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This course provides an introduction to programming and the Python language. Students are introduced to core programming concepts like data structures, conditionals, loops, variables, and functions. This course includes an overview of the various tools available for writing and running Python, and gets students coding quickly. It also provides hands-on coding exercises using commonly used data structures, writing custom functions, and reading and writing to files. This course may be more robust than some other introductory python courses, as it delves deeper into certain essential programming topics....

Melhores avaliações

26 de Mar de 2021

Great explanations and lots of examples to follow on. The course built throughout so I had confidence in completing assignments though they were not easy. Great interaction in discussion forums.

11 de Abr de 2021

The course was really good. The assignments were challenging. It was very pleasure to solve the assignments and practice them to become perfect with the basics of Python language

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por Sapanil S

30 de Jan de 2021

Auto grader is pathetic. Does not understand any thing

por Alex L

1 de Nov de 2021

This course was a good introduction to many of the principals and methods fundamental to Python programming. It moves at a quick pace and covers a lot of ground, and the homeworks/tests are particularly challenging. But due to this, it makes it essential to have a complete understanding of the concepts from the corresponding module. Expect a challenge on the homeworks, but reviewing videos and notes will highlight all the principles necessary to complete them. Overall, great course.

por Ryan M

30 de Mai de 2021

The videos and level of instruction is super high-quality in this course. It could be that I really connect with Brandon's teaching style, or perhaps I'm simply pleased with the ability to repeat complex topics and explore in secondary sources when something doesn't quite make sense, or I simply want to know more. The homework is definitely challenging. Stick with it though and you'll figure it out!

por murrai s

8 de Fev de 2021

This was a great course! Scope, sequence, and pacing is perfect. The project at the end of week four wrapped everything together wonderfully and gave me just the right amount of practice to really understand some of the tricky parts of Python dictionaries. Jupyter was great in the beginning, but very unpleasant during the online banking assignment.

por Robert P

8 de Ago de 2021

The course demands and is designed for thinking. It teaches you the basics of Python. There is only so much the videos tell you, so you have to figure out the rest. That's an aptitude, key to success in any subject, especially in STEM. So overall it is done well and is a good preparation for these demanding subjects.

por David S

14 de Nov de 2021

I really liked the fact that the videos were short --some less than 60 seconds, most only a few minutes and the longest at about 12 minutes. The real learning happens in the code-along exercises and the assignments. The assessment tools worked well, and the discussion forums cleared up any points of confusion.

por Yukio I

15 de Ago de 2021

Although I​ had basic understanding of Python syntax that I learned from books and other online learning platforms, I found each course video helpful and each week assignment challenging. This course really helped me gain my confidence in my ability and made me feel hone my skills stronger than before.

por Sukhmanpreet S

30 de Jul de 2021

Great course that will give you a working knowledge of handling data structures like strings, lists, sets, and dictionaries in Python (and incorporating them in loops/statements). The last homework was quite challenging and will make you appreciate how much coding skills you have acquired by the end.

por Elias K

9 de Mar de 2021

A great starting point for someone who is beginning to learn to code. I recommend it to everyone also who works in a scientific field because having a piece of basic knowledge in coding is today a requirement in almost every place of work. Very clear explanations in videos and readings.


19 de Jul de 2021

T​he course is nicely structured and gives the students a broad understanding of the common data stuctures used in python. The final homework (#4) is challenging but its really helpful in building a strong base for the concepts of programming.

O​verall I would give this course a 4.7/5.0

por Kanwar L G

2 de Mar de 2021

Thank you Sir and Thank You Jhanvi for helping. This is wonderful and helped me learn a lot.

por Arthur C

16 de Mai de 2021

I considered this couse because of Penn's reputation. Since this is a subset of the Introduction to Python and Java course, they only do things that are complementary in both languages. As an example, they always use for loops instead of teaching about list iterators. This does not give you a full flavor for Python. Also, the toolsets are a little outdated. If you are teaching a course on Java and Pythion, you probably should be using a tool like VSCode to be doing all the code by examples.

Final evaluation project had two bugs in the assignments. For example, the description for the change_password function has the following "The user is logged in (the username is associated with the value False in the log_in dictionary)". The only way to get the assignment to Succeed was to test for True, not False". Also had a bug on the delete_account tests.

I have to recommend that if you are serious about learning Python, you should consider other courses more directly focused on Python and its nuances.

por Valerie S

18 de Jul de 2021

Gives a few minute video examples, then gives a long complicated assignment. Posted on the forum for help, but the responses make no sense and seem to assume we have more experience than we actually do.

por Steven S

22 de Dez de 2021

Generally very good. All material was well organised, well presented and excellent. I would add some content on high level concepts such as variable scope as well as opinions on coding best practices. A followup course for more advanced concepts/use cases would be even better!

por 陳澐子

4 de Jul de 2021

It is a good course, it provides a few good homework for me to practice. Then the course gave you some hint for the homework, but it did not give you too much clues. In that way, it would help you to solve the problem by yourself.

por Sarvesh M

16 de Jan de 2022

For a person from a completely non-CS background, it was very easy to pick up Python programming from this course. It's very well structured, and the last assignment is the challenge that you need to test your knowledge.

por Javier B

30 de Ago de 2021

Really surprised of course methodology. This is not a old-fashioned theoretical course. Lessons are well sum-up, and practical exercises and quizzes are not that simple. Finally, homeworks are challenging. So, thank you.

por Haoyu Z

14 de Mar de 2021

This course is overall comprehensive and one of the best tools to lead new Python users to the right way. The content gives proper attention to theories while providing efficient practices. Nice taking it!

por Андрей П

20 de Mar de 2021

Hometasks are sometimes tough, but all topics from them are covered in lectures, so if you pay enough attention to the information, given in videos, there will be no problem to finish this course.

por Fred M

12 de Jul de 2021

V​ery good course from those who want to know more about data structures and reading/writing file. I do recommend that you be a litle familar with baic programming stuctures.

por Wei Q

25 de Nov de 2021

Very helpful for beginners to get hands-on experience.

Most assessments are challenging for people without coding background but incorporate most key concepts!

por Bocar L

12 de Fev de 2021

I can't wait to enroll for the 100% online master at Penn U. The instructor in this course has shown a great value of this introduction to python programming.

por Taenchiki S

25 de Set de 2021

Great quality course. The assignments are challenging, so make sure you've have some exposure to the basics of Python before attempting this course.

por Qi Z

21 de Nov de 2021

I​t's been a pretty good and thorough class to review various topics in Python. And the assignments are pretty interesting and debuging friendly.

por Will J

23 de Mar de 2021

Good refresher for anyone looking to get back into Python programming. The exercises are both well written and progressively challenging.