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This course discusses research findings in the field of positive psychology, conducted by Barbara Fredrickson and her colleagues. It also features practical applications of this science that you can put to use immediately to help you live a full and meaningful life....

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2 de jul de 2018

One of the best psychology courses I have taken. I have learned so much and how simple it is to implement these principles into everyday life. Thank you for providing this rich material to all of us.


2 de set de 2020

This course entitled Positive Psychology changed my perspective in life and cultivated more positivity that will not only stregthen my social relationship, my personality, mindset but also my health.

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por Solène B

16 de out de 2018

very interesting

por Saji G

28 de abr de 2020

Very well done


30 de ago de 2020

Very Helpful!

por Anjul S G

14 de ago de 2020

best educator

por Mihirkumar M

14 de jun de 2021

Great Course

por 梁福雄

14 de dez de 2018

useful class

por Tram L

20 de dez de 2015

very helpful


15 de jun de 2021

good course

por Cesar R O S

7 de set de 2021

buen curso

por Dr S S A

19 de jul de 2021


por Shonal v

4 de mai de 2020

Too Good


25 de jun de 2020


por Ananthapathmanaban.M

28 de ago de 2020


por Narbutayeva N A

27 de ago de 2020


por Mandakini M G

16 de jun de 2022


por Sudha m

8 de jul de 2021


por Suganthi T

4 de ago de 2020


por Hemanth K H S

9 de jun de 2020


por Nayeon L

18 de jan de 2016


por 1808230

8 de abr de 2020


por LaCisha I

20 de out de 2015


por Chris F

21 de jul de 2016

The material here is good, especially for a MOOC, and it seemed like they tried to make it dynamic with the use of questions, discussion, interviews, and extension activities. I'm disappointed, however, that the course focused so heavily on Frederickson's work to the exclusion of others. While I understand that this is where she would feel the most comfortable and familiar, to start with her broaden-and-build theory and continually reference her lab's work, with the additional readings often being her books, it felt limited. I would have liked more of a discussion of the contributions of other psychologists like Seligman, Csikszentmihalyi, Peterson, Diener, Lyubomirsky, etc. Along with that, it could have addressed topics other than emotions (or been titled The Positive Psychology of Emotions), like character strengths, flow, or institution change. I love the fact that this course exists, and it's a good foundation to build on, but it still feels too narrow to claim the title Positive Psychology.

por Lothar H

28 de ago de 2015

the way this course was presented was quite unique: watching a few people from various walks of life (but most related to the University) discuss various topic and exchange opinion and experiences about positivity.

I liked the material provided for meditation about loving kindness and I have been using it on a daily (well 5 days a week) basis.

why I gave only 3 stars:

the material was overall rather shallow - after reading about positive psychology, I still very little substance it has to offer.

in addition. Barbare is not the greatest and most charismatic speaker in the world, although she did surprise me in her TED talk.

in general, human emotions are operating on a scale from positive to negative. Positive Psychology takes a one-sided approach by looking only on the plus side. That is about as incomplete as the approach of focusing only on the pathology. To fully grasp a human being, there must be a third way? is it philosophy?

por Tatiana V

1 de jan de 2021

The course can be summarized as "why it is good to feel good" or how it helps your mindset and health to be positive, while I expected a lot more practical knowledge and recommendations on stimulating positivity in others, for example, in groups or tet-a-tet conversations, study classes, workplace, peer-to-peer, colleague-boss, mother-child relationships etc. Special attention I would put to how to help direct negatively-tuned minds to positivity.

I would go deeper into self-esteem issues and how to work with unstable, easily vulnerable self-esteem, which makes people take a "negative stand" to whatever or whoever from the very beginning.

I had done many psychology courses prior to this one, and it didn't live up to my expectations, unfortunately.

por pedro d

1 de mar de 2022

Mi opinion es que el curso esta muy bien pero la certificacion es horrorosa, si bien es cierto que el curso no tiene creditos no hay nesecidad de manchar el certificado con algo como "certificado sin credito" eso es como si me diren una camisate blanca con una mancha azul.

relamente el certificado yo no pude compartirlo con nadie porque no que miran ese detalle y no entienden simplemnte te descalificaron el certificado.

Ojo, yo en mi caso tome este cruso para un grupo de ayuda en el cual soy lider, pero no puedo compartirlo con nadie porque tiene una marca de de AGUA como un programa de video que esta en forma de "Prueba"

por esa razon no tomare mas cursos aqui porque es solo gastar tu dinero a cambio de algo que no sera de ayuda