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Learn about the fundamentals of transmission electron microscopy in materials sciences: you will be able to understand papers where TEM has been used and have the necessary theoretical basis for taking a practical training on the TEM. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to transmission electron microscopy (TEM) in the field of materials science. For an instrument operated by a single user, modern TEM provides an analytical platform with unsurpassed versatility, giving access to structural and chemical information from the micrometer to the sub-angstrom scale. In a thin, electron-transparent sample one can measure the crystallinity, grain structure, size, and defects, and the chemical composition. The crystal lattice can be imaged with atomic resolution, allowing observation of grain boundaries and interfaces. It is the only direct structural analysis method for studying nanoparticles. With this course you will gain a deep understanding of modern TEM and the connection between: - the optics and operation of the instrument; - the physics of electron-matter interactions; - insights into the materials properties of the sample. This gives the background to: - identify TEM techniques suitable to solving specific scientific problems; - interpret TEM data presented in articles; appreciate the impact of technological advances that have, for instance, led to sub-angstrom resolution by aberration correction. It can also be the basis for subsequent practical training on this remarkable instrument, and a stepping stone towards learning very advanced techniques with magical names like “dark field holography” or “angular resolved electron energy-loss spectroscopy”. Recommended background: Basics of crystallography and diffraction, college optics (construction of ray diagrams) are absolutely mandatory prerequisites; Fourier optics, more advanced crystallography and solid state physics are of great advantage....

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2 de nov de 2020

This is an excellent course, I started from 0 on electron microscopy to having all the theoretical knowledge in this subject. The instructors are extremely helpful as well.


23 de ago de 2020

Amazing content, the concepts were super interesting to learn and think about. Challenging but also invigorating - lots of diagrams to draw and visualise TEM images.

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por Mehri G

3 de mar de 2020

It was really tough to follow the material, specially the Quiz questions. Not a course to improve our knowledge more it was like tough exams to determine the first rank of a competition.

por Oscar A L G

24 de mai de 2020

It really help me a lot understanding the basic principles of TEM. It is really useful if you are immersed in the materials science field. Thank you!

por Martin L L J

9 de jun de 2020

not an "easy A"

i had to work very hard to successfully complete this course

but i feel rewarded b/c of it to earn the certificate

por Antonio V L

9 de dez de 2021

The subject of the course is great and is probably one of the few dealing with TEM, thus for me is recommendable and I would like to congratulate the professors. However, the course structure makes it very difficult to complete, the questionaries often have questions which are explained on the following sections and “reviewed by other classmates“ activities take too much time to get a review (literally months). Very difficult to complete.

por Muhammad A A

30 de set de 2022

It was a very good experience with this course. It really helped me fill the knowledge gap which resulted from disruption of education due to COVID while I was pursuing my bachelors degree. Many of my old concepts were reinforced and a lot of concepts and skills have been learnt. I am especially thankful to Ms. Cecile and Mr. Duncan, both of them delivered the course with full dedication. I am also thankful to Coursera Team for giving me opportunity to avail the financial aid, without which I couldn't achieve this certification.

por Aswin S

18 de jun de 2022

The course provides sufficient theoretical knowledge to understand the aspects of TEM in material science research. The difficulty of the course increased gradually towards the end of the program. Though adequate external resources were included in the course, I felt that some of the basic concepts could have been explained in the lecture videos. Overall the course was interesting and engaging with all its lectures, exercises, quizzes, and assignments. The instructors actively responded to doubts with hints and clarifications.

por Erico T F F

16 de mar de 2022

I have got to learn many things on TEM and electron diffraction on this course. I have been working on the field for many years and I always like to keep learning and improving my skills on TEM and related techniques.

por manuel o

3 de mar de 2021

Excelente curso, a pesar que no tenia grandes conocimientos al respecto, aprendí mucho gran entrega de información para aprender sobre el uso y manejo del microscopio y análisis de información

por Prakriti M

3 de nov de 2020

This is an excellent course, I started from 0 on electron microscopy to having all the theoretical knowledge in this subject. The instructors are extremely helpful as well.

por Mariia F

3 de jun de 2020

Extremely useful and very interesting! Very well explained and detailed course!

por Rishabh K

20 de out de 2020

Holistic coursework. I liked it and learned a lot!

por Lanting Z

29 de abr de 2022

Excellent course. Very professional.

por Tan L M

12 de jan de 2021

A challenging course if there wasn't any pre requisite on microscopy

por Abhishek K

6 de abr de 2022

The course should be a bit more explanatory

por Shubhankar M

22 de jul de 2020

It is a very well balanced course for those who want to understand what, how and why of electron microscopy. It is a good course to improve visualization of the reciprocal lattice system. The instructors made some of the complex concepts seem simple. One of the most interesting part of this course is, that the instructors always linked the theoretical concepts with the experimental data and figures, this made the course very engaging.

por Pouya A

8 de nov de 2021

The amount of knowledge this course gives you after finishing it is absolutely incredible. One is able to understand not only the images that TEM produces in depth , but also how it works and how exactly the images are produced. this causes further understanding of how materials really are on nanoscale and how they react to experiments .

por Anuradha M

7 de ago de 2020

This course is really very helpful for me. I learnt so many things about TEM. Study material are very well arranged. They organise the whole course in a nice way and present it among learners. I just want to say Thank you to my dear my prof.

Thanks a lot!

por HexagonReversal

18 de dez de 2022

Wonderful course! Passionate instructors still giving answers to questions raised in forums after many years. This kind of high quality courses are quite rare around the Internet nowadays. If only I can give 6 stars...

por Li J Y

23 de ago de 2020

Amazing content, the concepts were super interesting to learn and think about. Challenging but also invigorating - lots of diagrams to draw and visualise TEM images.

por Ene V

20 de nov de 2020

Excellent course for understanding TEM from all points of view, with applied examples and research -derived problems for assignments.

por Dina K

21 de mar de 2021

This course catch you and do not leave you until you finish it. It really helps with basic theory of TEM.

por yugesh r

16 de jul de 2020

one of the excellent courses in this field

por Saurabh Y

3 de dez de 2020

Very knowledgable and insightful.

por Kweh E L

25 de jun de 2020

Content is very insightful

por Frankie T T F

28 de jul de 2020

Sufficient materials