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Princípios da Programação Funcional em Scala, Escola Politécnica Federal de Lausana

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Functional programming is becoming increasingly widespread in industry. This trend is driven by the adoption of Scala as the main programming language for many applications. Scala fuses functional and object-oriented programming in a practical package. It interoperates seamlessly with both Java and Javascript. Scala is the implementation language of many important frameworks, including Apache Spark, Kafka, and Akka. It provides the core infrastructure for sites such as Twitter, Tumblr and also Coursera. In this course you will discover the elements of the functional programming style and learn how to apply them usefully in your daily programming tasks. You will also develop a solid foundation for reasoning about functional programs, by touching upon proofs of invariants and the tracing of execution symbolically. The course is hands on; most units introduce short programs that serve as illustrations of important concepts and invite you to play with them, modifying and improving them. The course is complemented by a series programming projects as homework assignments. Recommended background: You should have at least one year programming experience. Proficiency with Java or C# is ideal, but experience with other languages such as C/C++, Python, Javascript or Ruby is also sufficient. You should have some familiarity using the command line....

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por RS

Oct 09, 2016

Really good explanation by the instructor. Good assignments. The assignments gave a good insights into functional programming. I loved the way the problems were decomposed into neat smaller functions.

por VP

Sep 14, 2018

It took me much longer than expected to finish the course and sometimes it made me feel stupid and helpless. Diving into functional programming was a mind bending experience, totally worth time spent!

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Apr 20, 2019

I am a beginner in Functional Programming and Scala. It was difficult for me to understand the concepts on my own in the organisation project work. This course by the creator, Martin Odersky, has really helped me understand the basics of Functional programming and Scala in detail. I have thoroughly enjoyed the amazing exercises that have been created with deep thinking. IT has helped me to hone the skills and apply them in real project. Given proper time and effort one can finish this course in 1 month.

por Ankit Jaiswal

Apr 17, 2019

This is very nice course

por Konstantin Sidorov

Apr 16, 2019

A bit on the easy side, but otherwise a great FP 101 course

por Alex Lindsay

Apr 14, 2019

A great start. Challenging while informative. The last assignment in the last week really made me think about my approach from a functional programming perspective rather than a procedural approach. It also really made me focus on how to ensure that the types of responses going into a list are of the most compatible narrowest type needed for the task i'm performing. I'm excited to sink my teeth into the next class.

por Rodion Gorkovenko

Apr 14, 2019

I completed this course in a single day (about 8 hours) having substantial experience as java programmer. However I feel that if course is to teach Scala, it should not be so heavy on all functional programming tricks (which in the given examples and assignments are often too artificial, inefficient and awkward). Or if the course is to teach functional programming, probably Scala is not the most user-friendly choice. Also as a developer I feel displeased with assignments stub code poorly formatted with indentation bORken both in classes and functions.

por Russell Williams

Apr 13, 2019

Amazing. Very useful how it started off throwing you into the deep end with recursion, to help jar your mind, opening it to functional.... for those of us who coded imperative for many years

por James Spencer

Apr 12, 2019

Really well organized content, lots of practical application

por Michal Niczyporuk

Apr 10, 2019

Pretty good course on Scala. Only thing they can change is to move Week 4 assignment to week 5 - because Week 5 videos help a lot with it.

por Leow Yao Yang

Apr 07, 2019

The star of this course is the programming assignments which are well-crafted and challenging. Excellent teaching and introduction to Scala!

por Pavel Planko

Mar 31, 2019

Great view on Functional programming. Thank you for course