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Positive interventions are one of the building blocks for the application of positive psychology in our day-to-day lives. In this course taught by Dr. James Pawelski, we explore positive interventions through theory, research and practice. We provide learners the basic tools for using and measuring positive psychology in professional or personal contexts. Suggested prerequisite: Positive Psychology: Martin E. P. Seligman’s Visionary Science....

Melhores avaliações

18 de Mai de 2020

really joyful course. Some things were of course a repetition of "Resilience Skills" I took before, but it was also a lot of new knowledge. The professor's passion about the topic really comes across

16 de Abr de 2020

A comprehensive introductory view of validated positive interventions in positive psychology, adopting a hands-on approach in assignments to allow all participants to engage in the practices timely.

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por Lydia O

30 de Mai de 2018

A great follow-up to the first course in this certificate, with equally rich information and compelling data. The course is engaging and developed to a high standard.

por Jeroen U

17 de Fev de 2020

A good follow-up on the first course in this specialization. I liked the fact that we got a lot of home work assignments, as it really helped in anchoring those things which were taught.

por Jos D

7 de Mai de 2017

This course was fantastic. I am completely in awe of Positive Psychology and I am so full of gratitude for the opportunity to access to this information via Coursera.

por Cendrine E

28 de Nov de 2019

Excellent course! Very interesting, rich, and well-constructed. J. Pawelski is clear, simple, and uses a lot of relevant metaphors.

Just few things: find solutions to improve students participation and sharing; add some books and articles to read (can be optional); remove the automatic return to the line in the videos transcriptions.

Thanks a lot!

por Michiko K

7 de Set de 2017

I absolutely enjoyed this course. I can use all I have learned in my personal life as well as in my profession. I particularly enjoyed learning about the goal-setting frameworks.

por Aruna J P

11 de Jan de 2019

I am able to apply the learning at both work and life

por Marc G

15 de Set de 2017

This course is superb! Very practical, extremely clear in its layout, very enjoyable overall. The topics explored are very relevant and I was happy that the course is very organized, with 1 week = 1 topic. Seligman's first course was (slightly) harder to follow. Perhaps I would have liked to see a bit more extended, scientific readings of actual scientific findings. This may just be me, but I feel that I don't go deep enough by just watching the lectures and I'd like some article to go with each lecture and delve deeper into that week's topic. Well done, instructors!

por Eric L B

18 de Mar de 2019

This is a very good course. I enjoyed it a lot but I would like a little bit more on how to actually apply applications to not just myself but to others. I guess this is a taster and as a clinician I should look at more advanced courses.

por José F M

6 de Jul de 2017

I think this the course has been great to me because currently I'm in a time of important changes and the course helped me to focus attention on the important things in my life: to be more aware of the things that I really care. I want to recall that thanks this course I have made many reflections and personal work that's going to be very useful for me.

I will continue with the learning and promotion of my wellbeing by doing the rest of Foundations of Positive Psychology courses, and applying the techniques and knowledge in the personal and professional plan that I'm working on, and of course savouring my accomplishments!

Finally, I'd like to point out that I think this course helped me to feel better and to strengthen confidence in myself and what I can do.

por Wilma M - P

29 de Jul de 2018

The course is so engaging, profound and realistic that it has always reminded me the importance of the basics in life, to focus on what really matters most to me and to redirect more of my attention into something that brings me and those dear to me a positive emotion. Dr. James Pawelski did a great job in this course! His thought - provoking inputs and wisdom just come out naturally and appear innate in him. Like Dr. Seligman, his countenance exudes so much positivity! Thank you Dr. Pawelski for making this course meaningful and substantial

por Mari A

12 de Dez de 2018

Intervención y aplicación de técnicas de psicología positiva basado en evidencia. Me gustaría que sea en español sin embargo me ha brindado un gran beneficio en conocimientos que me forman para servir eficientemente en todos los aspectos de mi vida profesional, familiar, social.

por Xavier L

17 de Abr de 2020

A comprehensive introductory view of validated positive interventions in positive psychology, adopting a hands-on approach in assignments to allow all participants to engage in the practices timely.

por Jigisha S

19 de Jul de 2019

Excellent course. It builds up in the first basic course. Besides theoretical understanding the course provides practical tips which are useful in ones own life as well as in guiding others.

por Evelisa Q

14 de Jan de 2019

I love it! Thank you James, and everybody that made this course possible. I has given very valuable assets to my career and to my life. Hope to coincide in soon!

por Antonio S V

2 de Jan de 2019

Experiencia de valor incalculable

Si estas buscando, encontrarás

Si esta explorando, te sorprenderás

Un proceso para disfrutar

Gracias, James Pawelski

por Hajra A

20 de Jan de 2019

I liked every part of it, the way it was explained and guided to carry out exercises is really commendable

por Jianhua H

17 de Out de 2017

It is good course with certain level of exercise which helps a lot.

It shall be better if more reading material can be recommended, and more guests can be invited.

Some key concepts can be explained in more details although I know this is a course of introduction level.

por Carina Z

13 de Set de 2021

What a wonderful course! I will keep moving forward in life what the positive interventions I've learned here! My husband (He did not take this course) bought 2 books: Happy Together by Suzann Pileggi Pawelski and James Pawelski, as soon as I mentioned to him that we do not have to have lots of issues and struggles in our marriage to read this book, I told him that this book might help us to build strong foundations in our marriage, to help us understand our relationship a little bit more and then he surprised me with this. We decided to read the book at the same time, meaning we go to an area of the house and read 1 chapter, so we can discuss it as we go, instead doing it in separate ways. My first language is not English, so it helps me also to understand common American expressions. Thank you Suzann and James P.

por Karla L V G

17 de Mar de 2021

I loved this course, I enjoyed watching all the videos and doing the assignments that always helped me in my day to day. This course have helped me to start applying positive interventions in my life, to get to know myself better and thus help others. Positive Psychology: Applications and Interventions has influenced me so deeply that I continue to learn about it and even study a degree about it. I am very grateful to James because his lectures have inspired me so much and I began to love positive psychology also I appreciate James' course variety to talked about topics that I really needed to learn and practice. I am very grateful to The University of Pennsylvania for offering this well focused course.

Thank you so much. It's an excellent course to take!!

por Felipe F H

3 de Nov de 2018

First of all I´d like to thank very much Dr James Pawelski to accept me as a student of this incredible course. For me this course is really life changing, and a great opportunity.

Although there are many simple everyday tasks, We (students) need to follow it rigorously and be very serious commitment for accomplishing them all. Why? Usually in our lifes we are not trained to seek these emotions and intervene our actions with positive authentic, enthusiastic, and truly emotions. And It all in the name of the real satisfaction, the savoring for seeking happiness in everyday life.

I´m very happy to join this smartly intelligent movement.

I´m searching ways to create changes in my city and country with Positive Interventions.

por Adunni A

21 de Mar de 2021

The course Positive Psychology: Applications and Interventions was great! The presentation style was engaging; the information was informative; the shared research expanded my knowledge-base; and the interventions/applications were practical and doable. I especially enjoyed engaging my family and friends in the "strengths conversations". I also appreciated the additional resources and am especially enjoying the Pawelski's book, HAPPY TOGETHER. The course was professionally and personally relevant as I continue to "dive deeply" into the field of Positive Psychology and to build a repertoire of positive interventions. Thank you!!

por Lingfei S

1 de Jun de 2018

It is such a dramatic reverse of my learning experience of this course.

At the beginning, I feel a little bit boring as the content is more theoretical. But at the end of the course, when I see the farewell of Dr. Pawelski in last video, I felt so sad, and wondering, is it just finished? I don't want to finish.....

In addition, by accident, the lecture, Dr. Pawelski's signature strength which he mentioned in video are the same as mine. Maybe that's the reason most of the questions he concerned are just which I am thinking about. He was like a mentor for me, though he did not know me. I guess it is the power of net class.

por L G P

16 de Fev de 2020

As an educator and researcher myself, it is a joy to participate in a course as well thought out and presented as this course was. It balanced introduction of empiric evidence supporting the concepts presented, with a number of interesting exercises and thought experiments. It should be noted that while some learning clearly can take place within the course, its real value is that it provides a framework for life long learning in this field. I could recommend this course to anyone curious about the basis of positive psychology, and willing to try to incorporate some of its principles in everyday life.

por Elodie D

14 de Jul de 2020

Stellar job delivered by Dr James Pawelski and his team. A wonderful way to spend your time, gently massaging your brain and pampering it. I can already see the daily applciations in my job and personal life. A must study!

Two quick things to really work on for new modules:provide a formatted Word document instead of the transcript. It is really cumbersome to weed out time stamp and reformat the text properly.

Also, while the system tells you there are no assignments for you to review, you can simply click on the Discussions tab and find assignments to review.

por Bridget B

30 de Nov de 2017

This was a very interesting and informative course! My only feedback would be that sometimes on the peer review assignments, it was difficult to understand exactly what the assignment was. The description was typically a long list of items that were covered without any true explanation of what the student was expected to do. I often had to partially complete it so I could look at the actual rubric to see specifically what we were supposed to cover. Other than that it was great!