engaged with her lectures and I learned lots. Being taught the basics of Roman architecture has really changed how I look (with a newly found joy) at Italian (Milanese) buildings. I now see them with fresh eyes, and a better appreciation to what they are.My treat will be to go to Rome in a few weeks time. I can't wait to trace over the steps we took through this course and with my monuments list/notebook in one hand and a gelato altamente raccomandato in the other. Thanks!

por Y.David Z

Jun 12, 2017

I've completed most of this course. I really like the thoroughness and depth of the material. This is not an easy course. The quizzes are challenging. The essays and projects require a bit of research. However, the instructor does a great job of organizing everything and presenting it in a very coherent, orderly manner. I'm an aspiring architecture graduate student and this course has been a great introduction to the field and some of its common vernaculars.

por Eduardo K

Feb 18, 2018

It is an amazing course and the way Professor Kleiner explains and teaches is beyond comparison. The classes are engaging and interesting, not to mention her dominion over the subject is fantastic. I highly recommend to anyone as the best course I have seen in this website.

por Lynn B

Nov 03, 2017

This is a well designed course that takes you through the most important developments of Imperial Roman Architecture. I enjoyed every aspect of this course. The questions embedded in the lectures helped me to keep focused. Would like to see more courses like this please!

por yakov p

Oct 30, 2017

Following the course I have made a 3 weeks trips to many of the sights mentioned in the course. It had given me a completely new insight on locations i've visited previously and on history of architecture in general . Thank you very much !

por Greg K

May 11, 2020

I absolutely LOVED this course and as a result spent 18 days in Italy. Professor Kleiner was amazing. I may take it again just for fun. I really wish Yale would allow her to develop a Roman Architecture II.

por Barry M F

Feb 10, 2019

A really great course, detailed, informative in a very accessible manner with excellent choices of exemplars. Disappointed with the discussion forums but the tasks and tests were challenging and relevant.

por Aleksandra M

May 25, 2020

Absolutely loved the course! It was inspiring and insightful and my only regret is not being able to take another course, about Roman Sculpture, which is not available on-line.

por Adriana A

Aug 04, 2017

Excelente curso, muy interesante. Es una gran profesora, no solo domina el tema sino que lo sabe transmitir, lo disfruta y logra que una aprecie mejor el imperio romano.

por george h

Nov 08, 2018

an excellent course on Roman Art and Architecture. The Professor is a great teacher and the illustrations are wonderful. Thank you.

por Eric M F

Mar 19, 2019

I think this is a good course, but it was difficult to get peer reviews as not many people are taking the course.

por Joy S

Sep 04, 2018

Fabulous!!! This is a virtual tour of Italy with a knowledgeable guide. Highly recommend it!!!

por Angel G

Jan 26, 2019

Excellent course. Videos were interesting and plenty of information

por Keke

Nov 22, 2018

very wonderful and practical course!

por Chirantan G

Apr 12, 2017

great for A level Classical studies

por Semion Z

Jan 09, 2019

Great course! Thank you very much!

por Guy G

Mar 22, 2019

Great class, very good lectures.

por Sheona t

Jul 07, 2017

It was a really good course

por Francisco R

Jan 04, 2019

Muy buena profesora.