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Welcome to "Bats, Ducks, and Pandemics: An Introduction to One Health Policy". One Health is the concept that human, animal, and environmental/ecosystem health are linked. The concept provides a useful framework for examining complex health issues such as food safety and security, emerging and vector-borne diseases, and antimicrobial resistance. It can be used to analyze government policies to determine if they are effective in improving health and well-being. Agriculture is the foundation of civilization. Surplus food enabled the growth of cities; cities led to nations, and nations discovered the science and technology that allowed populations to grow. But agriculture comes with costs including environmental and ecosystem destruction and the emergence of zoonotic diseases. Antibiotics are the foundation of modern medicine. But antibiotics have come with costs too, including antimicrobial resistance and potentially harmful changes to human and animal microbiomes. This interdisciplinary course will cover diverse subjects such as basic epidemiology, public health, public policy, basic microbiology, food safety, and security, zoonotic diseases, sanitation and hygiene, antimicrobial resistance, environmental and ecosystem health, and the national and international organizations that oversee health, agriculture, and the environment. Disease outbreaks including Influenza, Q fever, and Ebola will be discussed. While the course was developed and recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic, the concepts learned very much apply to it. This course emphasizes holistic, not siloed, approaches to health, and disease....

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24 de ago de 2020

I loved this course .

I gained a lot of valuable knowledge and insight into what is happening in the world at the present time as we all try to navigate our way through this pandemic.



27 de nov de 2020

An impressive course with vast content and references of the highest quality, explained with tremendous clarity by Prof Laura Kahn. My only critique is to the discussion prompts - too extensive.

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por Nelson A

13 de ago de 2020

It's so educational, challenging and mind blowing.. well structured for easy learning, well summarized..

por Aedrian A

21 de jul de 2021

This free/no-certificate/audit-only offering, an overview to One Health, is amazingly well-rounded and covers all fundamental bases. Furthermore, for both beginners or casual learners and early to mid-career professionals in any of the fields under One Health, the material provides fresh and relevant insights that one would not easily obtain from standard or conventional texts on the covered topics. The recommended readings are numerous and topnotch – a reflection of the course creator’s experience and expertise on such important matters. This course is highly recommended for everyone interested in understanding the underlying forces behind global or local health issues such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

por Elia M R C

23 de ago de 2021

Interesting opportunity to recognize all the factors, actors and institutions involved in the epidemiological monitoring of a disease. As well as the responsibilities inherent to the participants and the consequences of the errors that are committed in the communication processes, decision-making, legal framework, strategies, among others in the different examples presented in this course. It is also important to know the scientists whose contributions help to get ahead when these outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics have occurred, such as the one we are currently experiencing.Thank you very much for the opportunity, it is never too late to learn.

por LUIS G M

14 de jun de 2021

I really liked this course. It is very important that as a student of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, study and know all the topics addressed in this course, it is also updated to the current pandemic that we are experiencing worldwide caused by COVID-19, that is why it is very important immunization with vaccines worldwide to combat the COVID-19 virus and to be able to return to normal activities, I thank the University National Autonomous of Mexico for giving me the opportunity to take this course, as well as the Princeton University for providing valuable information for my training as MVZ, I wish you success.

por Jeanne

23 de dez de 2020

Loved the instructor and loved the min-quizzes throughout the lessons. Loved the flexibility and the access availability. Loved the format of a video and text; resources were plentiful and current. Interviews were interesting and engaging. Great explanations of terms, concepts and policies. Science explained to a great degree; some was still over my head but I got the gist of it well enough to know what the lesson was about. Really tied together all the One Health concepts I have been hearing about in my present job.

por Dominic D

28 de jul de 2021

I absolutely loved this course! It was really helpful in preventing my intellectual deterioration over the summer. It also will possibly help me in future plans for college, as well as medical careers. My favorite part was when we began learning about prions. They are much like cancer, and have an extremely high death rate. I feel as though I have become more aware of the impact that us humans have on the environment. It makes me want to send this course to every human on earth.

por Liyuan F

23 de nov de 2020

Really informative and eye opening as the course presented a very detailed explanation about pandemics and diseases. It wasn't hardcore sciences and it had a very interdisciplinary approach towards learning about the one health policy. Not only were the scientific terms explained clearly, the course also showed how sciences and social sciences are closely connected and the role of good government leadership in public health.

por Herman R

1 de mar de 2021

This was certainly an enjoyable review course for me and I must extend warm congratulations to Dr. Laura Kahn for all of the dedicated work that she has given to the One Health cause, her numerous publications over the years, and of course this excellent course !

I made a few comments on the questions after taking two or three of the quizzes, and a correction for the definition of myelitis in Lesson 6.

Stay safe !


por Grant C

14 de set de 2021

Great course covering the basics but also delving into the depths of infectious disease and public health policy. This is especially relevant with today's Covid response. It is US government centric but any public policy course would be specific to the country in which it is delivered. Thanks for all the hard work and the great presentations.

por Jo-Ann J

28 de fev de 2021

Loved this course. It brought all the aspects of a healthy globe together, research, policy, health and environmental fields along with social communication. Laura's lectures were great, and the material fascinating. I appreciated the extensive selection of readings for the course, and the update to include Covid-19.

por Andrea U

12 de out de 2021

Excellent One Health policy course, very complete, easy to understand, with effective exercises to reinforce the learning acquired each week. Congratulations to Dr. Laura Kahn and the team that made it possible. Let's continue promoting the One Health approach, we have a lot to do.

Thanks, Princeton University.

por M.C. D D

9 de out de 2020

This course is packed with great information, wonderful resources, and terrific video lectures. I loved that the vast majority of the videos had knowledge checks throughout them. This is a thought-provoking course everyone in medicine (animal, human, plant), public health, and government should take.

por Abraham Y

8 de dez de 2020

I am very happy to take this course and find it very interesting and enjoyable through out the course time. And I would like to thank Dr Laura Kahn for passionate and interesting approach to teach and the Princeton University for providing such a great course for free

Thanks a lot

por keeley w

14 de fev de 2021

I thought this course was so interesting. The instructor really knew her information and was able to make it easy and understandable. I especially enjoyed the module on public health policy. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand more about One Health

por Deidre F

7 de set de 2020

This course is an excellent overview of One Health Policy. The professor is clear and concise in providing information and explanations. I recommend this course for anyone who is interested in how the environment, animal and human health is all interconnected.

por Abhay M K

26 de jun de 2021

Absolutely wonderful and marvelous. Prof. Kahn deserved the standing ovation. Great task simplified in a great possible manner. I learned a lot and desire to continue this subject as passion! Thanks Coursera for bringing this course to us. Keep it up!!!

por Darren G J

1 de ago de 2021

The course was so much more than I expected. It was fantastic and very well presented. However the course title should be changed as it gives no justice to the quality of the course. There was far more than bats & ducks.

por Gary B

27 de out de 2020

I enjoyed this comprehensive course. Although an introduction to One Health, I am highly interested to learn more about One Health, especially how to develop public awareness and community programs to foster One Health.

por Angela M

13 de set de 2021

I loved this course! It gave a perfect summary of One Health and touched on all the important aspects. I haven't looked yet, but I hope Prof. Kahn teaches other courses because she did a phenomenal job with this course.

por Jeru J

30 de abr de 2021

Concise, informative and Dr. Kahn has helped breakdown key concepts (policy and science) in an easy to understand and follow format! Thank you for 6 great weeks of learning.

por ali s

12 de mar de 2021

This courses was very useful specially in this time, and Dr kahn described the lessons well. The refrences and articles were a good guide.

por Javiera C A A

30 de nov de 2020

Buen curso, te da una gran vista general de los problemas relacionados con una pandemia, y un repaso a lo largo de la historia.

por Benjawan K

27 de abr de 2021

Love everything about it! Very informative and educational and easy to navigate through for a better learning experience.

por Maria L C

21 de nov de 2021

It's a very interesting and well structured course! I hope to partecipate/join other similars in the future

por Elyse H

5 de nov de 2020

An excellent introduction to One Health covering all the key issues. Well paced and good resources.