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This course introduces class participants to the political significance and societal consequences of challenges facing U.S. and international policymakers. It is designed to help participants develop skills to analyze policy proposals and advocate for their preferred options for issues on the public policy agenda ahead. The class assumes basic knowledge about governing institutions and democratic processes, while recommending supplemental materials for further study to complement reading links provided. The course focuses on future policy challenges, while examining the broad historical context in which policies are adopted and implemented. As the course evaluates how issues are advanced by private sector interests, non-governmental organizations, and government policymakers, it examines how groups become effective policy advocates. Particular attention is paid to how winning coalitions are formed and how issue framing shapes the outcome of policy campaigns. The goal is neither to produce partisan talking points, nor to favor one governance philosophy over others. Rather it is to clarify the public policy challenges ahead and to enhance participants’ understanding of how policy options are adopted in the real world arena of contemporary politics....

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26 de Set de 2019

To know the "Public Policy Challenges of the 21st Century" is more essential for the global people in this era. Thanks for the opportunity. I hope it will give a concise idea to learn on it...

23 de Abr de 2020

This course does not focus on any partisan interest but rather inspires you to think deeply, challenges you to reason beyond the status quo, and empowers you with the tools to make an impact!

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por Ananya S

22 de Mai de 2020

Greetings! I'm an Indian student taking this course hoping to join the Indian Civil Services. Firstly I'd like to thank you for this is excellent course. My favourite part was the discussion with Dee Dee Myers, I could listen to her speak all day and also Senator Tim Kaine. Sadly the course did not live upto my expectations. Please seriously consider my feedback, especially the areas where I thought you could improve in:Tye course gave only an American perspectiveTitle should have been: Public Policy Challenges in USANon-American students are not able to understand it as we don't have the contextAlmost zero examples from other countries & culturesSome students like me need to switch on subtitles to be able to clearly understand the content being spoken so I wasn't able to read and understand the questions or statements that you're showing in the video at the bottom. I believe the way you're presenting questions after the video ends is a better way.You can learn a lot from Yale University's course "Moral Foundations of politics" available on coursera

por Nynke v D

31 de Jan de 2016

Primarily focused on US politics and the US policy system. Discusses mostly the problems with the US system of governance and it therefore not really useful for international viewers.

por Benjamin P J

26 de Set de 2020

This was a very enjoyable and thought-provoking course which examined a variety of policy issues. I particularly liked the non-partisan nature of discussions, and the presence of a broad range of speakers with different experience and viewpoints. The pre-lecture readings, lecture transcripts, note-taking option and on-screen discussion questions all helped to create a very learner-friendly experience. While the discussions centre on American policy issues, many of these are invariably general enough to apply to any country (e.g. healthcare challenges, governance structures, etc). I would recommend reading the National Intelligence Council report (found under 'suggested readings') before beginning module 2, as this provides a global overview of many of the issues to be discussed in subsequent weeks.

por Diptarka S

15 de Out de 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and had the opportunity to re-evaluate and analyze my own class lessons as a MA Public Policy and Governance student back in India. The key element about this course is the unbiased universal approach to the public policy challenges the world faces today at transnational, national and local levels. Even an average non-policy student will be able to comprehend most of the talks in this course. Though this course focuses more on the US perspective, the challenges talked about in here are global which may benefit a citizen of any country influenced by public institutions.

Key takeaway- The GT 2030 report reference in each session made all the discussed policy challenges easy to understand.

por Lorelyn D

31 de Out de 2020

I am from the Philippines, advocating Constitutional Changes for Federal and Parliamentary and for strong political parties system. Passionate as I am in public service, I became one of the founders of the Centrist Democratic Party of the Philippines which vision and goals were so clear to me. But reality is harsh. ... Yet after having this lesson here, I have learned so much and emboldened and empowered to use these aspirations and realizations in my own country and to perserver.

por Edgar C

1 de Nov de 2020

Es un curso muy bueno, creo que hoy día a todos nos tiene que interesar la política porque es lo que marca nuestro destino y el destino de nuestros hijos. Justamente estoy pensando realizar una Maestría en Gobernanza y Política Publica, solamente que aun estoy preparado lo suficiente en el idioma ingles, pero este me ayudo bastante con la modalidad de subtitulo en que imparte el presente curso. Muchas gracias Coursera por la oportunidad.

por SAAD W G

30 de Jun de 2020

this course was quite fruitful. I really enjoyed it at large. An amazing thing related to the course was that it put a complete picture of many problems lying ahead in near future and, moreover, some potential ways to tackle them in best possible manners. Additionally, it encouraged the students to come forward with creative thinking to undertake the coming pandorabox full of atrocious setbacks.

por Thomas C

23 de Jun de 2017

At this point, the "Public Policy Challenges of the 21st Century" course is one-of-a-kind innovative effort to provide an overview of the field and what a MPP program might look like for people interested in tackling public policy issues. The Batten School is leading the way on this and I hope to visit the program in person in the fall. I also hope to see more like it on Coursera in the future.

por Samah A J

26 de Fev de 2020

The course puts the challenges on the table of discussion and encourages them to find common ground. Although the world needs armchair analysts, passionate women, and men who are creative with policy alternatives are needed. To know when to compromise after considering the principles and crafting the tools is my lesson learned. I passed the course but it is not a 'touch and go' course.

por Eloise C

26 de Nov de 2019

































usefull for my relfexions about the challenges i'll have to take on in the future. It really encouraged my to think about several subjects. It also really prouve me that I can influence on those challenges, and I feel I can be usfull to my and all the futures générations. A lot was said during those courses, but I know much remains to be said…

por Tawni M

29 de Set de 2015

It has provided me the knowledge and hope to be able to stay on top of local and federal government. The course was easily accessible and with the ability to go at my own pace to research, daily tasks and disability; I was able to successfully gain the knowledge I have desired for so long. Thank UVA and Frank Batton for providing this opportunity and gift of knowledge.

por Mohamed A

5 de Ago de 2020

In the formation of grand strategies that remains ambitious Proper Puplic Policy formation can address the disconnections in the knowledge management which seems a particular challenge in the post-conflict states. This course is important and it is recommended to all those who are dealing with any of the challenges in the public sector in General.

por Stacey H

28 de Mai de 2018

Truly an excellent course with a diverse selection of topics and speakers. I was blown away. However, I am doing this in 2018. Given the drastic changes in American Politics since the November 2016 elections, which is causing tectonic shifts in global policy issues, this course needs to be URGENTLY updated. By the way, I am NOT an American citizen.

por Annabella R

19 de Ago de 2015

Wonderful speakers! Prof Warburg was artful and generous in this curriculum with a great showcase of speakers, topics and richness of content.. I took as a review and refresher of US public policy and also wanting to know the most current issues/ conversations. The Frank Batten School and UVA were amazing, timely and thoughtful. Thank you!!

por Alisher J

7 de Set de 2015

This course was higly informative. Throughout this course, new things will be learned and lessons are pretty understandable.

What I like most about this course, is that there were actual students, asking questions, which put me into atmosphere of real university.

Thank you, Professor Warburg and all the staff and lecturers that were invited!


3 de Out de 2020

Amazing course! Especially if you are a novice and want to comprehend U.S policy. However, it also brings up universal topics that are affecting our daily life and will affect our way to discuss policy. Because at the end of the day, we all talk about politics and give opinions. This course will give fundaments to several opinions.

por Ambika K

26 de Jan de 2018

Fantastic Learning! I am a Public Policy professional in India- working on specific US- India Policies, for over a decade. This Course helped me learn/ reinforce many ideas and idealogies that will help broaden my thinking horizon- and approach towards domestic and multinational public policies ( making and implementation).

Thank You!

por Imran U A

21 de Abr de 2017

A Very informative course that makes ones mind open that rapid technological changes are not enough to put peer presure on the policy making governing departments, rather an input at each level (citizens & Public) and thinking at broader aspect can bring the constant change to a new level and thus will benefit the national interest.

por Kevin R A B

29 de Jul de 2020

An informative and very relevant discussion. This will surely help us. future policy makers in understanding issues that affects our nations on a national level and even on an international level. I hope that there will be part two of this course that focuses on Local Government or State Government. Thank you and God Bless.

por Latagia C

16 de Jul de 2017

I loved this course. I learned a lot and got to see things that I probably wouldn't have ever been able to otherwise. Not only was the course informational and enlightening, it was also extremely empowering. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in policy, public service, or government.

por Melissa B

3 de Out de 2015

This course has been outstanding, from the professor and the quality of guest speakers. Thank you so much for giving the opportunity for those of us abroad to be able to take this course and increment the knowledge we have about public policy and how we can become the future leaders of the world in our countries.

por Marianne P

26 de Jul de 2020

A fascinating overview of public policy's current and future challenges. As a political science major I was familiar with some of the topics, but it was intriguing to learn more about policy and hear from experts. The weekly course load is not overwhelming but still educational, which was certainly a plus.

por James H

16 de Mai de 2018

Thoroughly enjoyed and learnt so much. Although not based in the US I was able to learn a lot that can be applied in my own country. A fantastic course with brilliant guest speakers. I also want to thank Professor Warburg who presented really well and made the whole course educational but not overwhelming.

por Masood A L

26 de Ago de 2015

"Public Policy Challenges of the 21st Century" is the nice course for understanding the political and healthcare system of United Stated, before passing this course i was very bit aware of the healthcare system of the US but now i feel that i have know how of Public Policy Challenges of the 21st Century.

por Vivi F

14 de Jun de 2020

My first Coursera course and I really enjoyed it and have learned a lot. Was engaging and challenged me a bit too. Given the rapid rate of change (in the US and globally) it would be great to have an updated version of this course to account for Trump's election and the chaos of Corona virus.