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Not all programs are created equal.  In this course, we'll focus on writing quality code that runs correctly and efficiently.  We'll design, code and validate our programs and learn how to compare programs that are addressing the same task....

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12 de Jul de 2020

Solid course that dives deeper into the fundamentals of CS. Great instruction, attention to detail and the excercises are adequately challenging for beginners and lower-intermediate programmers.

21 de Mai de 2020

Great instructors, liked the way they reinforced concepts through quizzes during lecture. Also appreciated and enjoyed the content of the lectures as well as the project assignments.

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por haozhen

2 de Jun de 2020

This is a small course, but I have to say that I learned a lot from it. As a python developer, many of the features this course talk about is unfamliar to me. I never write test before and also catch errors. In this course, I learned how to write doctest which I think is great! And I also learned the hieranchy structure of Exceptions which I think can be very helpful for my future usage of Python. Thanks a lot! Looking forward that you can make more great courses on Python!

por Paolo M

28 de Jul de 2017

Excellent course! I've enjoyed every bit of it, especially the "automated testing" and the "create your own types" parts. If you are new to programming, this course teaches some principles you would spend a long time looking for them on your own on the Internet. And you might not even be lucky enough to get there, if you just stick to the "sequential" programming and "print" statements.

por Nathaniel B

7 de Ago de 2017

Excellent course! Highly recommended as a next step to anyone that has finished the Python for Everybody specialization and is looking for a bit more of a challenge and to go deeper into Python. Really hope to see more from this team in the future! Thank you so much for your efforts. It has made a difference in my life :D

por Lance B C

9 de Jul de 2018

Instructors, material and course structure were great! Only wish I could take this class with a friend to push me to work faster and smarter. Learned a lot from this class.

por Kenta S

25 de Mai de 2019

This is a good course to further Python programming skill after completing the fundamental course offered by the same teachers.

por Alexandre d F O

10 de Ago de 2021

The Quizzes in this course are WAY more fair than in the first one. They are not theoretical tricks like in the first module, they are more direct to the point and the goal is to make you go back and maybe pay more attention to what was said.

Week 2 is by far the MOST difficult one, so endure it because after that weeks 3 - 4 - 5 will be a peace of cake.

The common problem between the two courses is the lack of programming exercices and then sundely the throw a HUGE exercice, it´s not even a matter of being difficult, it´s so big that you can´t make heads and tails of what you´re suppose to do, what demands you a lot of time and focus.

I really loved the sorting algorithms section (I already had it in another course but I understood better here) and Classes are made simple and easy.

I´d recommend both modules to someone that has some programming experience, they do a really nice job into training you to have codes that look more professional in my experience. Now I caught myself using the "formula" they printed in your mind when I do a task, and I love it!

por Mau B

31 de Mai de 2020

Great course. Way better than the Fundamentals for me. I felt more compelled to really try and do all the exercises. It was harder and took way more time than the first course for me but it was worth it. I feel more competent and closer to being a programer. Just a quick note, be patient and try all the times you need if you fail. you'll learn more from every failure.

por Juan A W

30 de Mai de 2020

The concepts explained in the lectures make students know exactly about it as a whole rather than only knowing how to use it. Quality of explanation by the lecturers are top notch, easy to understand while giving some comprehensive things. Will surely remember the things learned here. Thank You Jen and Paul!

por Morgan E

23 de Set de 2018

I really enjoyed this course. I wanted an accelerated introduction to python since I didn't know it at all and this worked well for that purpose. It was very thorough and a good fast pace for people that are already familiar with programming in general.

por Kristina G

20 de Jul de 2017

I'm a total beginner with Python and I found this course challenging yet accessible. The mentors were very helpful when I got stuck at certain points on assignments. I would recommend this course to everyone!

por Hugo B M

16 de Mar de 2017

A good follow up to the first part, I found the testing section particularly useful. I could only wish the course was longer and delved deeper into Classes and Exceptions.

por Trong T L

3 de Mai de 2019

The instructors' explanations were excellent. Topic regarding algorithm can have a little bit of background, because jumping into that right away was a little confusing.

por Felix N

28 de Mai de 2017

This course is not for experienced programmer want to learn how to write good code, as it goes through very basic things. It's not even for beginners want to learn how to program, as the course doesn't cover all necessary every topic in programming, and no topic are taught in depth. Furthermore, this course does not teach you much about programming in general, instead focus too much on programming techniques using Python; therefore don't expect to learn anything here if you're a java/c++/anything_else programmer.

Misleading title, unorganized content, confusing purpose, unengaging instructors (did I mention that above?); consider those words and decide if the course is for you.

por Jun-Ting Y

19 de Fev de 2018

Really enjoyed this as a continuation of the fundamentals and liked how it introduced us to the complex concepts at a starter level, like for testing for errors and using the debugger. I previously wrote code without the descriptions and I found that to be good practice to continue. I enjoyed the assessments and the peer-review was useful in seeing how other people wrote their code, comparing it to my own. I especially like the Rat-Race assessment (and the one in LTP: The Fundamentals using the time) where we write half the code and the other half it is pre-written so we can see how our code contributes to a game/program that is actually playable.

por Eduardo M

24 de Jun de 2017

The best thing about this course is that it was meant for you to struggle and figure out how to solve your problems. It makes you think rather than memorize, which I appreciate 100%. The only thing I would possibly modify would be that if you do get marked off for a submission, give feedback to why that was incorrect. Not to give away the answer, but to have the learner understand WHY they were marked off.

Other than that, this course was very valuable into making me a better programmer. THANK YOU!

por Gian-Franco S

9 de Ago de 2021

Again, very good course with both good explanation and examples. Great complement to the first course, "Learn to program: The fundamentals". Would recommend this course to anyone who already did his first (small) steps in python andwants to learn more.

When you need help you can ask the forum and you’ll get a response within some days, which does not tell you the solution of the exercise but leads you towards it. – that’s how it should be!

por Minh D

11 de Dez de 2018

If you are feel very hard to learn to coding (Python) even after taking a few coding course. "Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code", teacher make the knowledge very consice, conherence, intuitive, good arrangement so you feel absorbing it naturally. Teachers also put into the course their expertise of professional coding, computational thinking to solve problem.

por piotrbrendan

6 de Jan de 2018

Exceptionally well introduced material, it is a natural extension of previous course: Learn to Program: The Fundamentals. It would be marvelous if Uni of Toronto introduced more intermediate python classes online.

Thank you for providing this classes - I really have the expression that I have learned a lot having a lot of fun at the same time

por Mohammad K

1 de Mar de 2019

Very good course for beginners. Good content presentation as well. This course also focuses on writing quality code in style.

I had basic knowledge on python and object oriented programming before taking this course and still I learned much about coding from this course.

Thanks to University of TORONTO and Coursera for this course.

por Marko G

12 de Mar de 2018

Course was very meticoulusly planned and structured. The teachers are simply amazing and I couldn't recommend them more. However, it seams to me that the final task was a bit to ambitious, at least for me. It got me stranded staring at the screen. Perhaps it is just me, but I don't know. Anyway - 5 stars from me.

por Ambika L

18 de Jul de 2020

The course is good with good level of quiz questions and assignments. Easy to follow and faster to complete. But, only short glimpse of exception handling is provided. More focus is on Object Oriented Programming and Debugging and algorithm. Should be taken!

por Gavin T

28 de Mar de 2018

A good coverage of some intermediate level python techniques. I liked the section on testing and the peer reviewed assignment. However, I felt it would have been good to have one more assignment to practice the algorithms section of the course.

por Andrew B

7 de Nov de 2017

Again a very good course taught by these tutors. Questions are hard and require thought but as with the Fundamentals course this means that the lessons have to have be learnt and understood in order to progress effectively.

por Yuliya K

11 de Jun de 2021

This course was very useful for me. It offers tons of exercises and quizzes to test your understanding. And I really like the lecturers - they are amazing. I'd love to see a next, 3rd course on Python from these teachers.

por Austin P

19 de Jun de 2017

Good intro course - if the lectures are a little slow you can watch them in 1.5 - 2x speed. Recommend coding examples during lectures to go to give more exposure to the concept since there is only one coding assignment.