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This course will introduce students to the basics of the Structured Query Language (SQL) as well as basic database design for storing data as part of a multi-step data gathering, analysis, and processing effort. The course will use SQLite3 as its database. We will also build web crawlers and multi-step data gathering and visualization processes. We will use the D3.js library to do basic data visualization. This course will cover Chapters 14-15 of the book “Python for Everybody”. To succeed in this course, you should be familiar with the material covered in Chapters 1-13 of the textbook and the first three courses in this specialization. This course covers Python 3....
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12 de Mar de 2018

The course is great... You can definitely learn many things... Was kind of hard for me and i went many times back and forth through most of the lectures... However i think i learn many new things....

22 de Jun de 2017

Wonderful course! I learnt many useful SQL statements and know how to combine database operations into python program. Dr. Chuck's lectures are always comprehensible and clear. Thank you, professor.

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por William D

10 de Mai de 2016

Short, but jam packed with stuff you need to know in order to get working with Databases. The ending lesson was a little disappointing as we weren't tested on how to do some of the suggested projects that the teacher was talking about and instead only had to download and run a program on our computer. However, this class equips you with the knowledge to get a start in Data Science and Database engineering, as well as good practice and better understanding of how to use Python.

por Jayven C

25 de Jan de 2016

Dr. Chuck once again breaks down very complex subject matter into easily digestible chunks for us newbies. My only issue with this course is that the hardest parts of the assignments were already done and all that was required from us was some slight tweaking in existing code. That may or may not be intended and the real challenge lies with the Capstone Project.

Nonetheless, if you are curious about how databases work, there's lots to learn here. I know I did!

por Michael D

15 de Mar de 2019

This course is great as a very high level - quick intro to relational data modeling and SQL. I would have like to have spent some more time in practice with writing to and reading from databases via Python as the jump from executing a script in SQLite/ database manager to creating a cursor and executing formatted scripts and fetching the results is a little wide.

As always, great materials, but could have done better with more practice.

por Udbhav J

16 de Set de 2017

Decent course but some of the assignments required a lot of initiative to go and search the web in order to fully understand them. Material is understandable and very clearly presented allowing for a natural progression from the previous courses in this specialization. I am glad that I understand more about how Python works although I am not sure I am confident enough to apply some of the higher order skills taught in this course.

por Justin G

15 de Fev de 2016

The course is great in that I felt I gained alot of insight into how data mining is done but I don't feel I gained much skill in using databases with python. The assignments are making minuscule modifications to existing code. I think it would have been a better exercise to either write a new program for each assignment or have the student build out a single program throughout the course. But, as always, Dr. Chuck is the best.

por Bharat P

29 de Ago de 2020

A great course. I loved reviewing the worked examples and working on the assignments. I understand that this course gave a taste of what is possible with databases and Python. I understand that. I suggest having more involved extra-credit assignments. For my part, I shall take some of Dr. Chuck's samples and line-by-line attempt to reproduce (or reverse-engineering his results) and to really grasp his nifty syntax.

por Joseph D

24 de Ago de 2021

The concepts presented in this course were helpful in learning how python can be used to structure and architect databases. I would have like more exercises that required me to generate my own code. There is a large component of downloading and running code that is already written with very little editing and generally no debugging. I felt that the course was a little too easy towards the end because of that.

por Chao Z

18 de Fev de 2016

This course gives very basic information about using python to retrieve web data in json and html format. It's helpful and makes the learners feel good. This course is that it prepares almost ready codes for every test and homework. This could be a good reference for people who want know how to do sth, but have no much time digging into the complex way. However, it may also reduce the strength of learning.

por Vicente G R

16 de Abr de 2021

I believe the assignments tend be too easy and do not promote using the learned concepts in different ways. Also, I believe that some explanations were missing. In general, I think that including material as in the last assignment with script or code not covered in the course (javascript/html) is not a good idea because we end up using something without understanding fully how it works.

por Djamshid B

2 de Dez de 2019

As usual Professor Charles Severance was too meticulous to make a course taker understand the fundamentals of database design and querying. However, as a certified database administrator I lacked the information on normal forms - the framework for any relational database architecture. However, maybe I am just requiring too much from the short course for beginners.


21 de Mar de 2020

Good course. However I think it would be better if the codes are not spoon fed. May be I could be wrong and that is how it needs to be taught - but when codes are mostly written, simple hacks can generate credits. But the hardwork of Mr Severance and his invisible colleagues is visible in every lecture and slides!!! Thanks to Mr Severance for wonderful experience

por Fredrik M

30 de Out de 2016

This works really well for an introduction on databases and how to use them with Python. The exercises are maybe a bit too easy. On the one hand, this makes it easy to actually complete the course (and you still learn the basics), but on the other hand, you don't get that familiar with the material.

The lecturer is intelligent and funny and structured.

por 王颖亮

3 de Jul de 2018

I think this course is a bit of shorter. The final assignment could be arranged in a way more challenging than now it is. Besides, there are a lot of features in SQL can dig in, say LEFT/RIGHT/OUTER JOIN, GROUP BY, HAVING, Nested SQL structure, some basic SQL formula/functions like Max/Min/Sum/Average which is not tricky and fundamental in SQL.

por Jaydeep T

31 de Jan de 2021

A lot of code is done based on other technologies that most people don't know about. Dr. Chuck doesn't get to go in detail about that. I think the course structure should cover everything (at least at a basic level) that is used in a code. Some students may not find it too hard but not everyone here is from CS background. Good course overall.

por Abheeshta P

29 de Nov de 2019

Another great course by Dr. Chuck. He is eloquent, patient and clear about what his explaining. However, I feel that he should have gone into greater detail about certain topics such as APIs, geodata and database management. Nevertheless, this is an excellent course and everyone interested in database management (using Python) should try it.

por Akshat A

20 de Mai de 2018

I understand that delving into databases was not the motive and based on that the brevity of this course is rather appreciated. Although superficial examples raised the bar too high. Geo-coding example kind of turned down the spirits since i was unable to understand whether or not to understand the given JS and HTML codes.

por Carl B

20 de Abr de 2018

Really enjoyed the course however I found some language not explained properly in enough detail. Also found some of the worked examples too complete. Had to go over and rewrite from scratch so I understood fully - would be nice if some had a couple of assignments, one simpler and one complex so its not so much of a leap

por Julian F C Q

1 de Nov de 2019

It is a great course, but it would have been great that it included how to perform data visualization in Python instead of just showing Javascript code. And I would also like to recommend to write at leat most of the SQL statements instead of just pasting them. Having said that, thank you Chuck for your efforts!

por Benjamin N

2 de Set de 2018

I think the assignments could be harder.

The allotted tasks sound really difficult, but you're given base code which requires minimal changes, if any. I think that more challenging tasks would aid my retention better. As it is, I think I will want to look up additional exercises in the textbook, or something.


7 de Ago de 2020

The way of teaching SQL was very good but the last week which included visualization was bad.I thought that visualization would be done by using python or in jupyter but it was done using javascript(which is not included in course) and giving no idea on using js and html but overall the course was GOOD!!

por ali s

4 de Ago de 2018

The course was great. I feel though that the code walk thrus are not thorough enough; and thats important for someone with no background in coding. Often a new concept/line of code comes in and is not dealt with in sufficient detail that leads you confused and ruining the whole program understanding.

por Joseph V

20 de Jun de 2017

This was a good generic course. The only thing I'd like to see is accessing other types of database - I work in an environment which utilizes MS SQL Server, and will need to do a bunch of researching and trial and error to figure out what Libraries need to be included and how to connect the databases.

por djamileh

9 de Ago de 2018

As usual, intuitive, clear, well structured and amazingly informative.

The missing star : A bit less coding than the other classes on Python - that is, using a lot of code already written and just modifying it. Thus, it might feel like you know the code but you have just "seen" it.

por Eugene B

23 de Jan de 2019

This course could've been a little more challenging. Too many assignments were just "run the files provided." I don't feel like I ended up getting to know the material quite as much as the previous courses. I ended up re-writing a lot of code myself just to get to know it better.

por Daniel H

8 de Mai de 2017

Good instruction on SQL. Final project was too simple given the tools that instructor had armed us without throughout the course. Could've had more programming involved in the last assignment of the course to really test knowledge on integrating python with SQL and databases.