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We make economics decisions every day: what to buy, whether to work or play, what to study. We respond to markets all the time: prices influence our decisions, markets signal where to put effort, they direct firms to produce certain goods over others. Economics is all around us. This course is an introduction to the microeconomic theory of markets: why we have them, how they work, what they accomplish. We will start with the concept of scarcity and how specialization according to comparative advantage helps us achieve more than we could alone. Next we model a marked using the tools of Supply and Demand and learn what well working markets accomplish and what their limit are. We end by exploring the impact of government intervention on perfect markets. Examples are taken from everyday life, from goods and services that we all purchase and use. We will apply the theory to current events and policy debates through weekly exercises. These will empower you to be an educated, critical thinker who can understand, analyze and evaluate market outcomes....

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21 de jan de 2021

It’s been my 4th and favorite course on coursera one so far! Very short interesting videos with great explanation and great visual demonstration by having a transperent board in front of the teacher!


24 de mai de 2021

A very good introduction to microeconomics course, the professor was great. She explained all the concepts with ease. I would urge everyone who wants to get started with economics to try this course.

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por Jie H

1 de mar de 2016

The professor is very thorough and clear in explaining the key concept of microeconomics. Although no math background is needed to take this course, I recommend some prior exposure to calculus to get an even deeper insight from this course.

por Larry L E

28 de set de 2016

This is an excellent intro to microeconomics under the standard model, taught by an excellent professor. I would take more courses from Dr. Stein, and in fact have enrolled in the 2nd piece of her microeconomics course, "How Markets Fail." Examples are very good, standard terminology is used, even when it shows a free-market bias, such as used when discussing taxes and subsidies. Given that Adam Smith insisted that government structures were necessary for the proper functioning of markets (e.g. contract law, free flow of information), such bias in the terminology is disturbing - but so it has been for a long time.

For several years I taught a course in community college, "Calculus for Business and Economics," which focused on the applicability of calculus, the mathematics of change, especially non-linear change, to microeconomic principles. This course would have been a perfect pre-req for that course, better than the usual 1st-term college micro course, in that it summarized the key elements and demonstrated them graphically, leaving an opening to discuss such topics as elasticity and surplus when the demand and supply curves are non-linear.

por Dinesh R

17 de jan de 2017

I am an engineer with a deep interest in Economics and Finance. I have read about (and even taken classes on ) demand & supply before, but no one quite explained it like Rebecca Stein does in this course. She distils the essence of this very fundamental concept and presents it with simplicity and clarity in a unique manner that somehow sticks in my head.

Thank you Dr Stein. I breezed through this course in record time, and immediately signed up for the next one.

por Xiao L

19 de out de 2017

I took the Microeconomics course in university, and I have read some textbooks of it. But none of them can compete with this course. Learning on Coursera is really organized and comfortable. And Professor Stein really reveals the philosophy of economics behind figures.

por Martijn S

26 de ago de 2019

More reading material that is made available would be very helpful instead of just naming chapters you should read from a book you don't have, and better explanation of the questions that you did wrong would also be helpful.

por Yining G

12 de jun de 2020

Highly recommend this course for someone wanna learn some stuff about microeconomics. In this course, there is no much mathematical issues to proof some of the diagram, so even a person without knowledge about advanced mathematics can get through it. With the second part--- Microeconomics: when market falls, you can grasp all the main contents of microeconomics principles.

Ps: might be a bit difficult for total beginners

por Anthony T

16 de mar de 2016

Originally I take this course as a refresher. I did my MBA at Cardiff University in Wales quarter of a century ago. But the standard of the course has proved to be rather challenging. I have found Dr Stein an excellent teacher. Her lecturing style is such that I hung onto every word she says, even though I know most of the contents. I am looking forward to the sequel.

por Swagota S

1 de jun de 2020

This course is very interesting as well as very informative course. The arrangement of the topics for this course is very educative. Personally, I like studying Microeconomics. Moreover, the Course instructor Prof. Rebecca Stein made this course more interesting, more attractive.

por Eli E

27 de abr de 2020

In terms of material, how interesting it was and the instructor's teaching it was definitely a 5/5. Although, the videos were a little too long sometimes and made me lose a bit of interest, overall the course was a 5/5/

por Faris B

30 de abr de 2020

Amazing course. I went to Arizona State University and took this course during my undergrad. Yet, I found this course on the subject was much more informative and easier to understand as well as put into practice.

por Diksha A B

25 de mai de 2021

A very good introduction to microeconomics course, the professor was great. She explained all the concepts with ease. I would urge everyone who wants to get started with economics to try this course.

por Enikoe B

15 de ago de 2020

logical and comprehensible progression of material, clear presentation of figures and calculations, concise and clear description of concepts, written and video content perfect for all learners

por W

5 de mar de 2020

I really liked this course. The lecturer is able to convey terminologies clearly in a short time. The problems are more sophisticated and worth time thinking instead of just toy questions.

por Juan R

7 de jun de 2020

The professor was clear and concise. I learned a lot without ever feeling overwhelmed. The quiz questions were relevant to the material covered and improved my understand of the material.

por Ziya Z

5 de mai de 2021

This is a great introductory course for beginners in microeconomics.

por Ankit S

13 de jun de 2017

The quizzes were easy. There wasn't an explanation to why some of my quiz answers were wrong. Excellent teaching but the assignments need a lot of work.

por Pratik R K

16 de abr de 2021

Nice course but there were few places where I could not grasp the concept easily. Maybe a few examples on every definition might help

por Radhika B

8 de mai de 2021

Great course. A little complicated to understand if you lose focus but overall easy

I still havent understood the concept of opportunity cost but neither have most economists :)

I wish the quizzes had an explanations for all correct/wrong answers to ensure that the student is using the correct logic

I understand graphs really well, but i still end up making a lot mistakes in the quizzes and i still dont know where i went wrong

I also did not have access to the book recommended in the readings section, which could have been of great help

por Brian B

26 de jun de 2020

While Professor Stein is obviously very intelligent and knowledgeable in her field, I can honestly say that I am more confused about economics than before. This may be because I lack the basic mathematical skills required to complete the course. However, with an online course like this, there needs to be more practice and explanations with this level of required calculations. I passed the course but I don't feel more intelligent or well-versed in my knowledge of economics.

por Alexandra S

10 de abr de 2021

Definitely a nice introduction. The professor explains things really nicely with good examples. There are a lot of references to a textbook you have to pay to read, but that seems unfair when you are already paying for the course...I also would have like a better way to get help when I was stuck. Usually I had to resort to google which is again a shame when you are paying for a course not just videos.

por Sohun S

14 de jul de 2018

the quiz content didnt always correlate with the lessons

por Aida T

13 de jun de 2021

Great course! Proffesor Stein explains the material perfectly, with engaging examples. The length of the videos is short and thus keeps attention of the students captured till the end. The quality of videos and materials adviced is also excellent. I could see the passion in the eyes of Professor Stein. As a person who was an absolute zero in economis, I highly reccomend this course for beginners. One thing I would suggest is to add explanations to the answers of quizez. Explanations guide people to think on their mistakes and alternative solutions. I kinda struggled without these. Please, add them! To show WHY something is wrong. Thanks to everyone who worked on creation of this course, and special thanks to Professor Rebecca Stein for lightening my interest in economics! Best wishes!

por Lai Z

16 de mai de 2021

It's an excellent course. It started with the concept of scarcity, then introduced the idea of opportunity cost and the core idea of economics that every action has an opportunity cost, and you don't get anything for free. I also like the definition of economics she gave: Economics is the study of the allocation of scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants. It explains everything clearly and might be much easier to grasp the main idea of microeconomics than read a textbook alone. Use some great examples and nice graphs to help you understand the material, and the questions are also relevant and worthwhile to solve, not too easy or too hard for beginners. Thank you, Ph.D. Rebecca Stein.

por Ben O

10 de mar de 2018

Dr. Stein is a terrific lecturer who has significantly increased my interest in economics - high as it already was. I'll be signing up for the "Market failures" course... as soon as my head stops aching from the highly beneficial, if somewhat painful reshaping of my outlook on the world that this bit of education resulted in. Also, much thanks to Rick Nimo - the mentor for the course - for his invaluable assistance.

Ouch. And kudos to both on a job brilliantly done, from another professional educator. :)

por Lynn S

28 de set de 2017

I learned a lot about fundamentals of microeconomics from this course. I will view the finance news with a fresh and deeper perspective from now on. I find the instructor Rebecca very effective in introducing abstract concepts through examples, walking through examples slowly and carefully, and making remarks and conclusions along the way. Some of her comments on the real-world economy is also really thought-provoking. I look forward to the next course to learn about when and how market fails.