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This course gives you access to negotiation practical tools and best practices gathered by Professor Aurélien Colson & his team from assignments in more than seventy countries and in a wide set of sectors, be they services, industry, high tech, or public organizations. In an interactive manner, this course will help you, among other topics: get prepared for any negotiation; avoid traps; know how to prompt value-creating partnerships; structure an effective negotiation sequence; bargain in an efficient and respectful manner; overcome deadlocks; and much more! Indeed, negotiation is not simply about deciding who gets what now – it is first and foremost about creating productive, fair, and therefore long-term partnerships. This course guides you through innovative and proven approaches – “win-win…but not at any price”. Together with its specialization, this course will lead you towards high impact and sustainable negotiations at all levels, whether finding solutions to people management issues, sealing a deal on a sales package, or entering into high-level strategic or political negotiations involving multi-party stakeholders....

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4 de jul de 2021

As a beginner this course is easy to understand the fundamentals of negotiation. The course also makes it easier to understand the different components that makes up negotiation that are very subtle.


20 de mai de 2020

Aurelien is literally an excellent instructor. Also, the video design, clarity, organization of material, is perfect. Besides, quizzes and assignments composition are entirely matched with the course

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por Satyadip B

1 de fev de 2021


por Roberto L E

29 de jul de 2019


por Johannes J

16 de mai de 2020

The substance is very good; interesting, insightful and useful. Prof. Colson has a smooth, easy delivery and is a pleasure to listen to/watch. The ten elements are easy to remember and an extremely useful guide for preparing for/thinking through a negotiation. Purely on substance of the lectures, I would give this course a 5. Some downsides:

(A) It is not clear what the written materials are. Prof. Colson sometimes refers to them in his lectures, but it's not clear whether they are optional or required, where to get them etc. And then, in the quizzes, suddenly there are questions/responses that he DEFINITELY has not covered in his lecture (see below), so I wonder if those questions/responses are from the written materials.

(B) The quality of the quizzes is VERY, VERY poor. It doesn't seem like anyone has thought about the questions or edited them or made sure they link back to the lectures. There are grammatical/syntax errors, so that the questions are hard to understand; there are answers that are non-sensical, indistinguishable from one another or straight-out conflicting with what he told us during lecture. For example, one question (I believe #9 on the last practice quiz) asked: what is involved in active listening? The correct answer turned out to be "taking notes of everything that is said". INCORRECT answers included: "re-phrasing questions"; "clarifying questions"; and "checking via questions on non-verbal impressions gained". All of those are wrong?? Really?? And active listening consists of writing everything down? Surely, that CANNOT be correct!! Also, the questions often refer to the lectures verbatim, which in and of itself is not a particularly creative way of testing a student's understanding, but fine; but then suddenly, about 1/4 f of the questions refer to terms that were NOT covered in the lectures. I don't mind if questions require us to think for ourselves and come up with responses that weren't explicitly mentioned in the lectures, but when it's just terms of art, basically definitions, and they haven't been explained, then it's an annoying (and pedagogically useless) way of making the questions "difficult". The quality of the quizzes REALLY needs to be revisited as a matter of priority.

(C) The technology is not very helpful. My main complaint is that it is not possible to take notes simultaneously to listening to the lectures. One can only highlight the text from the lecture and then add notes to that excerpt, but not take freehand notes (on the web page, I mean; I can obviously do so by hand (which is what I've had to do) or on another computer/screen). This seems like a very obvious and easy feature; why is it not possible? Did I just miss something? Would be great if this feature could be added.

por Clifford J D

17 de jul de 2021

Do not take this course unless you get the book. I found the professor clear and concise, and the information is useful for those needing to learn negotiation fundamentals. The material on preparation and strategies is very useful. So why only a 3-star rating? The exams are horrible! Many of the questions are not covered during the course (maybe in the book), some answers are contradictory to what the professor stated, and some are even written in a format as if to "trick" the student. This left a bad taste about an otherwise good course.

por Kristopher R

27 de abr de 2019

I found the instructions for the case studies very limited, even after I posted a discussion forum on it. Also, it was hard to find reviewers. It would be nice to be able to contact staff at some point if discussion questions aren't answered. The exam questions didn't always reflect what was in the video lessons, so we had to guess several times. I feel like I have walked away with some new skills and am thankful for that.

por Nina G

9 de nov de 2020

No reading materials or printable charts provided.

Difficult sometimes to understand the speaker.

The Final exam was very poorly constructed...not helpful in that it did not state exactly what was correct or incorrect. That is, if you got 3/4 answers correct you still got a you didn't have a way to know what was right and as such it ended up being a frustrating ans useless guessing game.

por Caiuby F

13 de abr de 2021

The content is ery useful. However, the MOOC and the final assessment are dissociated from the content introduced in this course considering that they were not based upon any reference material even though some commons concepts are mentioned. Moreover, the video's monologues do not captivate at all; it would be better if they were created using some slideshow features.

por Gion S

17 de abr de 2020

I liked the course in itself and have learned a lot. However, it was too enterprise focused in my opinion. It didn't focus enough on situations outside of that world. Also, it would've been nice to have a real-world example and review of a negotiation so we can see what actions a negotiator would take in a certain situation.


4 de set de 2021

The course content was great but when i signed up the course name read "negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution" but when it started, it was only "negotiation fundamentals". This was a little disappointing.

por Gabriel F H

19 de out de 2017

It is a good course but I could have more real examples. It would be great to have simulations people on the videos.

por Danilo B

23 de set de 2019

poor resources available

no reference to extra curricula reading (apart from the book by the teacher of the course)


20 de nov de 2020

las preguntas del examen final son muy confusas aunque hayas estudiado bien

por Hribhav P

15 de jun de 2020

The Final Exam was extremely vague and difficult.

por Chinmay P

24 de ago de 2021

Hard and boring. It is not application based

por Yalchin M

19 de jul de 2020

Number of quizzes should be increased

por Shahril B S

28 de jul de 2020

very hard to understand

por S S

3 de mai de 2021

it was not beginner!

por Brandon H

29 de dez de 2018

The course content was good - it provided a checklist for various phases in negotiation, and the content authors have certainly developed an interesting conceptual model for that checklist. My main problem with the course are (1) the material is very broad in scope - it may be clear to the instructor what they are talking about, but much of the content is superficial and not adequately explained for a beginning, (2) english is a second language for some of the people putting together the course, and despite this the authors rely on nuanced meanings of words in testing which are unfortunately only clear to them, and (3) during the testing, the course authors take "leaps," sometimes using terms or concepts not introduced in the material as answers to questions, which makes it very difficult for the student to figure out what they are thinking.

por Juliette P

28 de jan de 2019

Course is good but I had technical problems to submit my peer review assessment and final test is difficult as well.

por Jessica R

5 de abr de 2021

The learning part was VERY helpful, but the tests were poorly worded and made me lose interest.

por Michelle P

12 de fev de 2021

very hard to understand because of his accent

por Ruchi T

24 de set de 2020

still, proper notes and explanation needed

por Annabelle V

16 de mar de 2019

While the content is very interesting, the payment conditions of the course were not clear to me. It is monthly payment. Do not forget to end it otherwise you could pay this Mooc a bit expensive for what it is. Best regards

por Sarah B W

12 de jun de 2020

Very poorly constructed course. Quiz sections are poorly constructed and offer little productive feedback. Lecturer is dry and appears disinterested in his own topic. Do not recommend. Find another course - there are plenty.

por Wesley H

28 de fev de 2022

I do not care for PEER GRADED COURSES.