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Comentários e feedback de alunos de Nuclear Reactor Physics Basics da instituição Universidade Nacional de Pesquisa Nuclear (MEPhI) de MoscouNational Research Nuclear University MEPhI

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This engineering course is designed to introduce students to a range of concepts, ideas and models used in nuclear reactor physics. This course will focus on the physical theory of reactors and methods of experimental studies of the neutron field. This course is based on the course “Neutron transport theory” which has been taught at the National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” for the past 20 years. What you'll learn: • Define basic processes that may occur in the reactor core, laws, equations, and the limits of applicability of models describing the neutron field in the reactor; • Demonstrate practical experience of calculating the distribution of neutrons in media; • Demonstrate the ability to analyze the process of slowing down neutrons in various media (typical for nuclear fission reactors) from the standpoint of understanding the physics of the process; • Evaluate important reactor parameters including performance and safety....

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2 de Jan de 2022

this is one of the amazing course I have ever followed. it was more important to me, as a nuclear technologist. thankful for giving this opportunity for whole world.

4 de Abr de 2020

This course is a technical and specific course on nuclear reactor physics. Simply a good course to understand the nuclear reactor physics basics.

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27 de Set de 2020

It's a very good course, the approach is very well, and the book that the course follows is amazing.

por Balázs E

16 de Out de 2020

The lectures are great. The only problem is that there are plenty of bad question in the tests.

por Mauricio C P

21 de Ago de 2020

it's very complete and explains the physical meaning of the parameters in nuclear reactors

por Naresh K M

27 de Mai de 2020

This course is very interesting to know about basics in Nuclear Reactor

por Kyaw S P

16 de Ago de 2020

This course must sport me to know the things I never have before.

por Chethan R

1 de Dez de 2021

Must take course for a Reactor Physicist professional.

por Paulus R W A

4 de Nov de 2020

this course very good.thanks for cousera and MAPHI

por Leandro A

2 de Out de 2020

Excelent content. Very well structured.

por Benjamin C C

3 de Ago de 2020

I loved the course, great!! B.C.C

por Kirubashini E

11 de Jul de 2020

Very good experience!

por Winston A W

2 de Jul de 2020

Excellent, thank you.


8 de Jul de 2020

Good experience

por Lohitha l

14 de Jul de 2020

Very Useful


20 de Out de 2021

thank you


20 de Ago de 2020


por Marc D

21 de Set de 2020

The course was informative. As a Nuclear Engineer I learned more detailed theory behind nuclear reactors than I learned during my undergraduate program. My only criticism is that possibly too much time was spent teaching the mathematical formulas for the theory and less on how it relates to application. I would recommend this course to anyone in the Nuclear field.

por Joao P F Q d S

8 de Mai de 2021

The course is really good, but there are some punctual problems with some quizes and tests

por H. R K R

16 de Mai de 2020

The course was good. But there are a lot of mistakes in the answers of MCQs.

por Alok K

30 de Jul de 2021

Some answers are wrong in the quizzes

por Roshan M

16 de Out de 2021

The course in itself is good. However some answers to the practice tests are incorrect, and thus one cannot proceed forward in the course. Despite highlighting multiple times about the issue, it has not been resolved yet.

por Shrish P

29 de Jun de 2021

The course content is good. However, being a Russian, professor's English was someone not appealing. Also the few quiz had bugs.

por Phiri A

7 de Mai de 2020

it was well presented and it was easy to understand the content as it was presented thanks you!

por Silvia K B

28 de Nov de 2020

I am aware that as long as it's possible, someone will do it, but I don't see the point of locking quizzes for those who do not pay; as long as the student does not get a certificate, they should be able to assess their progress anyhow. Plus, the practice exercises go from too simple to impossible and there is basically no assistance from lecturers. Some answers will be marked as wrong no matter how correct they are and instructors won't bother answering emails or resolve issues. Also, I'd suggest the institution to consider someone who has an idea of how to spell words in English and convey meaning through body language. The handouts contain several typos and there are differences between handouts and lessons - some are irrelevant, some are not.

por Ray S

20 de Mai de 2021

The lectures and notes are totally inadequate for successful completion of quizzes. The lecturer's thick accent and imperfect translation of the lecture notes can be challenging to understand. Additionally, the poor grammar of the quiz questions makes them difficult to understand for this native English speaker. The JANIS application is referenced without any instruction for its use. The subject may be 'introductory' but the context requires experience/knowledge outside of the course material.

Perhaps after reading the recommended text which can be found for free download - 'Introduction to Nuclear Engineering' by Lamarsh, I will be able to return to this this course but for now I must leave it.

por eman m

7 de Jul de 2021