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Do you have questions about sex hormones or menstrual cycles? This is a crash-course in human reproductive health through fact and biology-based information on a variety of topics. "Sex 101" will cover reproductive anatomy, key biological changes during puberty, sexual biology and contraceptive methods, reproductive disorders, and a special introduction to the exciting field of Oncofertility. Specific lecture titles are as follows: 1) Reproductive Anatomy & Hormones, 2) Menstrual Cycle, Oocyte Maturation, & Sperm Activation, 3) Sexual Biology, Fertilization, & Contraception, and 4) Reproductive Health & Disorders. The objective of this course is to ensure you understand reproductive health and not confuse reproduction with sex (or having sex). This course was designed with you in mind, and is aimed at providing you with quality information that is meaningful to you and that may be hard to find otherwise. Reproductive health is an area of knowledge that needs to be demystified. We have designed this course for you to examine reproduction through a biological and scientific lens addressing these issues in a comfortable and interactive format that will lead to a better understanding of holistic health, long-term....

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6 de mar de 2022

Very detailed and informative course on reproduction and health. Presents the concepts with clarity, disspells any misinformation. A very reliable source of knowledge.


28 de mai de 2017

Very worth taking! Insights on hormonal changes in the female and male body has been very enlightening. I wish I could learn more in a more advanced course.

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por Ilaria C

23 de dez de 2017

The teacher is engaging and very clear. I appreciated the written chapter after the video: it allowed me to watch the video and then revise the material and take notes (which I sometimes do with the scripts in other courses, but in this course I could benefit from the drawing and schemes).

por Meet P

2 de abr de 2017

Thank you for giving me excellent information on reproduction. It is very helpful course for me. Thank you Northwestern University and coursera.

por M Y

7 de nov de 2021

We listened and watched from our professor, who was full of desire to teach detailed information about the reproductive system, infertility and sexually transmitted diseases. We had an exam with great questions. We read the lecture notes that we may need at every stage of life. A great course to take during the Covid-19 pandemic. I would like to express my gratitude to Northwestern University, Coursera and Dr Teresa K. Woodruff (Ph.D.). Murat Yağmurca, Bursa, Turkey

por Linda k

29 de abr de 2017

i have learnt a lot in this course. I have changed towards what i thought i knew about my body. This course empowered me to achieve what i want. I couldnt have done it by myself without your help, truthfully it would have taken me months or years to complete this work. I would like to believe that everyone who was on this course gained something, for i did i hope you did too. Many thanks to those who came up with this course, God bless and stay blessed always.

por Johnpeace

29 de set de 2020

Studying this course on courseea has really helped in widening my knowledge about SEXUAL and reproductive health. It gives me an edge over other health professionals and makes me certified too.

I run an health page ( peacehealthcentre) on social media platforms where I educate and also offer consultation on this aspect of health, studying this course on coursera has helped me alot.... I want to say a big thank you to my lecturers and assistant lecturers.

por Monique F G d B

3 de mar de 2019

Very useful, but for those who holds difficulties with their own sexual habilities or active sexual life, or even sexual role, it is quite complicated. Sometimes the subject of the studies can become a reason for offenses or body oriented violent intent or polemic discussions related to body parts and human anatomy of people who have a different type of body.

Well, guess the professors know what I mean. Cheers!

por Murali

27 de mai de 2019

When I start to study about reproduction in men and women it is feel excellent myself and this courses show the way of how our health is importent and happens in our body around the age .I keep learn for being to have good healthy life.Thank all teachers for this wounderful web resource .

por Vivan V

13 de dez de 2018

i ' m very glad to known some prominent knowledge from this course . this was great experience for me and get some specific knowledge which would make good sense . the syllabus was good , and mentor was also nice to explained all topic in very specific way . thank you .

por CE o A

18 de nov de 2017

I've been working for a Reproductive Endocrinologist's office for 2 months. This course has helped me so much! I am more confident in reading our medical records now how Estradiol and FH levels affect a cycle. I feel like I have a secret weapon! Thanks, Cathleen

por Leila A

23 de mai de 2020

I thank all the providers of this course Prof. Woodruff, Northwestern University, and Coursera. I recommend this course to anyone who wants learn about reproductive health even to healthcare work staff. This was a valuable experience.

por Zivana S

1 de set de 2020

The materials were interesting, with videos that were well-made. Language of delivery was not too difficult. Assignments were challenging, but not to the level that would stress you out. Overall it was a very nice experience.

por Jenna X

16 de out de 2022

Really in-depth quality videos exploring all important aspects of this topic

Writing on oncofertility was very reputable and reliable

Instructor spoke very educatedly and succintly---definitely deserves all her acclaim


25 de jan de 2018

EVERY PERSON SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE!!! More if you are about to start your sexual life. I strongly recommend it. Hope I knew all these information before. The sooner you take it the better. Very clear and informative.

por Olalekan A

25 de fev de 2019

I am pleased with the training and I look forward to more advance courses to take in Reproductive Health

I am particularly delighted at the interesting ways the topics were presented by the Professor

Thank you

por Kathy E

27 de jan de 2016

Amazing course! When I decided to take this course I thought it was going to be one of those "Mickey Mouse" type that is all fluff and no substance....NOPE!! Put on your thinking caps and get ready to learn.

por Ananda S A

19 de mai de 2017

I'm still at the beginning of the course, but i'm already rating, because i'm loving it.

Sorry for the gramatical erros.

Thanks for the initiative and the quality that's offered.

Att, Ananda.

por Francisco J G S

7 de mar de 2016

I've learned a lot! Not only the course is imparted by a professional on the field, it also contains lots of supplementary material and further information. Highly recommendable!

por Shilpa A

7 de mar de 2022

Very detailed and informative course on reproduction and health. Presents the concepts with clarity, disspells any misinformation. A very reliable source of knowledge.

por Yongjian L

29 de mai de 2017

Very worth taking! Insights on hormonal changes in the female and male body has been very enlightening. I wish I could learn more in a more advanced course.

por Maeva G

15 de set de 2021

Es un curso bastante completo para introducirte en el mundo de la reproducción, del funcionamiento de las hormonas y te inicia un poco en la infertilidad.

por Viktoriya O

15 de abr de 2017

Thank you for this course. It would be really wonderful if you have subtitles in different languages because medical terms sometimes are really difficult.

por Liew S M

9 de mar de 2022

Very detailed content ranging from anatomy, hormonal regulation, gametogenesis, contraception, infertility, STDs and oncofertility. Thank you so much!

por Andrea R W

31 de mai de 2016

I really liked the availability to read through notes and word for word of what the videos were talking about. I like the use of pictures as well!

por Queenie M

16 de jul de 2017

my major is reproductive medicine

and it is my first time learn such lesson

I got so much in difference view

all in all, it is useful. thanks~

por Li H

18 de abr de 2017

Course is not hard, the lectures are great. Hope can increase some classes or Add some content associated with assisted reproduction