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This course will survey the music of the Rolling Stones, beginning with the roots and first formation of the band in the early 1960s, and following the group through the release of It's Only Rock 'n' Roll in late 1974....

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6 de abr de 2021

Brilliant!! Professor Covach is very knowledgable & enthusiastic. I’ve done four of his online music courses and thoroughly enjoyed every one. I’m 72 & live in the UK. Keep on rockin on!!


9 de ago de 2017

I have completed every last one of John Covach's courses and he has inspired my way of playing my own music and the way I hear new music. He is, by far, the best teacher on Coursera.

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por Lisa M S

1 de nov de 2018

This class is excellent! The instructor is quite knowledgeable. I appreciate that the instructor is not only a musicologist and professor, but he's a musician too. I appreciate this as a musician myself. I'm a bit of a music geek and I am a huge fan of the Rolling Stones. I especially enjoyed learning about the early Stones' music, since I was more of a fan of their early 1970s work. It was a great experience to have the instructor do so many song close up's during this course. I loved delving into the structures of some of my favorite songs, including ones I've actually performed myself as a singer and guitar player. I recommend taking your time with this class, but definitely do a module weekly, so that you stay on top of things. I appreciated that there was a visual aspect to the course, especially since music couldn't be used, due to copyright issues (boo!). I loved getting snippets of history and pop culture mixed in with the information on the Stones, since I wasn't born until 1972 and wasn't around to experience some of that. On a side note, this course is one I had bookmarked to take since 2015. I just happened to be on the Coursera website the day it was starting in 2018. I felt excited and knew it was meant to be for me! On a personal note, my late mom who passed in 2015 was a huge Stones' fan, so this class helped me understand her pre-teen and teen years, as well as my early childhood in the 1970s. I felt a connection to the time period, music, people, and of course, the Stones too. I always have felt connected to their music, being blessed to have seen them play live in 2015, not even one month after my mom passed. I mention the personal aspects, since sometimes, I believe we feel drawn to delve into our passions, but don't feel we have the time to do so. Please take the time to follow your passions, interests, and education. Life is too short! It is time well spent. It's so much better than scrolling on social media. This class really is amazing. You won't be disappointed. Thanks to Coursera for having this class and also, to the instructor John Covach. Rock 'n roll forever!

por David W

22 de jan de 2021

As a die-hard Beatles fan, I knew little of the music of the Rolling Stones, except for their big guitar-driven rockers. Honky Tonk Women, Brown Sugar, Leti it Bleed, etc. This course was excellent. It introduced me to a whole world of music and taught me that the Rolling Stones were/are versatile, and innovative, and, in their own way, trailblazers. Thank you, Prof. Kovach, for a great course and for your very informative (but not pressurized) delivery of entertaining and valuable material, in a way that was both educational and pleasurable at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and will likely take another.

por MARK M

5 de jul de 2020

Really enjoyed this course. As a "rock music tragic" I was a bit embarrassed that I'd never heard many of these albums start-to-finish, rather I'd majored on the albums from the late 70's and early 80's (my teen years) and the Greatest Hits collections. I've now heard every one of these iconic albums several times. I do wish we could have gone a few more albums into the 70's and 80's, but perhaps that's one for the future ? Thanks John, a really great experience. I'll now sign up for History of Rock Part 2.

por Kevin S

25 de mar de 2020

This was my fourth course in the history of rock and roll series offered by Professor Covach. Unfortunately, I think it's also his last offering. This was the most challenging of the four, perhaps because my knowledge going into the class was a bit more skeletal. It's also the course I took the most away from. I really enjoyed this course. The content was fascinating. I really enjoyed the musicology, and connecting the influences. Covach has a great style that really speaks to me. He's a great teacher.

por Benjamin J S

30 de nov de 2015

John Covach is one of the best I have ever had. I have taken 4 of his courses and enjoyed every one of them! I would also address the fact that the lack of music (due to licensing) is probably the best option. I believe that most people that take these courses are fans of the subject if not only the genre. That being said, 'we' know the music. I honestly believe it would weigh the course down. Keep up the great work John!

por Norhayati S

16 de dez de 2021

I love this short course! I've learned a lot more about one of my favourite bands and I would definitely recommend it to friends who love The Stones too. Professor John Covach has compiled alot of useful information for the course and he's kind of cool with the guitars too. :) Will definitely follow his other courses should they happen to be the bands I like again!

por Scott D

14 de mar de 2018

Excellent course. Like most people who grew up in the 70's, I was familiar with the Stones hits, had a few of their records, etc.. I don't know if I skipped over the slow songs or what, but this got me listening to their music again. I was really impressed with the depth and different genre's that they were influenced by.

por Robert B

15 de jul de 2016

Excellent course from which I learnt so much. I could not stop viewing the videos and keenly followed the history of the Rolling Stones from the early 60s to the early 70s. I wish I had taken this course years ago. Kudos to the instructor and the teaching staff. You have another satisfied customer.

por Luca M

7 de jul de 2018

Very interesting approach to the first years in Rolling Stones history. It gives the opportunity to deep dive into their musical evolution and influences taking a look also on what was happening in the meantime in culture. Hoping to have the possibility to see what it will happen from 1974 onwards!

por Dan F

14 de nov de 2015

Although not a Rolling Stones fan, I've taken this course in order to discover the series of fortunate happenings and great ideas that turned this band into one of the greatest projects the music industry ever produced. I've learned a lot and I am thankful for that.

por Michael B

2 de mai de 2020

Thanks very much for providing this course. It's a great guide to their influences and how and why this music was made. It really supports listening and appreciating this phase of their career - listen to their music as you work through the course.

por valorie h

18 de out de 2021

Loved this course. You learn about the Rolling Stones from the beginning. Such interesting lives and grand music. Of course, I am passionate about the Rolling Stones and feel they are far superior to the Beatles so maybe I am biased.

por Bruce R

20 de mai de 2019

Great overview of the early days of the Rolling Stones. I particularly liked the way the instructor identified threads of consistency from album to album while pointing out the growth and diversity of the individual recordings.

por Susan W

12 de mar de 2022

S​o many interesting stories and the knowledge of music that Kovach brings to the course is tremendous. Gives one a much deeper appreciation of such an iconic music group as well as skills to better comprehend all rock music

por Todd D F

13 de nov de 2015

Mr. Covach is a very dynamic instructor. He entertains while educating. This is the third course I have taken where he is the instructor. I look forward to his "Music of The Beatles" course, which I will soon be enroll

por Fernando M A

15 de ago de 2021

Excelente curso que - presumo - debe ser del agrado de alguien más ligado al estudio de la música así como de los que únicamente somos fans de The RollingStones. A la espera del curso sobre The Beatles!

por Jean P G C

4 de jul de 2020

Muy buen curso. Siempre he valorado más a The Beatles que a The Rolling Stones. Gracias al Sr. John Covach he comprendido la enorme influencia de The Rolling Stones en muchas bandas hasta el día de hoy.

por Anthony C D

7 de abr de 2021

Brilliant!! Professor Covach is very knowledgable & enthusiastic. I’ve done four of his online music courses and thoroughly enjoyed every one. I’m 72 & live in the UK. Keep on rockin on!!

por Santiago R S

18 de jan de 2016

Muy completos los materiales. Hay una buena indagación de la mayoría de canciones de The rolling stones. Muy bien estructurado, siempre esta despertando el interés de los estudiantes.

por Blue C R

9 de ago de 2017

I have completed every last one of John Covach's courses and he has inspired my way of playing my own music and the way I hear new music. He is, by far, the best teacher on Coursera.

por Cristiano S A d S

26 de jul de 2017

Very good course. I would like to congratulate both the teacher and coursera for this successful endeavor. And would like to sugest a course about the music of Michael Jackson.

por kate m

29 de jul de 2019

This course was excellent. I really like the instructor and his ability to bring up interesting facts that really add to the understanding of the music and the musicians.

por Karina v r

15 de ago de 2016

I love this course, I keep on taking it over and over again as much as I possibly can.

I always learn something different and new.

Thanks ; )

por Charles A

22 de out de 2015

Excellent and very informative course. A well presented view of why the Stones are a Major impact on music of the Rock and Roll Era.

por Diego L d C

7 de out de 2015

Very complete course, always focused on the music of the band, its influences and achievements. Love it!