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The oil and gas industry has an enormous impact on all aspects of daily life. Individuals, corporations, and national governments make financial and policy decisions based on the cost, use, and availability of these two natural resources. This two-week course looks at the two most fundamental aspects of the oil and gas industry, its operations and markets, each of which is addressed as a separate module in the course. In the operations module, the course provides an overview of the production of oil and gas, from initial exploration to final transport. The second module focuses on the forces that drive the industry's operations, the oil and gas markets, including the cost of wells, seasonal impacts on prices, and the role of oil reserves. After every lesson, learners will take short quizzes to test their newly acquired knowledge, participant in crowd-sourced discussions about global markets, and complete a final project....

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4 de Mai de 2020

It was simply excellent! Very clear and comprehensive. Really gave a good overview of the oil and gas sector. The professor's voice was also very clear. He was well spoken. I learned a lot. Thank you!

26 de Jun de 2020

It is one of the most complete courses in the area of hydrocarbons, I really had a great time, I liked each of the videos and I was motivated by the research, which is why the best OIL AND GAS course

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por Ratnadeep M

22 de Jun de 2020

The course is perfectly designed for beginners to get a basic about the oil and gas industry and know how the things work. Overall it was a great learning experience. Course instructor Lincoln Pratson has rightly given all the possible knowledge in basic level, I would like thank him for his utmost efforts. Thank you Coursera for providing such a platform for learning and development.

por Robin S K

18 de Jul de 2021

The beauty of this course is it is short but give vital informations. This course give complete overwview of Oil & Gas Industry, right from the exploration to selling of final petroleum products like gasoline and diesel on fuel stations. I want to thanks professor Lincoln Pratson for teaching such complicated concepts in laymans language. He tailored this course professionally.

por Andrew S

25 de Mar de 2021

Good overall introduction to O&G. As an upstream O&G professional, it was useful for learning more about the midstream and downstream aspects of the business.

My only suggestion would be to fix some graphics so that oil charts as a green line, condensate / natural gas liquids plot as orange, dry natural gas plots as red, and water plots as blue (internal industry conventions).

por Salil N

2 de Mai de 2020

The course was well structured. I got an idea of various processes relating to oil and gas industry such as exploration, drilling and production in case of oil and gas industry operations. Along with this, oil and gas markets are explained. This part basically covers things like what are benchmarks, how to decide price of oil and gas, what is the future of oil and gas, etc.

por Vishal T

6 de Mai de 2020

I'm overwhelmed by learning this course. This course from Duke University is worth to learn. Coursera is the awesome platform with the help of which I'm able to learn this beautiful course. I'll be always thankful to both. This course is designed beautifully and very nicely. It is knowledgeable and interesting. It will refresh your concepts and add the things to knowledge.

por Alicio A P G

7 de Nov de 2018

The entire course is really stimulating, giving you sufficient knowledge on the topic. There is enough guidance and resources, so that you make the most of it. Additionally, the final assignment makes leads you to a further research, giving you a deep insight of at least one company related to the oil and gas industry. Highly recommended... do not think twice, go for it!

por Khomar R S

23 de Fev de 2021

This course has been a must in my study guides because in this modern time we have a world of companies thats growing at a fast rate and in these field of oil and gas is one of the fasting growing and expanding compaines within the world. This has motivated me for a bright future and im grateful for the start it has given me to gain as much as i can from the coureses.

por Faisal S

27 de Ago de 2020

Course content is managed in a best possible way and gives beginners a chance to have decent knowledge of the Oil and gas field ,industry, extraction methods and ultimately its market .Assignment is a distinguished and the key element in this course to explore my knowledge regarding Oil and gas companies and in targeting specified companies for job positioning.

por Laxman R P

10 de Mai de 2018

A great course indeed! It covers all important aspects and has also successfully removed many myths regarding the industry and its operations. Pictures and illustrations explain the topics in a nice manner. Nicely designed quizzes and Project makes it a complete course for beginners and also for mid-level practitioners of the industry. Highly recommended!

por Bourolias V

14 de Out de 2016

All courses and videos had a very good connectivity and included all the necessary information about oil and gas. I think this course helps even someone who has know idea about oil and gas learning about the operations and markets on this field. To conclude it was a pleasant course with spherical ideas and a very efficient way of testing what you learn.

por Nicolas G

12 de Jul de 2017

Very enjoyable course, with easy to understand explanations and graphics provided by professor Pratson. Although coming from a field engineering job in the industry, I learned many things I did not know during my 3 year tenure in the Colombian plains working for a service company. Very recommended for first comers and for veterans who want a refresher.


24 de Set de 2020

Coursera oil and gas are very fun and adds to my knowledge as a chemical engineering student at one of the Parahyangan Catholic Universities. The material and delivery are easy to understand, besides that the material presented is quite complete and includes a pdf so that if one day is needed, you can read and re-read the pdf. Thanks, Duke University.

por Do H A

8 de Jun de 2020

Highly recommend for you guys. This course not only focuses on overall technical of upstream, midstream and downstream sector of Oil and Gas Industry but also presenting its valuable commercial knowledge . I surely recall what I learned before and broaden my horizon. Thank you very much, Duke University and Mr. Lincoln for providing this Course.

por daniel i

21 de Fev de 2020

I first of all want to thank the Management of Duke University for this privilege of learning. It's been an amazing time with Professor Lincoln Praston. I have learned and have gained knowledge in this field and i look forward to impact positively all that I have learned to the growth of the Oil & Gas Industry at large.

Thank You Coursera!!!!!!!

por AbdulGaniyu Z

16 de Set de 2019

Am thankful for the opportunity given to me, the course was enlighten i got to understand how the oil and gas industry operate from the upstream, downstream, and midstream. I want to appreciate my lecture Mr. Lincoln Pratson and coursera for there support when i failed my first assignment i got encourage email not to give up.

Thank you


14 de Nov de 2019

The course was very informative and i learned a lot new things which will help me in future and simply the coursera is a phenomenal learning site and specially offer me financial aid Thanks a lot. The Teachers are very talented and full of knowledge very cooperative and also thanks to Duke University for providing such a enrich courses.

por Solomon O

31 de Jul de 2020

This is an amazing course! For someone like me with art background in the Arts, Prof. Pratson's teachings did good job in presenting the course contents in an easy to grasp manner. Definitely, my renewed understanding of the O&G sector will help in my job as a journalist and an assistant editor in Nigeria. Kudos to Duke University!


12 de Jul de 2020

This course provides a very good opportunity to understand at least the minimum about oil and gas operations and the market. Even with my specific formation related to oil and gas and my experience working at this market I could learn new things and enjoy the time spent watching the classes.

Thank you professor Lincoln Pratson!


25 de Mai de 2020

Excellent course that gives us an overview, starting from the exploration of areas with possible hydrocarbon accumulations, the reservoir analysis process, the drilling and putting into production of the field, the treatment and distribution of oil and gas products and the sale of these derivatives that make the world progress.

por MTume D L

13 de Abr de 2021

This is a great course for people who want to understand in general the oil and gas industry from starting point in Upstream all the way to the last details in downstream distribution at gas stations. You will get a full understanding of the oil and gas supply chain and the costs and revenues involved in all the transactions.

por Aziken R

23 de Jun de 2021

The course was very educative, got a glimpse summmary of the Oil and Gas Industry. From upstream sectot to midstream sector, to downstream sector, and also the future of Oil and Gas Industry.

I will have to research and learn from work exeperience in my field of work to harness the skills and knowledge, I have learnt so far.

por Srimali M

30 de Out de 2020

Actually, this is my first experience of following an online course with a foreign university. The Oil & Gas Industry Operations and Markets course is a very interesting as well as valuable course. The content as well as the Mr. Lincoln's teaching skills pretty much helped me to complete the course successfully. Thank you !

por Ilgiz D

10 de Mai de 2017

The course helped me deeper understand the specifics of the Oil&Gas Industry, its processes and other crucial things. In addition, the way of presenting lectures is pretty precise and clear. The course would be quite useful for those who is seeking for knowledge both in Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Economics.

por Eirini D

31 de Ago de 2019

The course gives a lot of information that cant be found all together in any other source. The learning objects are presented as smooth as possible and since it is a 2 week course you don't get tiered of it. I liked it a lot and I will sure go through it again to be more comfortable with all the new info I learned.

por Seng Y G

7 de Jun de 2020

The course provides good fundamental understanding of the petroleum industry in a broad range of topics including reserve classification, petroleum economics, oil & gas formation 101, etc. to participants with no geology or engineering background. Highly recommended to anyone who is interested in the said topics.