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Learn how fashion and luxury companies work and understand their brands, products, retail, and communication strategies. Travel through business models, international development, and product categories with industry influent experts. Adopting a case-study approach, the course presents strategic brand management in luxury and fashion companies as a balancing act: tradition vs. innovation, expertise vs. experimentation, casual vs. stylish; in order to increase the brand value by nurturing the brand heritage and at the same time staying fresh, relevant, and contemporary in the global marketplace. Topics such as the impact of new retail channels, new media channels, and new business declinations for the brand and emerging markets will be discussed in the course....

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1 de mar de 2017

What a great resource for both Fashion and Business Students around the world. I am a student in London using this resource to further my knowledge and Iove it. I will continue using and supporting.


30 de jan de 2020

It's a great course for those who'd like to understand the the way fashion industry is organized; what's the key factors in marketing of fashion and luxury brands; what's important in communication.

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por Niccolò A M

26 de mar de 2021

I have been personally satisfied by the course itself. In compare with other online courses focused on the Fashion & Luxury industry that everyone can find through the Internet, it is well structured and it covers with basic but accurate contents all the topics a subscriber could expect to tackle with. I would define it as a (extremely) short version of the well-known Bocconi's Mafed course.

Last but not least it offers the possibility, through the interviews included, to spontaneously reach some potential players within the industry for job related purposes.

por Carolina A

25 de jan de 2023

The course is very good, but there is a significant problem: it's from almost ten years ago. So, it needs to be more accurate when it talks about technology and innovation. Fashion, business, and digital are different too, and many relevant technologies like metaverse and NFTs didn't appear in the discussion. Also, because of when it was recorded, many links need to be fixed because they are not working. The same is happening with Pinterest links. I gave it four stars because the business part and cases are complete, but it needs to be updated.

por Nitesh S

22 de ago de 2015

The quality of the content is very good. However, the content should be more detailed. Further, certain key subject-areas are missing such as the fashion calendar, quality control, merchandising, cool-hunting and forecasting, market research, event management, public relations management, retail operations in more detail, logistics, store operations etc. Overall, however, the course is a good overview about managing fashion and luxury companies. Moreover, interviews with CEOs and brand directors would make the course more interesting.

por Patrick K

5 de jan de 2023

The professors, the lectures, the materials are excellent, and I learned a lot of surprising things about luxury marketing and brand management.

HOWEVER -note that this course seems to be ~10 years old - the lectures and the materials are on trends happening in ~2012-13. If this was a course on the paint industry or the gravel rock industry, that might be fine :-) But 10 years is a massive, meaningful gap when talking about fashion and the fashion industry, and it definitely reduces the effectiveness of this course.

por Carina P

6 de out de 2015

I have always been interested in the fashion industry and found this subject not only informative, but also fascinating to go through. I enjoyed this immensely. Some information I knew, but there was a lot that also opened my eyes.

My only negative was the clarity of the speakers English at times which made me have to either listen to the video again or use sub titles, otherwise I would give 5 stars. Other than that, a very informative and interesting course. Well put together and structured. Thank you.

por Esenska D

23 de mar de 2020

I would recommend this course to everyone who is newbie in fashion to make your picture of this business more clear. English is my third language and I understood speakers pretty good. But 6 module is just a big failure. Case studies are important, but knowing that Nike makes money from licensing is absolutely useless. Its just an abstract fact. At least, why I am reading about Nike during the course about luxury and fashion.. What next, Demix? Ugly shoes for mountain climbing? Cmon.

por Olga S

26 de mar de 2022

I think this was a really good introductory course to the management of fashion and luxury companies. I felt like I learned a lot of applicable concepts to my daily life about the strategies, business, and financial side of companies. However, I wish the teachers would have provided more application of the annual report. and some terminology such as omni-channel, etc.

Otherwise, a great course for people who are interested in learning more about fashion, luxury and retail.

por Karolina

10 de mai de 2020

I found extremely useful all the topics about business models and history of luxury brands, but I definitely missed an update on latest trends (especially on omnichannel activity) since the material, from what I believe, was mostly prepared in 2013. Such time difference in a course about one of the most dynamic industries makes it obsolete. Still, since it is free of charge, I would recommend it to anyone who seeks basic information. I truly enjoyed it, thank you!


9 de set de 2020

The course overall has good content even if I was expecting more

I would recommend it to people with no experience in the industry. I would have liked more updated content with additional insights in videos vs slides (or reverse) and more challenging tests.

For more advanced students, providing additional readings to deep dive into some topics would have been also appreciated.

To wrap-up, a fun course that gives an overall view of the luxury and fashion industry.

por Rita C

16 de out de 2019

Great course about fashion and luxury management! The contents were very interesting and the support materials are very useful. I loved the interviews with the brand managers also, since it was a great opportunity to know their vision, strategies and challenges. The only negative aspects are that some videos are outdated and the english spoken is not always easy to understand, due to the Italian accent. But in general, I recommend this course!

por Linh N

26 de abr de 2020

This was a great experience! I enjoyed learning about all the relevant topics regarding luxury fashion companies and its management. The medium used (video + transcripts + scripts) were perfect. The only thing I would prefer are more up-to-date information/materials, some were 7+ years old. But nonetheless, this course was for free and I received a sound understanding of how to manage and keep a luxury/fashion company successful and growing!

por Giulia V

16 de mai de 2018

Me gustó mucho el curso, está muy bien estructurado y centrado en las temáticas principales de la Moda y el Lujo, te da un conocimiento básico previo si te vas a apuntar a algún Master o Especilización en este sector. Lo que he echado de menos fueron ejemplos actualizados, creo que lo más reciente fue de 2013 y estamos a 2018, quizás necesitaría algo de actualización. Y algún que otro caso práctico resuelto también me hubiera gustado.

por Petra S

21 de mai de 2018

Thank you the opportunity to take part in this course for free. It was a little challenge for me, because my English skills aren't the best, but I am really appreciate that the videos and other helping material were in a very good quality so I could understand it easier. On the other hand, it was a pleasure to learn from those who are in other country, who are much more near the fashion world than I am. Thank you.

por Ilenia G

9 de out de 2020

Molto utile per il mio lavoro ,non ricordo tanti dettagli dai miei tempi universitari,sono un creativo ,e purtroppo essendo un professionista, non ho una tale dimestichezza con la lingua inglese ,per cui spesso ritardo nel responso pur conoscendo l'esito della domanda ,ma per me la traduzione non è simultanea ,visto che ormai nel mondo del lavoro l'inglese è la lingua pagrona, coglieró la scusa per ristudiarlo

por Tayla L C

25 de mai de 2020

Very good course, with clear and complete concepts. The explanations are very good!

It only won't get all 5 starts because the examples and interviews are severly outdated, the articles ae very old. Also, the online market segment deserves a bigger space in the course - which was not necessarily true 6 years ago when the course was made. Other than that, it is super complete course that I am very happy I took!

por Ping S

16 de jan de 2018

I really enjoyed the learning process. Especially this being an Italian and you get a lot exposure from Italian fashion scene. It's informative, inspiring and very comprehensive. The only complaint I would make is that of the professor. Sometimes I have difficulties understanding the Italian accent and which caused some confusion. Anyway, I would recommend the course if you don't mind the accent.

por Amber P

20 de jul de 2020

This course was truly informative and provided a solid framework for someone looking to enter the Fashion industry on a corporate level. I really enjoyed the format and the self-pace feature made the learning experience more fulfilling. I do think the course content needs to be updated to reflect the current status of the Fashion industry and the content links checked for technical errors.

por Joanna F

1 de out de 2019

The course is absolutely amazing, gives a lot of knowledge and makes you realize how complex fashion industry is. Although I have an impression it's quite outdated - everything is moving so fast these days, especially within social media, brands that are currently top of the top so information from past few years doesn't apply to the contemporary understanding of fashion business.

por Amandine S

2 de mar de 2018

The course is very well structured and brings real knowledge in order to better understand why Fashion and Luxury companies are different from any other industry. It definitely provides great tools to integrate the Fashion and Luxury industry.

My only regret is that some of the content is a little outdated.

Overall I am very satisfied with the course and would highly recommend it.

por shravan k g

4 de ago de 2020

I am so glad that I finished the course and so much satisfied with the teachings in the course. Learnt so much about the fashion and business involved in it. I would recommend to everyone to take the course regardless of their educational qualification it has helped me a lot in understanding even though am not a graduate without any previous experience in the field.

por Matthias B

11 de mai de 2020

This course is a great introduction to the Fashion and Luxury industry. Thanks to this class I have deepened my knowledge about this industry and its all structure and organisation as well as its different business models, different segments and formats and its different actors.

This course was a real learning journey and I don't regret having chosen to follow it.

por Nihaar K

23 de set de 2018

As someone who has been curious and interested in the subject of fashion and luxury brand management and communication, i found this to be a great place to start.

Although the english of one of the professors was not as fluent, i got used to it as i went along. I think there could've been more quizzes and tests along the way to force students to brush up concepts.

por Alessandra R

12 de set de 2020

Very interesting and well structured, it gives a great outlook of the fashion industries and their relationships with the different level of luxury in terms of business models, marketing , digital. such a shame for the difficulty in following the English spoken by the two lecturers. I would have opted for an Italian version with English subtitles.

por Erica C

23 de jan de 2018

Very interesting course, especially if you are keen on fashion. I learned a lot and it will certainly help me in becoming a well rounded professional. The quizzes aren't super easy so you need to pay attention for sure! The only downfall is that the material is outdated (2014) and they should dwelve more into the digital aspect of fashion.


7 de jul de 2020

I have entered the world of Italian Fashion and French Luxury the very same day I have enrolled to this course around 40 days ago . This Course on fashion is taught by the professors of Europe's Top Ranked Business School - SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, Italy. Good professors and the case studies and interviews were the best .