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In this introductory, self-paced course, you will learn multiple theories of organizational behavior and apply them to actual cases of organizational change. Organizations are groups whose members coordinate their behaviors in order to accomplish a shared goal. They can be found nearly everywhere in today’s society: universities, start-ups, classrooms, hospitals, non-profits, government bureaus, corporations, restaurants, grocery stores, and professional associations are some of many examples of organizations. Organizations are as varied and complex as they are ubiquitous: they differ in size and internal structure; they can entail a multiplicity of goals and tasks (some of which are planned and others unplanned!); they are made up of individuals whose goals and motivations may differ from those of the group; and they must interact with other organizations and deal with environmental constraints in order to be successful. This complexity frequently results in a myriad of problems for organizational participants and the organization’s survival. In this course, we will use organizational theories to systematically analyze how an organization operates and can best be managed. Organizational theories highlight certain features of an organization’s structure and environment, as well as its processes of negotiation, production, and change. Each provides a lens for interpreting novel organizational situations and developing a sense for how individual and group behaviors are organized. Theories are valuable for the analyst and manager because most organizational problems are unique to the circumstances and cannot be solved by simple rules of thumb. Armed with a toolset of organizational theories, you will be able to systematically identify important features of an organization and the events transforming it; choose a theoretical framework most applicable to the observed mode of organizing; and use that theory to determine which actions will best redirect the organization in desired directions. In sum, the course has three goals: to become familiar with a series of real-world organizational phenomena; to learn different theoretical perspectives that can elucidate these phenomena; and to apply these different ways of “seeing” and managing organizations to cases. In such a fashion, the course is designed to actively bridge theory and practice, exposing students to a variety of conceptual tools and ways to negotiate novel situations....

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2 de set de 2019

Very challenging yet worth it. If you are in an administrative position in an organization (especially education) you will get some great perspectives/understandings from this course. Take good notes!


29 de abr de 2020

This course provides in-depth analyses of a host of organizational theories and their application in real life. The dissection of each case and the applicability of the theories are really insightful.

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por shubham A

16 de jul de 2017

This Course is really a good one. A large number of concepts are discussed in this course and moreover the case studies provided are really the USP of this course. This course not only provides with the theoretical knowledge, but also helps to understand the practical applications of the theories. I would love to recommend this course to everyone.

por Anatol K

28 de ago de 2020

One of the best courses I've taken on Coursera! Thanks to the Professor McFarland for preparing great lectures reach of material, real world examples. This gave me a lot insights on organizations and projects I've worked for. Special thanks for extras - the informal screen side chats that kind of helped to grasp the information easier. Thank you!

por Aiganysh I

9 de ago de 2020

It is a great course for anyone who wishes to comprehend a variety of organizational development theories (and their application) and thus hone one's sociological imagination. Huge thank you to our professor - Daniel McFarland and TAs for your dedication! I especially enjoyed screen-side chats and overview lectures - these very extremely helpful.

por Carl A

18 de jan de 2018

In my profession as a general manager of a company I can identify a lot of the theories in this course when dealing with both internals of my organization, and even more our customer organizations, which are both privately owned companies and public organizations. I can definitely recommend this course to any managers out there.

por Thomas L

29 de mai de 2020

Incredible useful course. A detailed breakdown of all the major Organisational Analysis models, how they relate to one another, and which one is the most relevant in any given business sector. Would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone looking to understand why the organisation they work for makes the decisions they do.

por Daniel B

22 de dez de 2020

Great course. Gave me a world of new perspectives about how you can analyze an organization and combine different approaches and theories in order to identify what are the core characteristics of the given organization, how it can or should develop further, how it can evaluate and resolve it's problems and many more.

por Ramadoss B

27 de mar de 2017

Great course ! Great teacher !

Good combination of theory as wel as practice through case studies. Students are also exposed to variety of case studies of US Corporates / Universities / Government which provides an opportunity to learn about US Management Systems.

I am lucky to have come across this course.

por John A V G

14 de dez de 2020

Scripted lectures were well-taught and the screen-side chats (supplementary lectures) complemented these too. I appreciated all the different theories and cases presented in this course. It was enlightening and fun to realize how these theories have presented themselves in my own school/work experiences.

por Sangeeta V

29 de jan de 2021

Absolutely enlightening

Dan was fabulous, lectures were well delivered and case studies were very interesting. I also loved the screen side chat modules ;casual yet very relevant. Slides /content is extremely handy. Thnx Coursera for this wonderful course. I have a Stanford stamp on my resume now :)

por Alvaro E V R

12 de nov de 2017

Excellent course. It has provided me very strong understanding through various models and ways of thinking about organizational dynamics and decision making. I wish I had had this course decades ago. It is really excellent. Prof. Macfarland is very clear, honest and insightful. I am very satisfied.

por Nikola L

19 de jan de 2017

Incredibly enriching program by prof Daniel MacFarland! Brilliant! You get to dive into nearly a dozen of organizational theories and learn when and how to apply them as part of your management toolbox. Tons of use cases and real life examples, Very well done. :) Do yourself a favor and enroll!

por Sanjana R

6 de set de 2020

A very well detailed course which provides us a piece of in-depth knowledge about it. Also, the lectures given by Mr McFarland creates a sense of interest and inquisitiveness regarding the topic at hand, in the course takers.

A big thanks to Sir for his well delivered and interesting lectures.

por Eugene T Y Y

15 de dez de 2018

I work in HR, from time to time, I need to discuss with potential candidates on how our organization differs from his/her current employers or other employers in the market. This course definitely gives me the extra tools I need to better analyse between organizations in the industry. Thanks

por Sebastian K

31 de mai de 2022

Daniel A. McFarland has done a fantastic job introducing organizational analysis through easy to grasp presentations, followed with simple, yet realistic examples. I have enjoyed every minute of this course, and would most definitely recommend it to anybody interested in business. Cheers.

por Narayan K

4 de jan de 2022

A course packed with amazing information and some great insights... It's a tough course purely because of the volume of information packed in, but totally worth the time and effort. The Screen Side Chats were particularly enjoyable and added so much more to the overall course value.

por Fabio M

28 de jun de 2017

The course allows to master different theories that can be give value in day-by-day work on how and why organizations behave in specific ways. The opportunity to review the materials and to take the course in any time give all the necessary flexibility to study the subjects.

por Krzysztof Z

14 de dez de 2019

Very interesting and useful class. If you are interested in strategic view of organizations and learn practical frameworks of analysis this is the course you want to take. Special thank you for Professor McFarland for conducting the class in very friendly and clear manor.

por Yuzhu Q

11 de dez de 2017

Structured and well designed, comprehensive and thorough, both theoretical and practical, personally pretty enjoy the sections of forums and screen-side chats making the learning enriched and engaging. Would be even more fantastic to see updates over recent 2 years.

por Reagan E

12 de jun de 2017

Big picture insights we can use in order to understand how an organization thinks and functions.Just finished the course and I am looking forward to review the course again; in order to truly understand how it takes to become an essential part of organization..

por Gaurav

14 de jan de 2017

This is a fabulous starting course for those, who are seeking to develop their organization analysis skills. Prof. McFarland is a super-super instructor and knows his subject well. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in organizations.

por Vandana D

1 de mar de 2021

Excellent course with detailed videos, relevant reading material. The weekly quiz prepare you well for the final exam and the variety of cases taken up during weeks enhances our perspectives of organizations, their issues and strategies to deal with them.

por Ben D

8 de mar de 2017

The most comprehensive and MBA quality material I have found on Coursera to date. A fantastic course with significant effort made by Dan & his TA's to provide strong technical content and marry it with clear case studies. I highly recommend this course!

por 吴梦寒

19 de jun de 2017

This is a great course which teaches me a lot. It helps me to know more about organisations and how do they work in our real world. The course also brings me lots of new ideas and recognitions of the some fields. I had a very wonderful learning journey.

por Eduardo R

5 de mai de 2020

Very insightful and comprehensive course about organizations. Many lectures regarding theories and applying them to cases, will provide students with an in-depth and practical understanding to become great analysts in their field of interests.

por Mac M

2 de fev de 2017

This course really delves in deep into the various theories encapsulated in organizational analysis. The content in covered extensively given the platform and time constraints. Professor Macfarland really made taking this class a pleasure.