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Learn what motivates the restive Muslim youth from Tunis to Tehran, what political positions Islamists from Mali to Chechnya are fighting for, where the seeming obsession with Islamic law comes from, where the secularists have vanished to, and whether it makes sense to speak of an Islamic state. Since 2009 there has been a renewed wave of popular unrest sweeping throughout much of the Muslim world. Secular, but generally repressive and inefficient autocracies have come under pressure or been swept aside entirely. At the same, the various Islamic Republics have not fared much better, but been convulsed by internal unrest, economic and social decline. Throughout the Muslim lands, existing constitutional arrangements are being challenged, often very violently. This course is a survey of the constitutional ideas and institutions that have developed since the mid 19th century throughout predominantly Muslim countries, but its focus will lie on the actors that have dominated this discourse and shaped its outcomes. We will look at the large body of classical writings on the Islamic state only in so far as it is necessary to understand the contemporary debate, but concentrate on the legal and political developments of the 20th and 21st centuries. Three common themes will characterise the course:  We privilege the study of the legal and social reality and seek to highlight where it is at odds with dogmatic stipulations, be they religious or constitutional.  We seek to illustrate the practical tensions posed by limited administrative capabilities and political legitimacy that resulted from the incomplete reception of modern bureaucratic statehood.  We seek to examine how popular dissatisfaction with the practical performance of Muslim governments has fuelled demands for greater accountability under the guise of cultural authenticity.  Ultimately, the course aims to equip participants to better understand Muslim contemporary discourse about the res publica, better contextualise the demands for religious law in public life, and to better ascertain the theoretical and practical feasibility of postulated religious alternatives to the still-dominant secular model of governance....

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21 de Nov de 2015

This course is really interesting and informative. It gave me a much better understanding for the history and politics behind some of the issues we are all facing today, and really broadened my mind.

27 de Dez de 2015

The course was good. But the real situation has been changing drastically. A supplement or extension of course is required to cover the up to date situation about IS activities, syria Iraq etc.

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por Hakan H

29 de Mar de 2020

Taking CSMW is like watching an addictive Netflix series: you cannot let go. The teacher, the content, the delivery, the readings, comments of other students are all exceptional. A better future of the region can and will be built, I am sure. It will mean a better future for Humanity. Whether you are from the region or not, you will benefit from a better understanding of how the past has played its role to shape the present.

por elizabeth e

19 de Set de 2016

I felt this course was fantastic - and it is my opinion that the course should be a requirement for all members of the US Senate and House of Representatives - as they might make less dumb decisions when pedalling democracy in Muslim countries. And I took the course because I felt I could learn a lot. And I did. Thanks to the University, Dr Afsah and Dr Afsah's team for a very pertinent and well done course.

por Iva V

7 de Set de 2016

The course is absolutely fantastic. The instructor and the team are well read, approaching topics from a variety of perspectives. The course uses all kinds of texts and materials. If you are into public law, history and social science, this will be great for you. Even if you are a reasonably advanced student, you will learn a lot, and if you are not - it's easy enough for a beginner to understand. Well done.

por Abraham L

30 de Mai de 2020

A massive and comprehensive travel through the islamic countries of the world. It has been hard to follow sometimes, but I found myself learning a lot; a useful and rich soil from which continue to grow. I highly recommend this course. Mr. Afsah is a nice teacher, showing the challenges both researchers and political actors, killing both essentialism that constricts the human flourishments.

por Thomas R

7 de Jun de 2020

I really enjoyed taking this class, and I highly appreciate the instructor's approach. Mr. Afsah is obviously very well-informed but never failed to urge participants to question and reflect upon what was being heard and read. I'm also very thankful for the reading suggestions, and I am now looking forward to reading and learning further beyond the scope of this class. Thank you!

por Si-Maan W

27 de Dez de 2016

This is an outstanding piece of intellectual works that has opened my mind to understand Muslim's world systematically, removed my misconception and enabled me to connect with Muslim in greater openness and love. This is enlightening not only to Muslim worldview, but is relevant to every worldview that in process to harmonize the rationality and reality for better living.

por Alejandro A S L

30 de Jul de 2019

It's been a magnific journey through a very interesting region, in which I have come to better understand the underlying dynamics of the Muslim society. I want to thank wholeheartedly Ebrahim Afsah and his team for their endeavours and their work, I truly appreciate them. Ebrahim and team, you can be proud of your work, a total success. Many, many thanks!!

por Andreas U

13 de Dez de 2015

I recommend this course to anyone interested in the historic background of the current situation in the Middle East. The course gave me an enlightening insight into the origins of many problems in this troubled region. Instead of merely describing historic facts Dr Afsah systematically analyses the historic and political structure of the Middle East.

por Temur D

22 de Jan de 2016

One of the best self-paced courses I've taken in a while. I would highly recommend to everyone interested in the history of Muslim countries. The course looks not only at the constitutional aspects of development of the Muslim countries, but to their development on the whole! Sign up and prepare yourself for a long, but a very interesting journey!!!

por Yohny A B P

18 de Nov de 2020

Muy buen curso, no tan solo por sus conocimientos entregados en relación al mundo del islam, también porque esos problemas o situaciones se repiten en otros lados del mundo, con diferentes actores, esto no permite hacer un análisis mas cercano al correcto. Muchos temas abordados despertaron mi interés y creo que profundizare en ellos, gracias.

por Talita L

16 de Nov de 2021

Absolutely fantastic. It was an amazing ride... All my gratitude to Dr. Ebrahim Afsah with his extraordinary knowledge of the matter. All readings were really interesting, informative and mind-opening. Throughout the course you can find an easter egg from the instructor: impressive literary insights. This course is highly recommended.

por Richard D

2 de Ago de 2017

Really excellent course that has opened my eyes to the Muslim world in a way I couldn't have imagined. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has any interest at all in understanding this very important area. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn provided by the Professor and his team plus of course Coursera.

por Gunhild J

20 de Jun de 2016

Very interesting and thought-provoking course! I would like to do it again (took the course a couple years ago) and wonder whether it has been updated to include events in the last couple years? So much happens! I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to get an overview and some understanding of the Muslim world as it is today.

por Marjet B

22 de Fev de 2016

Understandibly a controversial course, but one that shows some much needed insight in the situations of many different countries with the common denominator of the muslim faith. I respect professor Ebrahim Afsah very much for his great intellect and also bravery, for this must not be easy. I am still enjoying the course very much.

por Anne T

7 de Dez de 2015

Best course I have ever studied...important information well presented for our world in 2015. It's nice to be able to contribute a balanced opinion to some of the lop-sided dialogues going on around me at the moment. Hopefully enough of us can do this to bring about peaceful change. This is my second attempt at this course.

por Simon C

8 de Nov de 2015

An outstanding course on a challenging subject. Informative and thought provoking series of lectures from Dr Ebrahim Afsah who is both passionate and well-informed about his subject matter. It should be a required course for all politicians and government officials, whatever country they govern.

por Christian S

27 de Mar de 2017

Extraordinary course! Excellent analysis, clear and understandable exposition of a complex subject. Academic depth, cross-disciplinary approach. Congratulations to Prof. Afsah and his team! I am profoundly grateful for the thrilling and enriching hours of study and will miss the course!

por StephenH@47

25 de Set de 2016

One of the best MOOCs I have done. I learned a huge amount about how the Muslim countries became what they are now. I recommend this course to anyone interested in understanding international politics. Dr Afsah is a very good lecturer, and the course is well-paced and easy to follow.

por Ganapati K

27 de Fev de 2016

Excellent comprehensive course, whether one happens to be a Muslim or otherwise, or living in a Muslim majority country or otherwise. Admittedly, every intricacy of the vastness of the subject cannot be covered, yet all aspects regionally have been covered by the Professor.

por Barbara S L

12 de Set de 2016

One of the best courses I have taken recently. The professor provided informative and thought-provoking information and opened my mind to better understand how the history of the MENA helped to shape current struggles. I will take many more courses from this professor.

por James P

31 de Dez de 2015

This course is a phenomenal entry point for those who wish to better understand the great variety and complexity of the Muslim world. Dr Ebrahim Asfah makes this difficult task not only understandable but positively enjoyable. I can't recommend this course highly enough!

por Neil K

18 de Fev de 2016

Illuminating and broad. this course was much more than the titles suggest, or its provenance from a law lecturer would hint at. Spanning history, culture, sociology and politics this is a wide ranging tour of the modern world muslims live in. Utterly fascinating.

por fatima r a

29 de Jun de 2017

it was very amazing, this course made me understand a lot of things that I didnt even know.Also I could learn a lot of new thing that made me capable to know more about this subject. also learn about history and others aspects is good to know for culture in general

por Claudia A

15 de Mar de 2016

The course has a very high quality and helps really to understand the relation between all the historical incidences . A very well structured course, presented in a very professional manner.

Thank you very much for your awesome work.

Glückwunsch nach Kopenhagen!!

por Simon P

28 de Dez de 2015

Brilliant course. Provides an impressively in-depth look at such a complex and diverse set of political, economic and historical matters throughout the Muslim world. A must for anyone with an interest in the region or in the modern expressions of political Islam.