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This course will introduce the core data structures of the Python programming language. We will move past the basics of procedural programming and explore how we can use the Python built-in data structures such as lists, dictionaries, and tuples to perform increasingly complex data analysis. This course will cover Chapters 6-10 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. This course covers Python 3....
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7 de dez de 2020

Excellent explanation. Professor Charles kept the course from being monotonous. Learnt in depth about reading from file, sorting dictionaries and appending lists. Looking forward to learn more courses


18 de jun de 2020

Great course for pyhton. Loved this course and enjoyed it. Thanks to Dr.Chuck. If anyone who want to take a course which is well explained and fun for python learning, then Hey!!! this is your course.

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por Zhi L

4 de mai de 2021

The professor applied a very clear logic to the explanation of Python concepts and skills, and his style is engaging to inspire my interest in programming. Previously, I had very little coding experience, and only read a Python book. That book confused me by complicated concepts and there were many parts where I didn't know why it used some certain syntax. In this class, most of my confusion got solved. I felt confortable with the professor's clarification and appreciated the bonus talks of IT experts. As a beginner, I enjoyed this charming course. Thank you, Dr. Severance.

por Monceni A P M

14 de ago de 2022

Thank you prof. Charles,

The course of data structures teach me a lot. It was difficult for me to work with dictionaries because it was the first time that I used them and lost so much time in just one program that I honestly tought that I could not make it.

Thank fou for the explanations, the examples, the interviews and everything you did to make it perfect. For me, the best of the course is professor Charles teachings and attitude. I really enjoy the videos and you traveling around the world!

I can not thank you enough!.

Best regards,

Monceni Anabel Perez

por Muhammad Z

7 de mai de 2020

It was an exceptional and amazing journey, I had not expected that tutors on Coursera are that much experts, they are fluent and know what they are doing and not even single time he hesitated. Great Job, Sir if you are reading my review, I just wanted to hug you. I have a request can you please make a course on JavaScript. I am a very enthusiast of javascript, but I haven't found that much good teacher, whom I could understand. Mine concepts regarding this course are crystal cleared. Thumbs Up, I hope you stay safe and happy always. An inspired student, M.Zubair

por Patricia H W

9 de set de 2016

I rated this class 5/5 because the instruction, content, resources, and pacing are all excellent, and this course is true to its description. Highly recommended for anyone who has taken Python for Everybody (Getting Started in Python). These two courses are a best match for someone learning their first programming language. Learning with Professor Severance is fun, in bite-sized pieces, and with just enough challenge to keep you engaged and moving forward without getting discouraged. Professor Severance has mastered teaching programming at scale. Thank you!

por Halemo G

20 de out de 2020

At first , Thanks Dr. Chuck . I learned a lot in this course . Not only about python basics , but also about life requirements and that you should always be sociable and being sociable will improve you in many ways . Before , I thought that we don't really need to meet people to benefit . Of course , we don't meet people to benefit only . But , I always saw meeting people that is a waste of time . About the course , It is awesome and the most thing I liked is the assignments that mostly are competitive and its solution didn't come in the lectures . Thanks

por Odra G

28 de set de 2020

Dr. Chuck makes the 2nd course easy to follow after the very first intro to Python basics. The exercises are more complex but all the info has been given to solve them. I've learned that even though we are at the very beginning of knowing a programming language we can keep going. Maybe I'll try what Dr. Chuck says and have another intro python class and when I'm more comfortable I might join a programming camp, so I can switch job. Definitely this course made clear that I like learning about programming and I'll continue learning with Coursera and Dr. Chuck.

por Bill F

19 de mar de 2021

The lectures are excellent, details are fully explained and demonstrated, the line pf progression is logical and I really enjoyed the flexibility of being able to go back over those bits that I found I neded further work on. The quiz structure is great and I was able to use the as a learning cycle. I would suggest that the quiz ethos could be extended to sub parts of the teaching so as to provide an enhanced learning prop.

What I did find awkward was the process of being able to resume activity after a break. Perhaps this area could be made more facile?

por Mark L

9 de out de 2017

OK, things are getting real! Now you start to see the power! In terms of difficulty, the difference between this and the first course was quite big. I enjoyed it, but I made the mistake of not dedicating enough time and not doing enough extra examples. If you really want to get the most out this course and get to know python, then this course will make you realize that you're going to have to put in some time and keep it fresh. Otherwise, the list comp side of it and how to manipulate structures is not going to come easy ... trust me. Still, very cool.

por Syed S A

1 de jun de 2020

This 2nd course of Python specialization (Python Data Structure) really made me love Python and coding in general. Dr. Chuck has taught so well that literally all my doubts got clear till the end of the course. If you want to learn python than there is no better medium and course to learn it from than Python for everybody specialization. Also the teaching staff (TA) is very helpful ,all the doubts or problems that get posted on discussion forums get answered within reasonable time and they don't ignore anyone, each and everyone's posts gets responded.

por Sarah B

3 de jul de 2019

Really great course for someone who has no (or little) programming experience. It was amazing how quickly we were able to write code that actually accomplished something. Dr. Chuck is a great professor and explains the concepts very well. His passion is contagious - I'm really excited to learn more Python and more programming! At the end he also gives great tips on what to do next - how to pursue Python and computer science, how to approach getting a job, or how to use what you've learned at your current job. You have nothing to lose - take the class!

por Ihtyaz K T

14 de jun de 2020

The course is provides an excellent opportunity for newcomers who are oblivious to programming and who also, at the same time, are enthusiastic about programming (Python) and are willing to take some time off their daily lives and dedicate it to learning such a prominent programming language course. I'd like to extend my sincerest respects to Dr.Chuck (course instructor) for breaking down everything in such a simple manner for everyone's convenience. Would highly recommend that everyone, who's willing to learn Python enroll into this course.


por adam j

17 de ago de 2019

while there were parts of this course that I struggled with, there were really good forums(mods) to help me guide me in the right direction. while they don't give you an answer they do guide you in the right way to help you complete the assignments. I liked the pace of the course as it has broken down in very easy to understand videos.

After completing the course I felt that I had a better understanding of what was covered int he course and when looking back at my notes and some earlier video laugh at how much I have learnt over the last week or so

por arman

21 de abr de 2020

Dr Charles is really a good teacher in Python. His presentation skills are encouraging for beginners like me in this particular language and it is also enjoyable. I was struggling to learn this language and have searched for several resources online but none of them were able to make me comprehend the basics of Python. I am happy that I have come across this course taught by Dr Charles. I have already completed the first two of the specialization and hoping to continue with the remaining ones which will help me gain valuable skills in Python.

por Boris M

2 de out de 2015

Well structured course. After completing the first course it is safe to play the video lectures at x1.5 speed and still absorb the material. The course can be completed in a day or two over a weekend. Be prepared, most of the assignments deal with parsing string data but I found it to be an excellent way to get used to syntax structure of loops and data structures. The professor works through the assignments after you have completed them and that presents a great opportunity to check the efficiency of your code compared to a professional.

por Nickson O

17 de mai de 2020

The instructor has made learning Python structures more enjoyable and digestible. Each exercise is a buildup of the previous knowledge. Every concept is interconnected, and as we get deeper into Python, data structures are ever more important. They are the basic building blocks. As a learner, I have discovered Python isn't as simple as the instructor has made it to look. And this is a nice thing because it keeps me going and wanting to learn further. I like the way the lecturer has focused on imparting the basics upon which I can polish.

por Tuo K

24 de jan de 2018

Very good. Two suggestions from my point of view would be: First, it would be even better if some flashes/animated films be used to illustrate the logic behind python programming. The trace of the electronic pen seems a little bit hard to catch sometimes. Also, as a learner who doesn’t live in the US, I sometimes find a few “American English” words/slangs hard to understand, for example “blast off” and “histagram”? Although I can guess what they mean, but still it would be better if more “International English” can be used in the course.

por Rebecca E G

4 de abr de 2017

As the second course in the specialization, I continue to find the material covered to be useful and fairly easy to learn. Between the first and second course, I feel like both courses were able to lay and build upon a foundation of knowledge with each chapter covered. I did find the second course to be a little more difficult, but one would expect this with the addition of more code learned. However, I still felt like the graded exercises weren't too difficult to complete as a beginner to Python. Can't wait to enroll in the next course!

por Moataz B

22 de abr de 2020

Before this course, I have had many bad experiences in learning coding, so I hated codingbut while I am surfing the internet and I read about image processing, machine learning, ...etcI found me interested in these fields but I found that I have to learn Pythonso I decided to take this coursenow,I love Python, the instructor (Dr. Chuck) teachs python in very simple way and he is amazingnow, I can say that I took the first step to start in my goal to learn more advanced application of Python

Thank you Dr. Chuck for this amazing experience

por Neil N

11 de mai de 2021

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. I had taken an introductory computer science course from MIT on EdX in 2018. Having retired, I dont use Python on a daily basis. I wanted to refresh my Python skills relating to data structures. This course was perfect! It is an excellent course for anyone who wants to learn Python. Assignments are very practical. Chuck, the teacher, is very friendly and enthusiastic. The textbook is affordable. All in all, it is an ideal course for beginners, who may be anxious about learning a programming language.

por Nicholas D

28 de set de 2020

Chuck is an amazing professor. It's engaging and fun. I have had sooo many professors that make you fall asleep, but this guy is just amazing.

The course is easy if you have done anything with coding before and is a good simple starting point for everyone that hasn't done any coding yet and wants a first good introduction to it.

The course plus some googling helped me write a script to automate a pretty tedious task at work. And that's exactly what's so amazing about it. Python can be used for anything and any industry, job, etc.

por Mah F K

23 de abr de 2020

The professor explains very well, especially for beginners, to understand the concepts, and picks out on areas where we usually mess up the most. Areas that beginners wouldn't be able to notice if no one directly told us about, and will spend another few hours trying to debug the codes. The slides are also prepared very well, it helped visualise the output of the problem we are trying to solve. Overall, will definitely recommend this course to beginners or those that need a refresher on the basics and data structures of Python.

por Gautham G S

2 de ago de 2017

This course is amazing and teaches some really cool stuff that you can do with data structures. There are three basic data structures that the course touches on: lists, dictionaries, and tuples. In addition, the chapter on files puts together pieces of information that you learned in the previous course on getting started with Python. What makes this course fun is that it provides the right amount of theoretical information with contextual examples to help illustrate the concepts. Overall, I highly recommend taking this course.

por Stefan C

18 de out de 2016

Short lectures, good notes, and the assignments and quiz ensure you understand the material very well. Although it was more difficult than part 1, I still found everything very easy to digest and understand. Would definitely recommend to beginners or someone looking to learn programming in Python. For a more in depth general understanding of Computer Science, Take CS50 on EDX. That course is very challenging. I'm taking both at the same time and although different languages (C and Python), they serve as a nice counter balance.

por Brian D H I

10 de set de 2020

The course is great and Dr. Chuck is incredible. I started the course with high hopes, trying to learn something during the pandemic and completely fell in love with programming, I'm an undergrad physics student and although I love physics more than programming I feel like this is a path I want to keep pursuing, I'm sure that what I've learned and will learn will be extremely useful in my field, thanks Dr. Chuck, thanks for introducing me to the world of programming an giving the initial tools to finally get started.

por Shehan A T

24 de dez de 2022

I followed computer science in my first two years as an undergraduate. I have learned to implement data structures using Java. However, following this course, I found using data structures in python is easier. Before taking this course I read Python for Everybody eBook and it practiced python coding a lot. It helped me to do the assignments with ease. Although, listening to lectures by Dr. Severance helped me better understand the concepts and improve my knowledge. Therefore, I can say that this course is really valuable.