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Prazos flexíveis

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Legendas: Inglês, Vietnamita

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Course Overview & Week 1: Motivation

Welcome! Before you start today's videos, please have a look at the syllabus. In this first session, I’ll introduce you to one of the central topics of organizational behavior: motivation. We’ll explore why people act as they do so that we can better understand their motivations on the job. These insights will help you understand how managers can influence the people on their teams toward a common goal in the context of organizations. Objectives: To gain insight into human motivation from the different perspectives offered by the diverse prevailing theories in this area.

13 vídeos ((Total 71 mín.)), 5 leituras, 1 teste
13 videos
1.- Week 1 Intro5min
2.- Content Theories, Part 15min
3.- Content Theories, Part 23min
4.- The Nature of Our Jobs, Part 15min
5.- The Nature of Our Jobs, Part 27min
6.- The Goals We Want to Achieve5min
7.- Process Theories, Part 14min
8.- Process Theories, Part 25min
9.- Comparisons to Others6min
10.- Learning And Self-Efficacy3min
11.- Outcome Theories, Part 16min
12.- Outcome Theories, Part 23min
5 leituras
Course Overview & Syllabus5min
About Week 12min
Required Reading Week 1: Basics in Work Motivation45min
Optional Reading Week 145min
Quiz 1 Solutions10min
1 exercício prático
Week 1- Motivation20min
3 horas para concluir

Week 2: Leadership

Type the word “leadership” into Amazon’s search engine and you’ll find 150,000 related books. This is indeed a popular topic! But what is leadership really? Are leaders born or made? What traits and skills makes some people able to influence people to direct their energy towards a common objective? We will discuss all of these questions and explore some of the theories behind the study of leadership. Objective: To understand what leadership is, what makes a good leader, and how managers may develop the relevant skills to evolve in their roles.

10 vídeos ((Total 50 mín.)), 4 leituras, 1 teste
10 videos
2.- What Is Leadership?1min
3.- Trait Theories5min
4.- Trait Theories, Part 22min
5.- Behavioral Theories5min
6.- Contingency Theories, Part 16min
7.- Contingency Theories, Part 24min
8.- Contingency Theories, Part 35min
9.- Neo-charismatic Theories7min
10.- Current Perspectives7min
4 leituras
About Week 22min
Required Reading Week 2: Business or Enterprise?45min
Optional Reading Week 245min
Quiz 2 Solutions10min
1 exercício prático
Week 2 - Leadership20min
3 horas para concluir

Week 3: Teamwork

Teamwork is more than a business school buzz word; it’s a key element on the job today. Teams can be working side-by-side or spread across the world. What are the dynamics at play on different teams? What happens when conflict arises? Can teams evolve and overcome conflict to yield productive outcomes? This week we’ll address all of these questions to help you understand the complexity and importance of teamwork. Objective: To offer you some key insights so that you can take a step back from your own team at work and look back in with a fresh perspective.

10 vídeos ((Total 55 mín.)), 4 leituras, 1 teste
10 videos
2.- Team Design, Part 16min
3.- Team Design, Part 24min
4.- Team Composition, Part 17min
5.- Team Composition, Part 25min
6.- Team Processes, Part 17min
7.- Team Processes, Part 24min
8.- Teams Over Time, Part 15min
9.- Teams Over Time, Part 23min
10.- Week 3 Recap3min
4 leituras
About Week 32min
Required Reading Week 3: Leadership in Work Teams45min
Optional Reading Week 345min
Quiz 3 Solutions10min
1 exercício prático
Week 3 - Teamwork20min
5 horas para concluir

Week 4: Culture

Culture exists on many more levels than one would immediately assume. Each organization can have a unique work culture, and this, in turn, can be greatly influenced by the country in which it operates. This week we will look at how our culture influences how we think and act on the job. Objective: To understand the crucial role culture plays in understanding people’s attitudes and actions in a work environment.

13 vídeos ((Total 77 mín.)), 4 leituras, 2 testes
13 videos
2.- Introduction to Rijk Zwaan6min
3.- What Is Culture?7min
4.- The Three Levels of Culture5min
5.- Rijk Zwaan’s Levels of Culture4min
6.- Organizational Culture5min
7: National Culture Part 17min
8.- National Culture, Part 25min
9.- National Culture, Part 34min
10.- Week 4 Recap3min
11.- Organizational Behavior Course Recap, Part 16min
12.- Organizational Behavior Course Recap, Part 25min
13.- Rijk Zwaan Company Video13min
4 leituras
About Week 42min
Required Reading Week 4: Cultural Competence45min
Optional Reading Week 445min
Quiz 4 Solutions10min
1 exercício prático
Week 4 - Culture (Part 1)12min
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por PTNov 2nd 2016

Course has sufficient theory and examples to explain the fundamental & implementations in practical world. It would certainly help personnel to deal certainly in better and effective manner. hanks

por ANov 27th 2017

The professor has taught every single concept beautifully. Excellent course content and highly commendable way of delivering the content. Absolutely great. Thanks a lot to Ms. Raes



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Managing People in Organizations

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