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By the end of this course, you’ll be able to manipulate files and processes on your computer’s operating system. You’ll also have learned about regular expressions -- a very powerful tool for processing text files -- and you’ll get practice using the Linux command line on a virtual machine. And, this might feel like a stretch right now, but you’ll also write a program that processes a bunch of errors in an actual log file and then generates a summary file. That’s a super useful skill for IT Specialists to know. We’ll kick off by exploring how to execute Python locally, and organize and use code across different Python files. We'll then learn how to read and write different types of files, and use subprocesses and input streams. We'll also dive into Bash scripting and regular expressions -- both very powerful tools for anyone working with systems. We'll even touch on automatic testing, which allow us to automate how we check if our code is correct. To finish, we’ll put all this together by using the tools that we’ve acquired to process data and generate automatic reports. We’ll also explain how to set up your own developer environment in your machine. This is a key step in being able to write and deploy powerful automation tools....

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Mar 21, 2020

This course I particularly enjoyed more. It was very relevant and hand on. I know with Google's authority now how to make the computer do my bidding. Thank you all for this course.


Feb 28, 2020

This section is great! Learn a lot of knowledge about Linux and Python. The final project was difficult but I like it. I can apply it for my daily life. Thank you very much!

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por Mohammad H b M

Feb 09, 2020

Roger and fellow teacher, thank you so much for putting this course. Appreciate the knowledge on REGEX and Testing

por Ouy T J

Feb 12, 2020

Had a lot of things to learn in the module. wish labs and tests used out brains a bit more. it was mostly reading and cut and paste. Only learnt that you could cut and paste in Putty at the end when I got frustrated typing in things manually. (googled putty copy and paste).

there also alot of short cut code and tricks used that we havent learnt before. these werent explained very well and I still dont understand some of it, others took a me a bit of research.

por nathan i

Jan 30, 2020

The course is pretty good overall. The week 6 lab has a misleading "expected output" jpg for oldFiles.txt in it. This causes the first half "checkpoint" to fail. The issue is that the jpg shows that oldFiles.txt should only have filenames in it when in fact the "grader" expects each file to also have a fully qualified path with it. The lab write-up also doesn't say oldFiles.txt should have the filenames with the fully qualified path in it. I would give this course five stars if the errant week6 lab documentation gets fixed and if the students are explicitly told that each step in the labs needs to be explicitly execute in the VM environment being provided. I made the mistake of reading some of the lab exercises for content and not actually executing them in shell --- and I think the grader checks for that even if you get the correct final outputs for your script.

por Denis R

Jan 19, 2020

There are errors in links and descriptions of the tasks (formatting is wrong, names of files are different though according to the content it is the same file, etc). Inconsistency in tasks - first tasks are completely done for the student, one only need to copy-paste and final one is all of the sudden 'do-it-yourself' task. Though for me it was not a problem, but beginners will struggle a lot with this errors.

por Francisco R A

Mar 26, 2020

Great course. It will guide you from the very basics on, the last lab is great since you will need to put a huge amount of the knowlege you have gathered through out the course in practice. The regex part is great and you might get something from there even if you are experienced in IT but haven't used regex that much.

por Virag P

Mar 07, 2020

Really interesting course. After the crash course in Python, this got exponentially more detailed and trickier. Final assignment was a killer! Had to spend 3 days thinking of various permutations/combinations to get the code to work. Huge learning - EVERY LITTLE DETAIL is important!

por Angel G D

Mar 18, 2020

Pretty useful, the only thing that I didn't like that much was the extremely guided Qwiklabs, but it was pretty nice at the end. The course was not so easy to digest but the content is complicated so this was expected, after a couple of examples everything was clear as water.

por sadra z

Mar 28, 2020

This course covers most of general concepts of automation, testing, regular expressions, and much more. Personally I will use these skills everyday because I deal with log files and this course helped me to actually work with them efficiently. Thanks Google

por Pranjal G

Mar 17, 2020

This is another great course.I learnt how to manage files through python, regex expression, Testing code with automation, Bash Programming and Linux basic commands. Overall It is a great course and suitable for beginner who has a little knowledge of python.

por Oguz A

Feb 03, 2020

Getting experience on files, logs, csv module writer and Dictwriter, Regex, Batch Scripts, shell commands, using parameters on python..etc.. It was a tailor-cut course and address almost everything that I need in this spesifik area. I can only say; Thanks!

por Ilya G M

Mar 17, 2020

Very good course! And it would be much better with the lab tasks without training only copy+paste skills =) There were two really good labs, I digged into python much more deeper and I like that! Thank a lot!

por Bright I M

Mar 21, 2020

This course I particularly enjoyed more. It was very relevant and hand on. I know with Google's authority now how to make the computer do my bidding. Thank you all for this course.

por Thanh S T

Feb 28, 2020

This section is great! Learn a lot of knowledge about Linux and Python. The final project was difficult but I like it. I can apply it for my daily life. Thank you very much!

por Jayaram R

Mar 19, 2020

Coursera is one of the best online learning platform. From this course I studied lot about Python programming and how to use it for OS level operations. Thank you, Coursera

por Federico C

Mar 05, 2020

Un curso muy bien preparado para iniciarse en los conceptos de expresiones regulares y comandos del sistema operativo (sobre todo para manejar archivos en Python). Genial!

por Sami S

Mar 28, 2020

Code, Reg Exp , Bash scripting, Advising to use Linux,good Instructor, hand on learn by doing things ( should there be more in the quizzes thou).


por Cheuk L Y

Feb 10, 2020

It takes a lengthy amount of time to get used to the subjects, but super satisfied when the projects (Very close to real-life scenarios) are solved.

por Thibault T G

Jan 24, 2020

Many new concepts to grasp, but very interesting.

It's great to be able to practise directly on the linux instance.

The last quicklab was fun!

por Shota S

Mar 17, 2020

It was great. Teaches you tons of new things and makes you look at some other thing that you might know from different angle.

por Andrey K

Mar 22, 2020

I like Roger very much. I want to thank him and I am looking forward to his other courses. Thank you, Roger

por Michael B

Feb 07, 2020

Course moves fast and introduces a lot of topics and it has an interesting final project. Well worth it.

por Francisco N E

Mar 15, 2020

It has been really useful course. Lots of contents that will be used in real life situations.

por Elayaraja P

Feb 29, 2020

This was the good course for beginner and as well intermediate developer to work on OS.

por Andrae

Jan 31, 2020

This course was great and I learn a lot that I can apply directly to my current job.

por Temidayo A

Mar 25, 2020

Loved it! This course kept me on my toes and made me think a lot. It was good fun.