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How do we make decisions as consumers? What do we pay attention to, and how do our initial responses predict our final choices? To what extent are these processes unconscious and cannot be reflected in overt reports? This course will provide you with an introduction to some of the most basic methods in the emerging fields of consumer neuroscience and neuromarketing. You will learn about the methods employed and what they mean. You will learn about the basic brain mechanisms in consumer choice, and how to stay updated on these topics. The course will give an overview of the current and future uses of neuroscience in business....

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23 de jun de 2020

This was truly a deep and research-oriented course. This helped me in getting ahead with so much knowledge and skills. Thank you, CBS for coming up with something so creative and innovative like this!


15 de jul de 2020

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. A total new dimension for me, as far as marketing in concerned. Very well organized and demonstrated by the Instructor. The reference will help me in further studies.

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por Pierre G

3 de nov de 2016

As titled, this is just an introduction course to neuromarketing but very helpful to understand the potential of this new area. The course opens doors and with complementary courses on how works the brain and how to measure the brain signals, it will help a new generation of (neuro)managers to transform their business activities, as well as their personal knowledge of... themselves :-)

por Ale M

28 de jan de 2020

A really good comprehensive course of neuromarketing. Good even for people who are not familiar with neuroscience. I wish some of the interviews were divided to make the experience more amiable, but all the content was really informative. It does have some aspects in which it becomes repetitive of information, still, I think that it helped to really remember those things.

por Lu D

13 de mar de 2021

The theme of the course is interesting, very important the ethical approach in the use of Neuromarketing. For me it was hard work to complete the course, because all the material is in English and I had to use the translator, also due to the fact that the language of the course is very scientific, especially in the interviews, which makes understanding more difficult.

por Sammy W

5 de out de 2018

Interesting course! It offers some great tools and theoretical insights, as well as interviews with both academics and practitioners. A area for improvement are the articles: they can be hard to follow (mainly the mathematical models). A suggestion would be some supplementary materials to help the reader to deal with the jargon and the unfamiliar methodologies.

por neha k

24 de jun de 2019

A very good introduction to consumer neuroscience. The interviews with practitioners were helpful too. I would have liked to learn more about neuromarketing - how can marketeers create communication/ products that lead to purchase? There was more about market research using neuroscience, rather than actual marketing, and it tended to get a little theoretical.

por Natasha W

3 de jan de 2021

This course was very useful in understanding the concepts behind neuromarketing. There was more information on the structure of the brain and its processes than necessary for an introduction class. Also, the readings were way too much. In summary, I found the Professor to be engaging and the material to be interesting, so I recommend this course.

por Martin S

12 de mai de 2018

Very well structured and prepared content. Some of the interviews are too long, or have a bad sound quality. So I preferred occasionally reading the text below the video, regarding to the interviews.

Upshot: I am a Mechanical Engineer and currently a Software Engineering Student who is now more curious about Neuroscience than ever before! Good job!

por Gizem A E

8 de abr de 2020

It was an introduction course. Actually, I was expecting to learn how can I apply neuroscience techniques to my job field. As far as I can see there is only beginner course is available on coursera. Hope, in the future I can encounter intermediate level of neuromarketing course to test my skills in order to see what I gained from this lecture.

por gizem c a

26 de mar de 2021

the course can be enriched by different kinds of information and videos with more formulations and explanations on the different aspects of neuroscience in neuromarketing within the more specialized subjects such as smell (the smell explained part was so good and fun to learn about, and it could be applied in other weekly subjects more).

por Arturo O C

1 de fev de 2019

Excelente curso para las personas que están interesadas en el Neuromarketing, el curso otorga una visión de como el consumidor actual se desenvuelve a la hora de comprar, al ser expuesto a anuncios, la influencia de los anuncios en nuestra vida cotidiana, como diseñar un anuncio de manera efectiva para el cerebro, etc.

por Sneha D

16 de mar de 2019

Brilliant course to begin with! I explored a different domain altogether which is a brilliant combination of neuroscience, marketing, psychology etc. Could have been more interactive given we are talking about multiple sections of how the brain functions. But overall, I think it opened up new area of interest for me.

por Teresa B

21 de abr de 2018

it's a fantastic course, especially in the context of the video presentations, but the compendium is a bit dense for the average person. Like one of the specialists said in one video, I think studies need to become less academic and more accessible for the marketer who jjust needs to know the gist of each srudy


28 de jun de 2020

This was a nice course. The only way it can be improved is by introducing frequent interactive sessions through out the course, and periodic hand-on assignments. The course is loaded with interviews and paper discussions, which is great, but was losing the attention at times. Otherwise, it was very enriching.

por Sushiv M

21 de nov de 2017

Extremely insightful course and great structure in terms of providing relevant details on the topic. As a digital marketer, I was just hoping for a slight more in-depth detail on lead into marketing where the course focused more on the brain functions and it's relevance. But nonetheless, two thumbs up!

por Rosana R d N

1 de abr de 2020

É um curso muito bom, com muito conteúdo e material para aprendizado mais profundo, porém, gostaria que os artigos sugeridos focassem mais em neuromarketing e menos em neuroscience. Alguns artigos, descrevendo o funcionamento do cérebro, eram extremamente teóricos, perdendo muito da aplicação prática.

por Barsa M

20 de jun de 2020

It is a very insightful course to be understood by a person who has a curious mind to know how different parts of brain work. The best part of the design of the course is practical knowledge being shared by the experts of the neuromarketing field which makes the learning more exciting and contentful.

por June C

16 de jul de 2022

The course was a beautiful introduction into the world of consumer neuroscience and it's workings.The first 2 weeks start off daunting but it all starts adding up as you progress. Would definitely recommend to any professional looking to understand how consumer neuroscience works.

por Tracey C

14 de jun de 2022

Fantastic information presented. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the topics and felt they were done in a logical and easy to digest manner. The only drawback was the volume of some interviews. There were a few that were very difficult to hear, but the transcript was helpful.

por derek c

4 de mar de 2021

I enjoyed the mix of theory, interviews with practitioners and examples of using the tools of the trade.

I would have liked to see more details on how brand preference is encoded in memory, as this is likely to be the way I could use this knowledge as a marketing manager.

por Patricia G

5 de jul de 2020

The lectures are concise and understandable for casual learners.

However, there are very long readings comprising of journal articles which takes the most time to complete especially if you have no background in neuroscience, neurology, or psychology.

por Camila R Z

18 de ago de 2020

O curso é muito interessante. Uma única observação é o fato de que em alguns momentos dos vídeos, como o professor tem o sotaque britânico muito forte, o entendimento foi dificultado porque nem as legendas em inglês estavam completas nesses momentos.

por Burak T

26 de mai de 2020

pretty useful but all examples and roles about retail marketing. i expect to see more thing about e-commerce shopping choice.. and would definitely see the more examples more than scientific datas on context. not only pepsi vs. coca cola.. thank you.

por Jonathan S O N

26 de fev de 2017

I wasn't a newbie on the topic but it was interesting to actually see how things work in the labs where the investigations take place.The course lacks of a module of specific strategies to implement in marketing, but overall it's a great course.